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Easily annoyed at 40

Easily I am.




Older I get the more tolerant I get but less tolerant when something interrupts my normal day to day routine. I seem to have a lower threshold for things that somehow someway come into my life without warning. Work/Career things like that are nothing, I expect that. Home life, not so much. I keep telling myself to relax. Relax. Life IS good kid, relax.

Prime example: 2 weeks ago I come home from work for 10 mins when there’s a knock on the door and open it to two pimply faced high school kids and a mini van parked in my drive-way. I said ‘Yes?’ — and one of the kids kinda snottily says ‘We’re here to practice’…’Ash here’?  In that millisecond of him saying my sons name my anger went from a 2 to an 9.

I have no reason to get that angry. None. I didn’t show it on the outside too much, I asked the kid to hold on. Ash was already at the top of the stairs and I could read on his face all the outs he could make up by the time I said ‘What the fuck?’.  Long story short, he had neglected asking me if his friends could come over and jam, he had also forgot to cancel his other band practice. My son is very musically talented. I relented but also wasn’t visually happy about the whole situation. They jammed for 3 hours, but I luckily left. Things like that. I used to be a lot more flexible than that…granted I did let it happen. Talking to the parent who dropped the boys off she offered to leave and I refused and said it was OK but my son needs to let me know ahead of time. I see myself as that old fuck Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

Things are changing rapidly it seems. Faster weeks, time is flying by with all the cliches that go with it. I guess at 40 this is considered my hey-day. I am happy. Not so much content but I don’t think anyone can really be content and still breathing. Maybe I’m at the precipice of a mid-life crisis?

I was reading a foreigners blog the other day and saw that he recently changed his diet. Not so much a lifestyle change but he stopped eating less of something. Something that has a long term health detriment. He seems so proud of himself and I applaud him. It takes small steps like that to change and keep it consistent. I wanted to tell him to cut this and that out of his diet and within one week you’ll see this change about yourself….but I can’t. It’s hard repressing oneself when it comes to things that personal. Especially since I’ve been through it myself…I’m not like others who will offer their opinion with blanket know-it-all unsolicited advice, I can’t do it unless asked. If asked, then I’ll Jimmy the Super-Fly Snooka your butt with info on what I can add to whatever your needing advice on.

That is all. Have a good weekend to all and good luck KU.

Oh and in Honor of Tony of Kansas City



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New Tings.

My wife started Drum class this past winter and loved it. I bought her one for Christmas but after the first drum circle (via I realized I got a ‘small’ one and wasn’t really what one uses for drumming. Being a Native American- the drums I’ve seen, been around are the very very large ones where one beats in unison of has a particular ‘part’.

Our first drum circle and other ones she attended I simply watched or didn’t go. As the changes in my physical weight changed so has my attitude about trying new things and making it a conscience decision to do so – weekly. The ability for me to not just ‘SAY’ I will do something but to actually ‘DO IT’ leads to more opportunity for me (at least) and I get to see the world in a more wider vision. Wow..I sound like a hippie. I plan on purchasing a used one or maybe a new one depending on cost – and sit along side my wife and drum away. Once I get my feet wet my leading goal is to see about getting in locally with another tribe and drum for them. There are some tribes that allow inter-tribal drummers but it’s certainly not common.

My biking adventure is also started – I’m training myself at the gym via spinning/cycling stationary as our last bike pretty much fell apart and we returned it with a bad taste in our mouth and I felt like I really failed by not doing my own homework. This is an excuse and perhaps it’s true – but I can’t really take impact sports very well. My body reacts kinda weirdly lately. Impact like running, jogging. I can do it but the results after are not worth it – cramping, pulls, etc. However, I will hit the treadmill and give it a go considering the last 5k I ran I weighed an extra 35 pounds. I’m focusing on non-impact exercising – cycling and swimming. Less stress on my fragile body. 

All these new endeavors should be fun and entertaining. A body in motion as they say…


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Summer 2011

I’m so very typical and non-random. I post here and there. My social divergence has been Twitter and of course Facebook lately, not so much actual writing and forethought – if one can call posting on a blog forethought – on this awesome blog.

