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Easily annoyed at 40

Easily I am.




Older I get the more tolerant I get but less tolerant when something interrupts my normal day to day routine. I seem to have a lower threshold for things that somehow someway come into my life without warning. Work/Career things like that are nothing, I expect that. Home life, not so much. I keep telling myself to relax. Relax. Life IS good kid, relax.

Prime example: 2 weeks ago I come home from work for 10 mins when there’s a knock on the door and open it to two pimply faced high school kids and a mini van parked in my drive-way. I said ‘Yes?’ — and one of the kids kinda snottily says ‘We’re here to practice’…’Ash here’?  In that millisecond of him saying my sons name my anger went from a 2 to an 9.

I have no reason to get that angry. None. I didn’t show it on the outside too much, I asked the kid to hold on. Ash was already at the top of the stairs and I could read on his face all the outs he could make up by the time I said ‘What the fuck?’.  Long story short, he had neglected asking me if his friends could come over and jam, he had also forgot to cancel his other band practice. My son is very musically talented. I relented but also wasn’t visually happy about the whole situation. They jammed for 3 hours, but I luckily left. Things like that. I used to be a lot more flexible than that…granted I did let it happen. Talking to the parent who dropped the boys off she offered to leave and I refused and said it was OK but my son needs to let me know ahead of time. I see myself as that old fuck Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.

Things are changing rapidly it seems. Faster weeks, time is flying by with all the cliches that go with it. I guess at 40 this is considered my hey-day. I am happy. Not so much content but I don’t think anyone can really be content and still breathing. Maybe I’m at the precipice of a mid-life crisis?

I was reading a foreigners blog the other day and saw that he recently changed his diet. Not so much a lifestyle change but he stopped eating less of something. Something that has a long term health detriment. He seems so proud of himself and I applaud him. It takes small steps like that to change and keep it consistent. I wanted to tell him to cut this and that out of his diet and within one week you’ll see this change about yourself….but I can’t. It’s hard repressing oneself when it comes to things that personal. Especially since I’ve been through it myself…I’m not like others who will offer their opinion with blanket know-it-all unsolicited advice, I can’t do it unless asked. If asked, then I’ll Jimmy the Super-Fly Snooka your butt with info on what I can add to whatever your needing advice on.

That is all. Have a good weekend to all and good luck KU.

Oh and in Honor of Tony of Kansas City



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Friday Update!

I logged in briefly lastnight and saw we were running OS, how’d it go? Did we ‘PWN’!?!!! =P Sure hope so! This week has been all Alo time! See, our kids are not in the house so we can actually focus on eachother and speak in fluid complete sentences. It’s amazing really. I love our kids but as those who do have kids (not people who borrow kids, babysit or visit kids) KNOW exactly what I mean. There is a sense of calm both audibly and metaphorically in the house.

Anywhoo– hope the run was a success, I also saw we added 2 more people to the guild and they’re 80! WOOT!  My weekend looks like limited play again as the weather is great, I get my kids back today and well…yeah.


Part 2 (or number 4) article about a writer’s experience in WoW. While a very short read shows a nice aspect of their experiences in WoW. by Tracy Wilson

Shaman Q&A: Very good article on where the devs see the class of Shamans in WoW. I have a Shaman but is super low, 20. I think they fit the “Utility” belt class (Druids and Paladins) in that they can do most everything ingame, whereas say Warriors are 2D (DPS or Tank).

WoW on Wiki: Ever wanted to know the History of WoW?

Laguna Art Museum will be featuring WoW Art and it’s history. Wish I could see this first hand….being a artist myself I love the concept art as well as the trading card game art. I’ve met with a couple of WoW artists and had some prints signed as well. Blizzard does what WotC does (Wizards of the Coast) when they design concepts, they contract out the art to a wide variety of artists. Some are well known but a majority are unknowns and I love that fact that it’s the variety they give to these artists to influence the game.

Porn Star tat’s herself for a Gold Farming Website. LOL. 500k…and here’s a quote from the company paying her “The company feels that the link between porn, the internet, and online gaming is as strong as the pairing of peanut butter and jelly, making this an excellent fit.” Classic indeed.

Peggle in WoW. I was more hoping for Poker…

Oh yes, almost forgot. I will be re-designing the blog as time goes on…into…the EDGE OF NIGHT!



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Raising Arizona

I haven’t been on as much. My family issues have taken precedence. I have an 18 year old with an identity crisis. I know a few of you have been through the “just out of High School and I know everything” phase with your kid(s), but this is our first. As such my time in WoW is curbtailed but not my love for the game. I love grouping up with my home slices and cutting the rug on NPC’s. I love listening to Nyghtkill and his annunciations of words in dialect one hears only in movies.

