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Paying attention.


I heal. I’m not outstanding in that role but I try. Most of the times I try…sometimes I don’t pay attention as much as I should. I make mistakes. I’m sorry I let you die but most of the time it’s your own damned fault.

I have no problems admitting mistakes to my guild mates though I do refrain from ‘blaming’ others for wipes, it’s part of the game. Shit happens and you die. But really there is no real (electronically) consequences for dying in WoW. Don’t give me the very lame ass excuse about repair bills. If you are level 80 and doing heroics you seriously need to shut the fuck up about repair bills. You die, you run to your body or wait for a nice person to rez you (even though you should run back). Small price to pay.

When I pug I tend to pay more attention to my healing assignments. Why? Well, if it’s a 25 person raid I am to be invited back. I also don’t want to represent our guild as ‘shitty’ players. I take ones personal reputation seriously – ingame and in real life because in the end your rep and or your experience and interactions with others is all that is remembered. Yes, I’m getting all existential on your ass. So, yeah I pay more attention for those reasons and also I’ve no clue what and how the other 4 or 24 others play.

With my guild I KNOW almost everyone’s nuances, their weakness and strengths. I know Smidgeon will top the threat meter at least twice..and I will be there to heal her once she’s out of ice block. I know Moon’s pet will go aggro crazy and attack a target 100 meters away from the group and she had nothing to do with it. Logtar didn’t get enough sunders down in time on 4 targets so he’s scrambling to get the aggro but he knows it’s too late. Froto can’t bang gongs. These things I know so I get lax in paying attention because my comfort level is that high and I can depend on these people to get us through the instance/quests.

Should I pay more attention to guild runs when I heal?  Yes. Unless theres a really good show on Showtime or A&E. Then I’ll just top you off…


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