It’s now mid summer and having celebrated a pussified fourth of July in Overland Park with my ladies. I say ‘pussified’ because the city ordinances of OP are that it’s illegal to light up fireworks in the city limits. Being an American is illegal. Yay. So I lit things up anyways in my drive way. Not a single person on the entire block was celebrating the 4th by lighting black cats. Not a single. Very sad.

My summer movie reviews short version:

  • Green Lantern: sucked ass. I don’t care if you read all of the comic books. You know it sucked. Acting, CGI, story line….all sucked ass. Luckily we didn’t pay to see the movie, now that would have sucked. I don’t even recommend renting that POShit. Ryan Reynolds best performance to date was his maybe 10 mins in X-Men Wolverine Origins when he dashed into the African dealers building with his swords deflecting bullets. Please…don’t see this.
  • Super 8: Fantastic. A throw back to E.T./Stand By Me. This case could be the next gen of actors and actresses if Spielberg has anything to do with it. You won’t be disappointed. See it in the theater. Rent it.
  • X-Men First Class:  Another great flick. Seeing the origins of the X-Men – albeit really only focusing on a mind-date raping Xavier and Emo Magneto it’s a perfect summer movie. Visuals, acting and basic storyline. Who knew Kevin Bacon was a good at being bad.
  • Thor: discounting The Green Lantern entirely, this movie would be last on the best list of Comic Book driven movies which isn’t a bad thing. Thor actor was good but certainly not directly cast from the comic book, sure they have to keep him updated but if you ever read Thor you’d know he was very dry. Dry. Like watching a BBC show at 1 pm. You also get a nice bonus with my favorite Israeli actress Natalie Portman. Watch it in the Theater and Rent it. Not so much own.

That concludes my current movie review….I do plan on seeing Captain America and Harry in a few weeks.


Star Wars Galaxies is finally coming to an end. 8 years running I’ve made my estimated 5 billion in credits and thrice that in loot. Mastered all but 2 professions simply because they eliminated them before I could master them. Managed 4 guilds. Was there 3 months in and will be there til they pull the plug and kill the hamster.

WoW: what’s that? Cancelled accounts months ago. Call me when they make it more indepth, challenging and not when some 5 year old can play it and get to level 85 in a week. Not saying I won’t be back, I will…just currently I like things a bit more sandbox’y.

PS3: Love it. Netflix, Renting games, etc. We even have the eye thing – could be very interesting to record some stuff with…afraid of what my son does with it. GT5 I’ve lost pretty much all interest- without DLC most games are meh. I like new content. Played Brink for 3 weeks and even bought it full retail – how dumb… – and most recently my wife and I have been playing Soul Caliber IV. Still need to finish Heavy Rain.

SWTOR:  Can’t wait…but will.

EVE Online:  restarted my free trial. Changes occured from 2 years ago – almost sim like now sorta. Still shitty tutorials. I think they do that on purpose to weed out those without a lot of gaming patience – (me). Still…I see this as my filler til SWOTR.



Kids growing up too damned fast. Is this what my parents experienced? They seemed so professional and composed compared to me.


Very busy! New hire for my assistant and she’s working out so far (knock on wood). I love what I do. I just, at times wonder if it’s appreciated…then I realize it is appreciated  since I’m still getting paid. My creative juices are squeezed by other means; freelance, quid qou pros and self promotion. It’s a fine line.


I’m still less. More muscle. More stamina. Less gut. Less man boobs. I sweat more. I get more injuries. I still eat better. I do have bad days. I still go 3-5 times a week to the gym. I am noticing that I have a growing disdain for those that don’t care for themselves. I see them destroying their bodies and cringe. I don’t say anything verbally or give anyone ‘looks’ but I see their own pain and don’t like it. I want to yell something to the effect that you can change your habits. You can live to see your kids’ kids grow up. You can wear those jeans, shirt and bathing suit. I’m trying very hard to not just do what I say but also pass along those actions to my kids – my son and daughter now frequent the gym more and more with me. My wife also goes and just last month alone last 10 pounds. She’s happier. Small steps indeed.

Happy Day.

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Random Mexican


I’m about as random as a Mexican at a Magic The Gathering Tournament.
You see, the term ‘random mexican’ we believe derived from a “Dojo” tourney report from the 1990’s. It was said in reflection that a top 8 usually had a random mexican who made it that far in the tournament. A token, if you will. Kinda like having a token black person on an MTV reality show unless it’s dealing with Teen Moms. Black Teen Moms apparently isn’t as glamourous as White/Mixed/Mostly White Teen Moms. Yes, today I’m playing the card.