My weekend was busy with family events, taking my son halfway to Omaha to spend a week with his cousin. I will guess he will come back sleep deprived and taller. He’s nearly 6ft tall now if not already and about to be in H.S. I don’t long for our future fights. I don’t. Kids suck in that respect, they maybe little versions and mixtures of their parents but at times it’s like W T F??? are you doing!??!  Maybe it’s my deep seated cynicism. Maybe it’s him or them….but moreover I’m OK with all of this noise. It’s a part of our lives, the tests and tribulations that we go through that makes us…be. My wife is having a hard time of it and we are dealing with the situation as best we can…I’m the bad cop, shes the eternal good cop. lol go figure.

I normally don’t expound about my life on this blog, you don’t really need to know this and that but it’s nice to get it out and in the open from time to time. Writing things like this helps in a small way, I think the big word is cathartic.

My goal of WookieLuv hitting 80 failed but I have valid excuses. (below)

  • It’s the SUMMER!!!
  • Kids!
  • The weather is grrrreat!
  • Kids
  • House work including gardening, mowing, etc.
  • kids…..
  • Vacation!!!!

So…there you have it. Nuff said said Stan Lee.

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Time with your kids & Johnson County Schools!

Spend it with them. Alix, being very wise made some sage like commentary a few weeks ago about her kids and going to pick them up, drop them off at their friends houses, events. I, being the cranky defensive step-dad-to be …wait I need to end this run-on sentence. OK, I was noticing how her kids friends parents NEVER picked up her kids to do things. Never swung by, dropped off or even (seems) to offer it. I spoke up a couple times saying how it’s not fair for us *Alix* to being doing all the driving. She replied that she only has a few years or less to have time with them before there out of the house and on their own. That stopped my bitching and I agreed. Our oldest live in is a Senior in HS this year and if things go according to plan- she will be moving out around this time next year for Florida (Culinary School). 1 down and 2 to go. She’s a bright smart funny full of life step daughter (I don’t like that term– so I’ll just call her my daughter)– so ya my Daughter will be leaving us next year and the time spent dropping her off, picking her up is small potatoes. 

My son, whom recently moved in with us started a new school (middle) and so far so good, granted it’s the first week seems to be happy. We are trying to focus him more on school and homework as last year was pretty much a failure (he lived with his mother….). He’s a good kid with a great heart as long as you don’t expect anything in the present department, gifts or sharing food. He’s a bastard when it comes to food. He’s nearly 6ft tall and just grew a 1/2 shoe size in the past 4 weeks to be wearing size 11.5 shoe and will eat you out of the house in a matter of days. I’m going to be keeping an eye on his food intake at school as one can track every purchase they make as they have to basically use a pass code when they buy food. That gets tracked online for me to see and If I need to can email the lunch ladies and cut him off from certain foods and snacks. My son isn’t fat per se – I think he’s right around 180 lbs. But ya gotta watch him…

My daughter-daughter is quickly catching up in the height department but remains boney and self-conscience of her weight. Yes, I will blame the media, music vids, friends and pop culture on her weight. She’s picky what she eats minus; hot dogs and dessert. She won’t have any type of red sauce on her pasta- instead she’ll take it without and add a little bit of butter. She loves Fettucini Alfredo and Mac n Cheese but will not eat Chicken unless it’s in a nugget form or strips. Just this week we let her start wearing a thin line of eyeliner….this is her first time in a public school (and my son) so she’s stoked she can do normal things. Catholic schools have certain rules like no make-up, same clothes (which is fine imo– school uniforms), 40 hours of community service for kids (ours had over 200 hrs this past year working at a Assisted Living Center for the past 2 years) , tithing, parent mandatory volunteering, 30 fund raisers per calendar year, tithing, and more tithing.

I, sometimes get perplexed at the thought of God being broke. =D I think parochial schools are great, if you can afford them. We are very fortunate (not really…) that we live in if not the best top 20 school districts in the USA for public schools– Blue Valley, Olathe & Shawnee Mission School districts– which are well funded and if anyone asks where our tax dollars go all one has to do is look to 160th and Antioch at Blue Valley West High School. Johnson County get’s a lot of Hater press but if you want to have your kids going to an elitist public school- Johnson County is the place to be. (If you are really LOADED they go to the State Line Prep School Barstow where the tuition alone is more than Kansas University (out of state)- with that 99.9% of them go to College and most go to Ivy League).  Sometimes (if not a lot) money is a good thing.

So with this new school year we have high hopes and our only wishes if for our kids to get great grades and being happy….along with smatterings of sports, music and being a kid. I try to tell them this time in their lives is among or will be the best times in their lives. You only have 5 things you need to worry about as a teen.

1. Good Grades

2. Homework

3. Chores

4. Stay out of trouble  

5. Don’t get pregnant or get someone pregnant and/or STD’s.

Simple enough.


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