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Captain and Coke and Magic and Fat



Only recently in the past 5 months have I even considered drinking anything of the alcoholic beverage arena beyond beer and wine. My past prime drinking stages basically were from 11th grade in HS into College. Once I married I only drank beer and that was only socially. TO say I had a drinking problem in school would almost be spot on. I only lost one job to it. I showed up 3 hours late for my gig as a waiter for Mother’s Day at Holiday Inn (Omaha). They fired me on the spot. Mother’s day..I guess is a busy day.

My tolerance for drinking was at it’s peak in College. Now…not so much. I can drink a lot if it’s spread out a lot. i.e. 3 beers an hour vs. 3 beers 1/2 hour but then my bladder has apparently shrunk over the years and can really only hold 8 ounces before I HAVE TO PEE. It’s sad really.

This past December I was on my annual work trip to Atlantic City and one of our Account Reps ordered a Captain and Coke. He’s a drinker by trade (sales) and he normally is very reserved but he took a sip and said ‘Ahhhh.’  Intrigued I ordered one over my Blue Moon. It was delish. It was booth smooth and sweet. Not over powering and the balance was topped off by the glass it held it in. I ordered 3 more. Luckily our eatery was on the PIERS which is connected to Caesars Palace which was my Hotel and only had to stumble along with fellow co workers to get to my room. The morning came and having to work our booth I had a very good surprise. No hangover remnants. Nothing.

The history of Rum and Coke or Pepsi in my Marital life is one of interest. My first wife – all she drank and only drunk was Rum and Coke, Jack and Coke. THat makes for an expensive night out. I could afford it back then because when we dated we had zero kids and lived at home…well..I did…her parents kicked her out. My lovely wife of today ALSO only really drinks Jack/Rum and Pepsi – she likes wine but not so much as she does a good RnC.

There’s something very calming about the drink. Readily admitting I’m a noob at drinking – I think I will enjoy this journey into drinking again. Thank you Wife.


This will be my 5th week coming up in a friggin row where I’m playing Magic the Gathering in an official capacity. That being, reporting to WOTC/Hasbro. I’ve played 3 weeks of FNM – Friday Night Magic where I went 3-1, 3-1 n 3-1 with my ‘white weenie’ deck full of wonderful 1-2 drops. Like most of my addictions I always come back to them eventually. Also picked up a Mox Ruby from trading away some playable cards and feel he may have gotten the better deal but…w/e. I have a Mox now.. This weekend was National Gaming Weekend and most game stores had events going on for the weekend and I participated in a the Standard tournament – meant to be the Grand Prix Trial for Indy but not enough peeps signed up. I used the same WW deck but tweaked with with black and green for Spirits and Parallel View to double my love of tokens. I went 2-1-1 and made top 8 but lost to mana screw both games 0-2. It was a fun night too as my wife and I sipped Captain and Cokes while downing fried foods at the local sports bar.


Today is my 3rd venture into Juice Cleansing. i.e. only drinking liquids in the way of vegetable and fruit juices* *I allow myself Coffee with non-dairy.
First round was 28 pounds lost gaining back 8 (30 days). 2nd round was 10 lost gaining back 5. (10 days)  One will always gain back due to what your doing which is NOTHING is in your belly.So I’m trying to get a cushion of able weight I gain back.  i.e Lose 30 gain 10 = net 20 loss. I always feel so much better doing these things, everything is much better. Everything.  Mind, body, confidence, focus, saves me a TON of eat out food. Typically I spend 6-9 dollars for lunch and same for dinner. =)  It’s not luck to do this it’s complete and utter will power. Mind over Fat Matter.




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Veggie Tales

I made a half ass attempt at a half ass diet consisting of veggies and fruits. Raw and cooked. It lasted a week. I lost 5 lbs.
It sucked. I realized that I’m not a half ass person when it comes to certain things, one being my eating habits. It’s a completely different horse when you go from a super strict cleanse juice fast to what I call ‘half ass’. Hunger and lack of will power won this 2nd round. Man enough to admit defeat. Sure I can go 30 days on nothing but super foods but when it came to actual raw vegs and fruits on a daily basis I lost. Adding butter and salt in copious amounts meant I was cheating. Having something in any shade of ‘white’ was cheating as I had bread. Bread…which if you have any kind of background in nutrition education would know that breads are the meth of eating wrongly. Here’s a simple way to lost a good 10 pounds in a month….don’t eat anything ‘white’ – if it’s light and white in color it’s bad for you. Think about it and you shall see I’m white.(right)……

So now I am re-evaluating my next step in my dietary journey of looking like a non-native american.