I can pass for nearly everything except Black or Japanese/Chinese (100%). I’ve been mistaken for a lot of races. When I tell them I’m Native American they get a ‘ahhh…’ look. I’m actually pretty rare. Well..not as rare as full blooded Native…I’m a half-breed. Since I can pass for anything it provides me opportunities that wouldn’t normally be out there for me. Like making a top 8 and being called a Random Mexican. Mainly by an old friend we all called ‘Negator’. (magic card reference). Best of buds until he was going thru his own divorce, we all know what a time and focus sink divorce can be! Anywhoo- he was the one whose karma smacked him up like a little red-headed step child from Colombia (S.A).

It was just prior to my divorce and we made a trip to Lincoln Nebraska (inorite?) for a MTG tourney. We drove up the night before and got a room downtown. We decided to hit the strip clubs which in Lincoln, it’s going to be an adventure. Midwest women are corn fed. This means one of two outcomes. If they aren’t already fat now, they will be later…so you have to catch them in the middle.

Our first trip was to the ‘Night Before Lounge’ in downtown Lincoln, it was a Friday night so it was a mix of Frat, Locals and Trucker/Farmers. Pretty packed (no homo). We sit 2 tables from the main area. This is a strip club with alcohol. No juice bar. For those strip club virgins – in the midwest/bible belt – strip clubs means topless only. Juice bar is nude 100%. It’s called Juice because they don’t sell alcohol due to the locals being stingy on sex. Most places that are Juice bars allow YOU to BYOB. I’m more of a non-juice bar visitor. You can see most everything you’d want to without them being 100% nude. One more note if your new to clubs. Never sit at the stage tables directly infront UNLESS you plan on shelling our dollar bills to every dancer in the place. It’s expected that you do if your sitting at the front seats. Sit 2-3 spots away. Better yet, case the place before sitting down. Go to the bar with your wife/gf/buds and order a drink….then casually spot the business expense patrons or bachelor party. That’s where you want to sit. Lap dances(good ones) tend to take up a good 5-7 foot radius…as such you can get pretty much a lap dance for free.
Last tip (maybe), bring a least $100.00 broken down into 20’s and 1’s…I usually did 20′ 1 dollar bills then twenties the rest. You don’t ask Strippers for change. And most importantly, don’t ever get too drunk at a club unless your jobless, credit cardless and with friends.

So back to my karma story.

Negator goes to the champagne room with a local farmers daughter who happens to have a LED hood clit strobe light. I’m able to see thru the thinly veiled curtains and see something blinking as she’s working it. Sure enough it’s a tiny purple light going ‘blinkity blink’. I chuckle. My tournament report is going to be stellar. I buy a souvenir tee shirt and we move on to a bar. Then another. Then finally it’s around 2:30 a.m. bars in Lincoln close later…
We find something off of Cornhusker Hwy and see there’s maybe a dozen cars…walk into a very dimly lit strip club and one girls on stage another lapping and a big neon sign saying ‘shower dances downstairs’. We head on down to see this– and just as advertised it’s chicks in a shower….I chuckle again. Negator nudges me and says he’s hitting the head. I go back up to our table where it’s ‘menu’ shows you what the ladies will do and prices.

Five mins pass and no Negator. I think he’s taking a dump but who takes a shit at a strip club? Then I think, maybe he’s gawking. After I finish my first PBR…he comes up, sits down and were watching the lady on the main stage. Looking around there’s maybe 4 guys in this room. All solo.

What seemed to be a long 8 seconds, a guy on each side of us stands up and yells “Lincoln Police! Everybody STAY SEATED!’. I had a nice buzz going on but was quickly snapped to. 4 more of Lincolns finest show up thru the basement and front door. It’s a bust. It’s 3 a.m. and I have a tournament I need to be at by 8:30 am. I have kick ass blue deck.
What seemed to be the leader of this band of let’s raid a strip club with 3 patrons in it and 8 strippers takes command. He asks for everyones ID…but were to remain seated. One of the policemen from downstairs points towards our table. I’m thinking…’I’m gonna be picked…some random mexican in a danky ass strip club is gonna be profiled!’. The leader walks over and says ‘Stand up!’ I start to get up when he tells me to sit my ass down. He points to Negator and says ‘YOU! Get up!’. he does….they handcuff him. Handcuff another and take 4 strippers in cuffs. I ask very politely…’Officer can I ask what’s going on?’ he replies with ‘Your friend is going to jail for lewd conduct’. I refrain from laughing. I follow him out the the squad car and take a picture of him. I smile at him as he sits in the back seat…I ask the officer what now, bail, etc. He says to follow them to the station. I do.

