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iDead and iGenius

What seems an eternity (how pitiful) my iPhone went and died on my 3 days ago. Tonight I’m scheduled to meet with the Apple peeps at the proverbial ‘Genius’ Bar in Leawood. I wonder what it feels like to be standing at the minimalistic ‘Genius’ bar and be considered a Genius and have a sign above your head reading ‘Genius’ (bar). I’ve been a Apple/Mac user since my 3rd grade teacher told me to ‘ground’ myself on the back metal plate of the Apple II.

I love Apple. I was there before it was COOL to be a user/fan. I went through the lean times during the ‘Clone Wars’…before that even with the overly expensive Quadras and Centras (sp). I know it’s lore. It’s products and innovations has given me the tools and software to make a living out of being creative – digitally. Going on for years now.

Just over 10 years ago I COULD trouble shoot any issues on a Mac. This was before UNIX mind you. Now…not so much. It only makes sense the worlds leading company on design and beauty in the computing and mobile world would take on better OS. When that happened I felt alien and left behind. I’m not the personality type of writing-learning-making code. No thanks. Let alone learning what UNIX is/could be.

In my 20+ years of using Apple I’ve bought just about all of their core products. I bought the first year iMac, Mac Clone (PowerMax), 3-4 different PowerPC towers, iTouch, tooo many iPods to count for myself and family members. I’m a homer through and THREW.

So I’m working on a new icon set at work and I get a text from my wife (whom– oddly enough I bought her a brand new Blackberry for her birthday– LOL) and as I sent the reply back I see the network is lost. I get an error message say as such then it blacks out. I had just recently upgraded the phone to OS4 and for whatever reason the thought of having FOLDERS on the phone lured me in to update it. I usually wait an entire month before I upgrade anything besides WoW and SWG. =D Reason being is 9 times out of 10 updates are still bug ridden.

I go through my normal routine of start ups, reset, restores and looked up the error code (1013)– did the recommended walk throughs. Posted to the Apple forums, DealMac.com forums. Nothing worked til my lovely wife called Apple Support. Not knowing we need to pay $29.99 for the call she was able to get to a live person without being charged. While I do believe in AppleCare I don’t see value of a warranty when the warranty is worth more than the products. Anywhoo.— she says “Here’s my Husband….” hands me the phone. It’s an actual ENGLISH SPEAKING – NON- ACCENTED person on the other line. What the fuck??!?

I explain what happened including all my self help. He pauses a few seconds then like reading a Q-card he says something about $29.99 charge per call since we don’t have AppleCare schpiel. Which– I totally get and understand which is why I didn’t call them. =D  – So I rudely interupt and say something to the effect of “So I COULD pay 30 bucks to  have you look up the error code and then have you say ‘bring it into the Apple Store’ and basically I’m SOL for me fixing it on my own’.   He pauses a good 11 seconds. I just ruined my Apple Love Affair with their English Speaking Non-Accented CSR.  – SEE if it was a foreigner with terrible phone reception , loose concept of ENGLISH and grammar I’d have hung up as soon as I heard their voice. Yes. I’m that much of an Asshole.

He then does a little sigh and asks me to wait– he’s going to look up the code (for free)– see APPLE rarely will pin point error code messages with DETAILED info on WHY or WHAT– hence you paying 29.99 a call. He gets back on an explains how my internal modems is kaput. Dead. It’s Dead Jim.  All I (allegedly) need to do is bring it in to the Apple Store and have them look at it to make sure it wasn’t ‘broken’ by me. And they will replace the phone since I have 44 days left on it’s warranty.

I smile. Sorta. Getting something FREE in the world is a rarity in the realm of HELP DESK or dealing with Computer companies or telecommunications.

So…provided my wife doesn’t kill my van today and she doesn’t have to work late I will again be with my beloved iPhone, apps and all.

Speaking of apps– did you know that when your WoW Battle.net authenticator is on your mobile device and said mobile dies..you can’t log into WoW. I don’t have the FOB and if I did I’d still have to reset the account via telephone.  So instead of my normal accounts and the need to feed my desire of WoW I signed into my old account where lies my Rogue. The rare sight class — Rogue. It’s been fun for a couple days playing with Sam but damn I miss my toons.

So yeah that is my rumblings for the past couple days.



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iPwn @ one-ninety-nine.


$199.00 iPhones. My wife *future* paid $299.00 + $80.00 in accessories for my Christmas Gift in ’07. Now she can get her own next month but with a Camera, GPS, Full OS version with new Apps plus a new infrastructure that makes it twice as fast as the 1st gen. I’ll be along side her getting one as well…but might splurge on the $299.00 one with the extra Storage, I burned through my 8 GB iTouch in weeks. The whole story is  here.

I highly recommend them but the only catch is the service is with AT&T. Not sure if you have to unlock the phone part to use the rest of the features, one would think you can. I also recommend if you do buy one to go and get a protector for it FIRST THING. They scratch very easily, get the screen cover then a body protector. I recently got an upgrade case via PAUL FRANK. I like Monkeys. It’s the new BLACK….Monkeys that is….comes out July 11th! Save up NOW!!! 199.00 is pretty cheap, condsidering it’s equal to Dinner for TWO at Cafe Trio, 2 tickets to see the movie IRON MAN, Popcorn & Coke with Raisenettes, plus a Tank of Gas. At least with a iPhone you don’t have to worry about STDs.

Lastnight, I bought a MOX Ruby……..Collectors Edition. For those in the know, a MOX Ruby typically sells for $500.00 MINT Condition. I bought mine for 69.99 on Ebay as it’s a Collectors Ed. This means I am not allowed to play with it in a Sanctioned Tournament, big whoop. Next up will be another Power 9 card, I plan on getting the set within 3 months as long as the price is right. For those not in the know, the Power 9 cards below avg price for the 9 cards = $5000.00 for UNLIMITED and go up from there depending on Quality and Set. Yours truly had them all at one time…..no regrets…..(sigh). 


Above is the Collectors Edition, gold bordered and Sharp Square Edges.



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