I am scheduled to pickup my first ‘real’ bike tonight. !!!! Very excited. Very.

I read some other friends of mine are on their own personal goals on weight loss and makes me smile and happy for their choice to change themselves. It seems there are a ton of talkers and just a handful of do’ers. Reading some formerly prolific bloggers who post they are going to do this and that then they never follow thru….you set yourself up for fail that way I think. That would be something that goes for many. Me included…but I’m a real work in progress. Dammit Mr. Miyagi!

Rooting for oneself is a given isn’t?

Yes. It. Is.


Gaming:  I am currently on a gaming hiatus. I don’t know why. I am creating more stuff, drawing more, photoshopping just because. I wouldn’t mind tea bagging some Horde but my PC simply hates Blizzard. Once I give enough blood I’ll be able to afford a ProMac. I love Macs.

My lovely daughter is once again the star of her Volleyball team. This year is different, it’s the first year she isn’t playing for ‘Holy Cross’. She’s playing for her school again but a new school and it’s level of play is about 5 shades higher in skill level which is perfect for what she needed to grow and learn the game. Her season is half-way done and I haven’t missed a game! My father set the precedence for going to almost all of my sporting events. He’d show up dressed in his Art Director suits and cheer me on. I do the same for both kids. Just that now my son has lost all interest in sports besides watching it. It’s the age of his youth I guess. Sucks. Video games, movies, TV = no real motivation…and I can’t relate – even when I was his age….fuggit.

This week’s fall line up summary.

The Office: Yes.
Charlies Angels: No.
Big Bang Theory: No.
Modern Family: Yes. Colombia S.A. has an uncanny …uncanny I say way of producing amazing females.
Any CSI: No.
Community: Undecided.
TOSH.O: premiere had it’s moments…most of it sucked.
Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Yes.

Happy Autumn!



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Bond Ding

My son, recently..made a true effort to get my undivided attention in December. First, let me let you know how our relationship is. Being my first born son comes with the usual proud Father as well as getting him into sports at an early age of 7. He excelled at sports; baseball, golf, football. We were close. Then, I got divorced and his emotions became withdrawn unless he was really moody or poked (his mother) into saying something. He was 8 years old when we got divorced and he will turn 16 very shortly…in that short time (seems short to me) he’s taller, bigger (not fat) and has more hair than me. His academics are true ‘doesn’t care’ about grades attitude and has been an issue for 4 years now. It’s not that he’s dumb, he simply doesn’t care about ‘good’ grades but rather just enough to get by/passing. This has put a hamper on our relationship as my expectations for him are high, in reality my expectations are only well intentioned wishes for him to succeed (that’s how you spell the word by the way…) in this cruel world of ours. He see’s me as a nagging Dad who all he cares about is grades. Nags him about homework, missing assignments and gripes. I don’t want to be that Dad. I tried many variations of motivation for his school work but none have worked. The most recent one is to not barrage him with questions but rather, simple 1-2 times a week ‘How’s School?’  – ‘Missing a lot of work’ ? And letting his answers be the final answers. I have the ability to check his grades online and while I did check 3-4 times a week the first Quarter I now check once every 3-4 weeks. It irked me to the point that it would ruin my day seeing all his work missing, low test grades…It would piss me off for the entire day/night.
His intelligence is above average as proven through the state tests they take twice a year. ALL and I mean ALL his teachers love him and comment on his wit, kindness and respectfulness in and out of class. However they ALL admit he doesn’t focus in class. Has 1000 excuses for missing work, skips pre-determined make up classes (UGH!!). I can only hold his hand for so long before I let the cascade of failure fall on him with his grades. So, now I’m more hands off. Less verbal.