2.5 hours later, bonded out from his only monies (I wasn’t gonna bail his ass out..,I’m going thru a divorce…fuck that.) As I sat there waiting, I got to know 3 other strippers in the waiting area. Apparently they get busted every few months, especially when the officers see the license plates of out of towners. It’s bread and butter for them. They’re pimp..errr…manager shows up and bails out the rest. I shake hands with him. Nice gig.
Negator steps out, I shoot his pic as he puts his belongings together he’s not happy about the pictures being shot.

During my gaming hey’day I had a website where I was able to get most of the local KC area players together online with forums, reports, etc. This was for the website. =D

We make it back to the hotel to sleep for what amounted to be 1.5 hours rest. I ended up 9th place by making a mental mistake on a key play. Negator punked out early. We met up with a good amount of KC folks. Made it back to Overland Park’s Battlezone where the stories were told all night of our time in Lincoln.

After that weekend, Negator never called me a ‘Random Mexican’ because I mentioned to him on our way back from the Jail house that, that was karma speaking to him directly. What were the odds the policeman WOULD NOT pick me over him (he looks like a spitting image of Steve Buscemi).

True Story.

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Been awhile yo.

It’s frickin Spring! Finally. Freak snow storms begone. Bring on the Torn-a-doze (not really..)….really. Just so nice to come out of the winter with what can be called fresh air of the Kansas/Mizzou area. Ok enough about the weather. What shall we (me) speak (write) about? Me? OK.

Work, as in the past has been very different. My secretary left for another venture in assisting others with pie charts, reservations and data entry. I quickly forgot how much of a time sink data entry and mundane but important duties one has in administrative things. It’s really not for me at this stage in my life, it’s more of a beginning thing or ending thing in terms of career choices. I’m right in the middle of my career. However, it takes time to hire people now a days. It takes weeks almost months before one can get past all the committees of people who need to review, interview and give the green light on people you feel maybe a good fit. I get it. I understand the why’s and reasoning to not just find a qualified candidate and hire them…….(pausing for effect/affect). So here I am juggling two jobs as one with my endless amount of Jedi prowess and recent influx of energy*. I do her job, I do mine. Whence I worked at a place called ‘Swingster/American Identity’ I juggled 3 people’s jobs for 6 months. I was the Graphic Designer/Job Executioner/Art Director. After 3 months of my boss taking his time ‘hiring’ a replacement I went to his office with a written proposal that I take on the full responsibility of the ‘Executioner’ which paid at the time 25k….they could eliminate the  job position and simply pay me 25% more. I was getting the hang of the job – that included vendor quotes, job work flow assignments, logo library, digital asset management, invoices and billing. My boss read the proposal…looked up at me…and laughed. He said “are you kidding me Nicholas?”  I didn’t blink an eye…”Yes, 100%” it makes sense does it not?” I went on for a good 1 min pleading my case stating I’d save them 18k-20k a year plus health, training–etc. He laughed more and then said ‘You’ll do both jobs for the same pay, if you don’t agree you can always leave…anymore questions?’.
One month later they hired a replacement for the position…they quit a week later…hired another…they quit 2 days later…hired another and quit 1 month later…I laughed very loudly each time.
My former boss is now retired from the design business and is now in the Lake of the Ozarks with his wife and kid – they have a Fishing company where they get hired out to show tourists good fishing holes.

So as I done said I’m getting used to what she done did in my department. I have maybe a dozen good candidates…we shall see. It does make me appreciate MORE what my secretary did. Flip side is I don’t think she ever appreciated what I did. Youth.

