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Remembering 39 years.

It’s going by fast.

The End.


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Naxx and the Art of being sick

WTF who gets sick during the Holiday Break??? I do that’s who. It started just after Christmas wed of last week..the oncoming murmur of bodily discontent. The feeling one gets just before an F-2 Tornado touches down in your front yard and rips away your prized climbing tree (Crab Apple) and sends it’s little apples through the entire neighborhood. Or…when you know something is wrong with the Force but you are not quite attuned to the Force as you haven’t been properly trained by Obi Won or One Bad Motha Fucker. That feeling. I DID take the advice of my wife who is a Doctor without a Degree and wiped my nose with the anti-cold kill it before it starts medicine Zicam?  It delayed the inevitable. I ended up with Bronchitis/Upper Resp. infection and finally am back to work today and it feels good to do something semi-tangible. Work.

WoW wise I made some progression on AK. Our guild added some more members and lost some too. It happens. Last night we made our first Guild sponsored run at Naxx and believe we need more work, least that’s what I hear. lol  It’s only been 2 months since the expansion so I’m sure within a few more weeks we will have Naxx on a  regular run basis. 

Other than all that Happy Birthday to my Daughter!

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