In this change in my attitude his seems to be changing too. Albeit he makes up his work at the last minute under threats of grounding from his beloved PS3 & Phone…I only hope he comes around sooner than later to the benefits of ‘good’ grades. And don’t think I’m some Grades Warmonger – by good I mean ‘C’ student in Math, CA and Science. Core subject should be C and above. He does excel in Music and Art. Go figure. He is also exceptional with Piano and especially Guitar. He is self taught on both and makes his own music up and is able to ‘learn’ a song/melody simply by listening to it a few times.

So, back to the subject at hand. Our relationship would be called typical. I’m the mean old Dad and he’s the don’t care teen. Typically when I get home he’s sleeping or playing PS3 (Black Ops) with his friends. I check in and ask how his day was then go upstairs into my little world. I see him when it’s dinner time – but even that is closed in that most of the time he takes his food to his room. I then say good night by visiting his room along the night or text him. Yes…I text my son who is literally 25 feet away.
Recently – my son took the initiative and downloaded Magic the Gathering Online for the PS3. He grew up around me playing, collecting and having friends over for gaming time. He’s traveled with me to Missouri States a couple times when he was 5 or 6…so he knows of the game. I say initiative because to me he was making an effort to ‘be’ with me. To share a common interest. He asked me to teach him a real game. I gave him some cards and told him some basic deck building ideas.
Low and behold we had a match a couple weeks ago. MtG does take some time to learn the rules and spells and isn’t something you can learn in an hour. So, he continued to play the PS3 version on his own. In this time we talked Magic. His likes of Red and Green and Black. His dislikes and annoyances of Blue and White. I was warm inside each time he came to me. Me.

He actually got me the full version of the game and himself one too so we can play eachtother online…tho honestly I prefer LIVE in your face Magic Games. We played 5 matches over Christmas break and had a great time.

Another move he made was to make an entire Star Wars Little Big Planet level and he asked me to come see it. To those who don’t know what Little Big Planet (LBP) is it’s a PS3 game that is the most original fun game mirrored off of the traditional ‘save the princess (mario)’ genre game. Making levels is very very time consuming. He spent hours and hours on it and in my deep seated egocentrism believe it was for ME. He wanted to share this with me. I thanked him and was again…very happy inside…and I gave him a big manly hug for his efforts.

I sincerely hope this continues as he approaches being 16 just around the corner. Shit…I need to take him on the road again for lessons. We did several times this past summer…and it was…ummm…hair raising. Not for the feint of heart. At least I drive an automatic.

I plan on making 2011 a year of ME making more of an effort to be a part of my son & daughters lives.

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iDead and iGenius

What seems an eternity (how pitiful) my iPhone went and died on my 3 days ago. Tonight I’m scheduled to meet with the Apple peeps at the proverbial ‘Genius’ Bar in Leawood. I wonder what it feels like to be standing at the minimalistic ‘Genius’ bar and be considered a Genius and have a sign above your head reading ‘Genius’ (bar). I’ve been a Apple/Mac user since my 3rd grade teacher told me to ‘ground’ myself on the back metal plate of the Apple II.

I love Apple. I was there before it was COOL to be a user/fan. I went through the lean times during the ‘Clone Wars’…before that even with the overly expensive Quadras and Centras (sp). I know it’s lore. It’s products and innovations has given me the tools and software to make a living out of being creative – digitally. Going on for years now.

Just over 10 years ago I COULD trouble shoot any issues on a Mac. This was before UNIX mind you. Now…not so much. It only makes sense the worlds leading company on design and beauty in the computing and mobile world would take on better OS. When that happened I felt alien and left behind. I’m not the personality type of writing-learning-making code. No thanks. Let alone learning what UNIX is/could be.

In my 20+ years of using Apple I’ve bought just about all of their core products. I bought the first year iMac, Mac Clone (PowerMax), 3-4 different PowerPC towers, iTouch, tooo many iPods to count for myself and family members. I’m a homer through and THREW.

So I’m working on a new icon set at work and I get a text from my wife (whom– oddly enough I bought her a brand new Blackberry for her birthday– LOL) and as I sent the reply back I see the network is lost. I get an error message say as such then it blacks out. I had just recently upgraded the phone to OS4 and for whatever reason the thought of having FOLDERS on the phone lured me in to update it. I usually wait an entire month before I upgrade anything besides WoW and SWG. =D Reason being is 9 times out of 10 updates are still bug ridden.