My fatness update: less is more! Just over 230 now…I go to the gym 3-4 times a week now, still eating right with an occasional splurge (no homo) like BBQ. My clothes fit better, jeans I wore years ago are wearable, I’m wearing ‘Large’ vs. 2-3 XL’s. It’s amazing the energy I have. Sex 4-6 times a week with some more than once excursions in one night!! I KNOW RIGHT?? It’s pretty amazing what I’ve been doing, the habits being normal now – with eating good quality food. Apples, oranges, nana’s, strawberries over chips and cookies. It’s also an environmental thing where my son and wife are also working out with me and eating right. I know I sound like a broken record but I can’t help it. I wish I did this 15 years ago….

Politics: My cynicism knows no bounds. Obama maybe the ultimate fucktard and having the uncanny ability to do so without so much the media making light of his actions. 2012 is his unless the lesser of 3 evils has a good candidate not named Palin. The Government as a whole pretty much doing what they’ ve been doing since the dawn of Democracy- bickering, blaming and not actually doing anything beyond their own self interests.  Nothing changes. Where is all the CHANGE Obama? I had a fleeting moment of 1/2 hour back in October 2008 that maybe you’d be different….you are simply, no less no more than a packaged politician who can speak well. Period.

Religion: Meh. Although I did explain to my kids the lovely history of Catholics and specifically the decades cover up of the child molestation by it’s clergy and it’s awesome ways of ignoring the crimes of it’s top members and leaders against innocence for years. Catholics certainly don’t have a monopoly on rape, it’s everywhere…it’s just the plain hypocrisy of the Catholics and it’s outdated ‘rules’ it imposes on it’s followers. It’s the acceptance of what it has covered up and continual cover up that reinforces my opinion on organized religion. I believe in a higher being but not under duress or coercion based on man’s ideals. No thanks.

Gaming! :  My mage Husker hit 85 a month ago. My Dreaming is almost 83. I play maybe 6 hours a week now. I play my PS3 less since it’s nice out but when I do fire it up it’s usually Netflix. My guild is still alive ha ha – with 3-4 of us playing weekly. Joined up with Fredler’OhNoez’Logtar’sWifePM’sHimOverHisChoiceofPetNamesOMGREALLY?
Guild. I almost, almost re-upped for EVE online but then remembered the long ass learning curve, hours and hours mining….I’m now waiting for Diablo 3. It should be a nice refreshing game. Blizzard rarely does gaming wrong.

Guess I’m done. Good Night Ladies. Oh I’ll leave me with one of my favorite eye candy goddess’sszzzzzzz! Monica.


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Being without

Sketch by Wook.

A short while ago my PC went Poop. I’m very anal retentive about “My Stuff” which encompasses : My electronics, tools, car, collectibles & stuff. That also means no one is allowed to use/play/touch any of the things listed above without explicit permission. Mainly, my computer. This particular one is just over 18 months old. I bought it off at the suggestion of John Guzman (former coworker and ex-friend (haha). He was literally shocked at the time anyone would listen to his advice on a purchase like this. It was a really good deal and still is. It’s a med range gaming rig as far as one could be with a model off the shelf – this one being from Gateway.  Don’t laugh…this fucker is the bomb.

I believe it’s one of three things gone wrong or a combo. My gut feeling is it’s a bad HD followed by a very bad virus (I have 3 up-to-date virus/malware/internet security programs that tend to catch most everything) or bad memory stick. We shall see. Having local company pick it up and do it’s diagnosis (free).

In this time of being without a regular PC (I have a laptop but …. it’s a lap top) – I haven’t logged into WoW, played SC2, played SWG, played LOTRO or done freelance work (just had a request yesterday…). Instead my time in the evening has been more interactive with my wife. Playing my PS3 or Wii. Reading. Sketching. It’s like having no electricity…you find other more tangible things to do. Things you used to do 10 years ago. More productive would be a good word to describe the past 2 weeks.

I’ve also been recovering from a bad flu I had which started on Christmas Eve. I coughed and sneezed so much it triggered my umbilical hernia to get all pissed off at me. If my devoted readers read last year, I lost 20 lbs in about 4 weeks..which resulted in my stomach having issues – basically the muscle on the outer wall was weak from years of stretching (getting fatter) and when it had less pressure my intestines were ‘free’ so to speak. Soooo….one week ago today, I sneezed and felt a ‘push’ from within my belly area. It hurt. It hurt to sit upright. I went to my Doc and he poked and shifted my belly contents around and determined that I’d have to have surgery if it ever has anymore sharp pains. That’s not a good surgery. Period. His answer (besides surgery) is to simply lose the weight.
So here I am again back on the boat of watching what I eat. Been here before. Tired of it. I beat smoking. I beat my 2 week addiction to pain pills from my ankle surgery. I beat Defender. I’ve played Galaga for 2 hours straight. Why can’t I break the eating thing?


