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How’s Obama doing?

Grade scale I’d give him a C- at this point. Said it on more than a few occasions that he’s nothing more and nothing less than your typical ‘Politician’. He’s not our savior. He’s not going to bridge the race gap. He’s not going to do anything ‘special’ beyond what a Democrat politician does: spend, social welfare programs, spend, etc. His major differences are his mannerisms and being a very good orator. I bet he’s very good at Poker..least the bluffing part.

Things I like so far: Removing our Troops from Iraq. Extending unemployment benefits. His gray hair. Fuel standards for car industry. Closed Guan.

Things I don’t like so far: Sending more troops to Afgan. Bailout of Banks, Cars. His wife’s eyebrows. Not taking immediate action in the Gulf: capping it with US Government Technology and canceling all contracts with BP (they’re the largest supplier of oil/gas to the Government). Jamming through the Obama’Care package even AFTER the Citizen of America screamed “NO!!!”. Taxed middle income. Hired the worst people for his Cabinet, especially Sec. of Treasure.

I’m not looking for perfection, I’m not a Bush supporter – only my wifes. I’m taking in a cup of ‘lol’ on all the friends of mine who thought he was the second coming of Christ. Their honeymoon is over. They’re not yelling “YES WE CAN!” because reality of who he is and his true colors are shining through.

I do think, unless the R’s come up with a better than average candidate for 2012 then he will be re-elected. I know a lot can happen from now til then. Oh, and when I say better than average I  mean Piyush Amrit “Bobby” Jindal from Louisana. He will be their poster boy for their version of ‘Change’ in the name of color much like Obama. The dude is the same age as me.

God forbid that stupid Palin tries for a run again. I still think it was all planned for her to join the Old Fart campaign to ENSURE Obama would win. That’s my conspiracy theory of 2008 elections.

Now, if he could talk his wife into changing her eyebrows– back to normal vs. looking like ‘The Count’ from Sesame Street.






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