I go through my normal routine of start ups, reset, restores and looked up the error code (1013)– did the recommended walk throughs. Posted to the Apple forums, forums. Nothing worked til my lovely wife called Apple Support. Not knowing we need to pay $29.99 for the call she was able to get to a live person without being charged. While I do believe in AppleCare I don’t see value of a warranty when the warranty is worth more than the products. Anywhoo.— she says “Here’s my Husband….” hands me the phone. It’s an actual ENGLISH SPEAKING – NON- ACCENTED person on the other line. What the fuck??!?

I explain what happened including all my self help. He pauses a few seconds then like reading a Q-card he says something about $29.99 charge per call since we don’t have AppleCare schpiel. Which– I totally get and understand which is why I didn’t call them. =D  – So I rudely interupt and say something to the effect of “So I COULD pay 30 bucks to  have you look up the error code and then have you say ‘bring it into the Apple Store’ and basically I’m SOL for me fixing it on my own’.   He pauses a good 11 seconds. I just ruined my Apple Love Affair with their English Speaking Non-Accented CSR.  – SEE if it was a foreigner with terrible phone reception , loose concept of ENGLISH and grammar I’d have hung up as soon as I heard their voice. Yes. I’m that much of an Asshole.

He then does a little sigh and asks me to wait– he’s going to look up the code (for free)– see APPLE rarely will pin point error code messages with DETAILED info on WHY or WHAT– hence you paying 29.99 a call. He gets back on an explains how my internal modems is kaput. Dead. It’s Dead Jim.  All I (allegedly) need to do is bring it in to the Apple Store and have them look at it to make sure it wasn’t ‘broken’ by me. And they will replace the phone since I have 44 days left on it’s warranty.

I smile. Sorta. Getting something FREE in the world is a rarity in the realm of HELP DESK or dealing with Computer companies or telecommunications.

So…provided my wife doesn’t kill my van today and she doesn’t have to work late I will again be with my beloved iPhone, apps and all.

Speaking of apps– did you know that when your WoW authenticator is on your mobile device and said mobile can’t log into WoW. I don’t have the FOB and if I did I’d still have to reset the account via telephone.  So instead of my normal accounts and the need to feed my desire of WoW I signed into my old account where lies my Rogue. The rare sight class — Rogue. It’s been fun for a couple days playing with Sam but damn I miss my toons.

So yeah that is my rumblings for the past couple days.


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It’s going…

It’s been over 5 weeks since my ankle went “BOOM” and it’s slowly getting better. Better in that I can put pressure on it. The wound itself ‘looks’ better besides what seemed to be a small tear which I have no clue how/when it happened. I’ll post a pix later.

For the most part this still sucks. It numbs up after being ‘down’ and not elevated (above my heart) at work since my desk isn’t set up and pretty much can’t be set up to elevate it. It gets weekly bruises from my boot which…should be re-designed in my opinion. While the strong support of the ankle not moving is great it does NOTHING in the way of comfort and is the reason for the bruising.

Last Friday thou I visited the Rehab center and will start in 2 weeks. I am doing my own rehab at home with my wifes tutoring. I do 4 simple (would seem simple..) – I turn my ankle in circles clockwise and counter 10 times each X 3. I lift my foot to my toes and heel 10 x or 30 seconds, wiggle toes all day/night long and will walk on it with crutches for the movement. My left (good) leg is getting stronger by the week and it noticeably more muscular and sure. My bad leg looks something like the Avatar Skit. Just not as bad…

Mainly it’s the inability to ‘carry’ things and drive that gets to me. The docs say I can’t drive for 3 months (1.5 now) and it is nearly impossible for me to carry things in my arms/hands since the crutches take that up. I can carry plastic cups in my mouth, food items…my mouth is becoming very useful (no homo). I also have adapted to going up and down stairs with only 1/2 dozen ‘falls’ from the crutches or my balance giving way. Luckily *knock on wood* I haven’t injured myself from the falls *yet*.

