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Veggie Tales

I made a half ass attempt at a half ass diet consisting of veggies and fruits. Raw and cooked. It lasted a week. I lost 5 lbs.
It sucked. I realized that I’m not a half ass person when it comes to certain things, one being my eating habits. It’s a completely different horse when you go from a super strict cleanse juice fast to what I call ‘half ass’. Hunger and lack of will power won this 2nd round. Man enough to admit defeat. Sure I can go 30 days on nothing but super foods but when it came to actual raw vegs and fruits on a daily basis I lost. Adding butter and salt in copious amounts meant I was cheating. Having something in any shade of ‘white’ was cheating as I had bread. Bread…which if you have any kind of background in nutrition education would know that breads are the meth of eating wrongly. Here’s a simple way to lost a good 10 pounds in a month….don’t eat anything ‘white’ – if it’s light and white in color it’s bad for you. Think about it and you shall see I’m white.(right)……

So now I am re-evaluating my next step in my dietary journey of looking like a non-native american.

I am scheduled to pickup my first ‘real’ bike tonight. !!!! Very excited. Very.

I read some other friends of mine are on their own personal goals on weight loss and makes me smile and happy for their choice to change themselves. It seems there are a ton of talkers and just a handful of do’ers. Reading some formerly prolific bloggers who post they are going to do this and that then they never follow thru….you set yourself up for fail that way I think. That would be something that goes for many. Me included…but I’m a real work in progress. Dammit Mr. Miyagi!

Rooting for oneself is a given isn’t?

Yes. It. Is.


Gaming:  I am currently on a gaming hiatus. I don’t know why. I am creating more stuff, drawing more, photoshopping just because. I wouldn’t mind tea bagging some Horde but my PC simply hates Blizzard. Once I give enough blood I’ll be able to afford a ProMac. I love Macs.

My lovely daughter is once again the star of her Volleyball team. This year is different, it’s the first year she isn’t playing for ‘Holy Cross’. She’s playing for her school again but a new school and it’s level of play is about 5 shades higher in skill level which is perfect for what she needed to grow and learn the game. Her season is half-way done and I haven’t missed a game! My father set the precedence for going to almost all of my sporting events. He’d show up dressed in his Art Director suits and cheer me on. I do the same for both kids. Just that now my son has lost all interest in sports besides watching it. It’s the age of his youth I guess. Sucks. Video games, movies, TV = no real motivation…and I can’t relate – even when I was his age….fuggit.

This week’s fall line up summary.

The Office: Yes.
Charlies Angels: No.
Big Bang Theory: No.
Modern Family: Yes. Colombia S.A. has an uncanny …uncanny I say way of producing amazing females.
Any CSI: No.
Community: Undecided.
TOSH.O: premiere had it’s moments…most of it sucked.
Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Yes.

Happy Autumn!




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Not sure how tall WoW Gnomes are…maybe I’ll Wiki it later. My ‘Husker’ toon is currently level 48 Frost Mage. Dinge’d last night doing the VD quests in SW and IF. I aske’d my wife last night, “Which toon should be 80 next?” I started to read off the list of non-80’s and go to Husker and she exclaimed ‘HUSKER!!!’  .   I said not Arikara? Not Pinkney *banker*??

“No, Husker!”

So I smile and began another 80 run. This would* be 3 80’s in a couple months time. I started of SeanCassidy at 30 something, then started WookieLuv at 71. Wootbeer was 70 but that was like 4 months ago.

I know little about Mages. I know they’re usually top DPS. They will tend to steal aggro from the Tanks if the Tank isn’t paying attention. Mages tend to be of the extremes personality wise. Either very selfish and egocentric or very friendly an open. I, would consider myself both depending on my mood and where you are in WoW. My cynicism runs deep but my memory can be easily displaced by simple common courtesy. i.e.  in a pug someone says “Hello!”  simple as that. On the flip side if someone in the pug starts to make fun of others I get all venomous on them (in my mind) until they cross the line of making the other feel really bad.

So. This leveling may go a little faster (not as fast as a healer or tank) but the portals, making water and my sure expertise at leveling (now) will ensure a quick and meteoric rise to 80. I like to set goals. Let’s give me til Feb 28. End of the month.  I understand there are some out there who can go from 48-80 in less than a week but they are those to which have no life. Those are people with any combo of the following:

  • No job
  • Goes to School
  • Lives at home
  • Has a very helpful guild
  • Plays an extra-oridinary amount of time in WoW
  • Multi Box
  • Has an love for Alterac Valley

I would say I fall into the last one. AV. I did have a very helpful guild but not in a sense of leveling. Not to say those in the guild now wouldn’t help, the cores online have never refused me and in turn I’ve never refused them. Just that now my core guild have been finely tuned to be very independent of each other. They have real lives outside of WoW. They don’t have time to raid from 6-10 pm 3-4 times a week. Nor do they want to. If they did they’d leave. And have. I could ask former guildies for help with Husker for ‘runs’ but I always feel like I’m putting them ‘out’. And on multiple occasions that I have asked specific people, they simply ignore me. QQ

I never go back to those who ignore me. Why bother with fucktards like that. =)

So. Here I go again! It is so true about the journey being the best part. Husker is also a miner and engineer so those are already taken care of in regards to supplies. Now I’ve got to read up on the proper way to play a frost mage. (leveling).

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