Moral of my blog post is to try new things. Disconnect for a week. Or a day. Do something other than sitting in front of a screen. Go fuck your wife or girlfriend.  She’ll appreciate your undivided attention.


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Birds Fish and UFO’s

Having read at least a dozen reputable (as far as today’s media can be called reputable) on the reports about the NYE Fish kill and mysterious dead birds – reports from 3-5k apparently hitting something mid air. Reading the publics response has been a good sources of comedy. While I can see the fish kill being a disease since it only affected one species – 100k fish seems like a lot at one time.

The birds – well reports initially were inconclusive but more recent ones say they didn’t die from falling to earth but had ‘hit’ something in the air.– some explanations so far are high altitude hail and lightning. For me, the hail makes more sense than bolts of lightning. None were reported being ‘fried’. Blunt force trauma. Hail makes sense except they were flying at around midnight, these birds do NOT fly at night unless provoked. This lead speculation that fireworks drove 5000 birds as a flock to fly very high…then get hit by lightning or hail.

I’m naturally a skeptic. This, to me is very skeptical based on the scientists proposed excuses….The proximity being under 200 miles of eachother on the same 24 hour period is what it is…a mystery.

I believe in Ghosts, A God, Spirits, After life, UFO’s and that our Government is highly secretive. In this case, I believe it to be a UFO. Yes, I’m crazy.

Speaking of…I have had 3 close encounters. Once when I was 6 years old going to the bathroom sometime after midnight I looked out the window as something caught my eye. It was a light hovering over Maple Street in Omaha. It was the summer because our screen window (2nd floor) was open and it was cool out. I stood on my tipee toes and stared at this light for what seemed to be a good 10 mins. So long that my mother woke up and asked what I was doing. I pointed to the light and she too stared with me, not saying a word. She then went to the back porch and lit up her cig and I followed. The ‘light’ was orangish and didn’t blink and was rather bright. As a kid I didn’t know ‘distance’ but it would be maybe 2 miles away. The light shot straight up into the blackness of the mom finished her cig and told me to go to bed.
Second time was same house but I was now 9 years old – same bathroom, same scenario…except I actually saw ‘something’ in my back yard. It looked a lot like a muppet from Sesame Street…like Cookie Monster but with legs and arms and hairy and glowed orange. It looked right at me at the end of our back yard which led to a small lot of trees. It scared the shit outta me when it took a step forward. I screamed bloody murder and woke my family up. I was hyperven-talating’ing…ing… but like most parents, they summed it up as me sleep walking and having a wild imagination.

The most recent run in- so to speak was 9 years ago, Winter before getting divorced. Living in Overland Park, wife and 2 kids….it was January, at least 1/2 foot of packed snow on the ground and maybe 9 degree’s outside and around 10 pm on a week night. I stepped outside for a smoke. Walked toward the street on my driveway when I heard a noise across the street – what seemed to be coming from in-between my neighbors houses. The sound was similar to a high pitched whirling noise. No one was outside, no wandering pets or neighbors. No one. I stepped once and saw from right above me about 40 feet in the air a black spherical ball. As I turned to look at it it made the same whirly noise and shot straight up into the air where I coudlnt see it but heard it’s doppler effect.

My heart raced. My eyes bugged out. I just had an encounter with something….something remote. I slipped on the snow as I raced inside the house to let my wife know- she seemed taken aback by my appearance and excitability. Let alone me telling her what I just experienced… she has known me as a true non believer of anything close to being ‘kooky’ or far out ‘der. IDK if she believed me but I didn’t care.
She went outside with me and of course nothing was there. The next morning I went over the area across the street and there was no new snow and as such no ‘tracks’ of anything where I heard the noise. No prints below where I saw the object. Nothing.

With all that said. I think the birds that died simply slammed into a UFO. They were spooked by it’s presence and flocked together and slammed head first into it/them. The fish kill was an alien experiment. One species. One kill.

The truth is out there.


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