Friday last week we saw TOOL at the SprintCenter which the concert itself was amazing and among the best I’ve seen– it was a bitch to get to the suite *ya poor me* and back to the van afterwards. The crowds for the most part did move when they saw me but a few asshats simply looked at me and wanted me to go around them. *shakes fist* Alix noticed this and became my front (man) and pushed her way through for me so I wouldn’t have to navigate around the sea of people in black and tattoo’s. It took a good 10 mins to go one block. Mainly my underarms and ankles hurt the most. I am collectively moving 230 lbs with them….yes I have lost more weight….tho I can’t count it since it was basically my muscle mass in my legs…lol.


In WoW news– and this blog– I’ve added a good amount of links to the left of this post. Added ‘Artists’ I admire from the genre of fantasy art, they include Magic the Gathering, WoW TCG, Novels, Traditional mediums and more.  Added WOW-Centric links to the pros and amateurs bloggers and a cool GUI for WoW link.

As for this week– I’m trying out a new server with some friends – made a DK (ugh) to test the waters and see if a ‘Normal’ Medium sized server is a good fit. Doing dailies with the OS and helping others as we had a good 5 new members join in the past week. With the new Cata coming out– a medium sized guild will be very beneficial to be in or in my case, make. They’ve added guild rep and granted items and ‘stuff’ for guilds that play and achieve ‘together’. GENIUS or MAD? Well see.  I can imagine a LOT of guild hopping initially then the guilds with a good core will stop recruiting unless your resume is up to their spec…which in turn will turn OFF a lot of players who play casually or simply don’t like to be measured based on gear/ap’s/skills. Personality and attitude will be 8th fiddle imo.

It’s hard to re-start a guild, let alone organize it with casual players since it’s a up hill battle to start. Motivation is limited by mood. While the current members will pretty much JOIN when asked none actually initiate. *shrug*

Salutations and please let me know what you’d like to see on this blog – good or bad or ideas.



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Meds and Mayhem

After taking Hydrocodone now for 4 weeks, I’m not addicted to it but am self-aware that my body is ‘needing’ it. So, in the times of me having the bad habit of smoking and having quit coming up on 4 years this Sept. I am taking the ‘pain’ by lengthening the dosage. Normal for me is every 4 hours (1 cap) as needed for pain. I got really sick on my 2nd dosage but after  just get the residuals of cold sweats and drowsiness.

More recently I’ve gone 9, and 7.5 hours in between dosages as to ween myself off as much as I can without being too uncomfortable. I have more of a ‘gaming’ addictive personality not so much drugs or alcohol. Which, apparently is a good thing.

It does make a very restful sleep when in the 2nd hour. The only other regular medicine I take is a pre-diabetes pill to help with processing sugars post eating and some Rogaine for my hair. Other than that I’m ‘clean’. I seriously want to keep my hair and it DOES WORK. I’m, at heart a deep cynic and usually need ‘proof’ positive for me to believe in things (cept God). Well, if your losing your hair and believe what I say to be the truth then try it. =D

SWG related, I’ve logged in at least twice a week to check sales, harvesters and the Loot card game. My lil “WookieLuv” township is still up and running, the forums are still a blast. However, with the recent influx of peeps in my guild my play time in WoW shot up a lot. Helps that I’m gimpy.

I read that BoondockSiants took down the Lich King then subsequently read that I ‘stalk’ Juan (Logtar) as much as his ex wife or girlfriends. I chuckled. Congrats to what looked like an all non- original former OS to BDS 10 man– I only saw Froto and Yooologos on the roster. I’m sure Moon and Co will be able to kill the Lich King soon. Sounds like they have their shit together. Kudos to getting content ! Miss you Moon!

We hope to ramp up with regular runs soon. Should be good times.

This weekend looks like a HOT on in KC and tons to do. I think we’ll catch the ‘A-Team” flick this weekend and do some cookout BBQ and shit. I love the Summer, just wish I was able to walk. lol


I love the bandwagoneers I saw on Facebook when the Chicago Blackhawks won….looking very forward in the coming weeks to the World Cup. Spain will win it all btw.  My beloved Huskers are now in the BIG 10????  I have no idea how all this transpired except it derived from MONEY as most things do. Should be a very FUN Football Season!

– Salute!


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Ahh the semi-warm breezes, the non-freezing my ass off when I take my son to school an hour early so he can learn algebra and not fail time is upon me/us. For the hordes of followers of this blog I give you my health update.Pierre-Auguste Cot (Pierre Auguste Cot)

I’m still losing it. And not. I’m exercising more, more trips to the gym, why last week alone was 3 visits which included a ‘walk’. This week has been a jaunt to our local stores where normally we’d hop in the car and go– we walk to Price Chopper, Blockbuster and Wal-Mart. The weather has been fantastic in Overland Park lately *knock on wood* so I’m more outside. Sorta. lol

I’m hovering around 235 but my legs are more tone, chest and arms too– I do 50 pushups a day, 3 flights UP at work stairs and am still eating healthy but it seems my rapid loss is now grinding. I chalk it up to late night eating and weird  cravings for chocolate. >.>

As science says, muscle weighs more than fat so I think I need to do more cardio. The treadmill I tend to run 1.5 or so– more jogging then ever thanks to this gradual buildup of stamina. I’m not all 5k and marathons like my friend Sam is but I’m better and have more energy. My back, which is among the top reasons for weight loss is stronger than ever with my focused training when on the machines at the gym- averaging 4 reps of 20- 3 machines designed for lower back. My true test comes in a month or so when I travel to D.C. for business where I tend to get back spasms at the end of the set up of our booth.  I hire workers but it’s hard for me to NOT help.

My gaming time in WoW is curbtailed to maybe 3-4 times a week at maybe 2 hours max. I don’t see the point of essentially playing a console game built for kids with the same content. I love WoW but at this point it’s just  boring. Ohh..a badge. Ooohh we cleared ICC. yay. Give me new things to DO, new profs, new things to see and explore. 5 years of WoW is a long time MMO-wise. I laugh when I see people posting about how far their alliance or horde guild has progressed in today’s set up. Where’s the challenge? The struggle? The goals for achievement that means something? When someone can go from a gear score rating of 2k to over 5k in a week….well…that says alot about the state of the game. Hell, WOokieluv got all the tier non-special Hunter set in 2 weeks and that was part time. My poodle could do that.

In the end it’s all relative. I’m sure it’s hella fun for some.

I’m sure once the expansion comes out I’ll be playing 15-20 hrs a week again. Til then I’ll log in, try a raid, do my cd’s, say hi to my boys and girls….just needs something NEW to the game.

Star Wars Galaxies is ramping up for me. My city went down one level because I forgot to claim a residence when I moved the cantina. lol  I’m making slow credits til I find my niche. Working on Droid Engineering sub components and selling resources/loot. Making several signatures for players at 5 million ea. Got several long term trades going. Fun for now….

I say now because I’m still focused on losing weight. I love feeling more alive. Seeing both sides of the gaming coin– people who game tend to be fat. I am one. Sitting in front of the computer at work for 6-7 hours then gaming from 6-mid night isn’t something your body needs. It needs to MOVE. Not just to the fridge but OUT the door, MOVING. Life’s way to short to sit there like a zombie mashing buttons. The flip side being I KNOW how it feels to LOVE to SIT there with your ‘online’ friends and simply being taken away to another world. Escaping one’s own life for another less stressful. I get that. I just think gamers need to balance it out. Social, physical and mental balance is the goal of most people I think. It certainly is mine.

I’m taking personal responsibility for my health, especially since Obama fucked us over with the healthcare. LOL. Not really, I’m doing it for me and my family. In the mean time it’s also given me time spent with my kids. I include them on walks and jogging. I take my son with me to the gym since he decided to not do track this year. He runs around the upper deck track while I lift. Brings us closer and gives us face time. I’m truly blessed on having a family, son and daughter.

I know the time is fast approaching where my kids will be out the door and on their own (so to speak) and spending time with them — ANYTIME is something to be treasured. It all sounds cliche but time is flying by fast and I don’t ever want to regret NOT spending time with them. I’m anti- “Cat In The Cradle” . =D

This long ass post which went in 5 directions was brought to you by Dunkin Donuts and the letter “F” for FAT. Thanks for reading.

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