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25 Things I Love About Alo!


  1. Endless and Boundless Heart
  2. Your toes
  3. The knowing hands
  4. Curls
  5. Sense & Sensibility
  6. Sex Drive is Insatiable
  7. Quirky Smirk
  8. Intellect
  9. That Smile
  10. Singing Voice
  11. Sexy Voice
  12. Baby Voice
  13. Your cooking
  14. Being an Animal Whisperer
  15. Spirit and Spiritual Awareness
  16. Logic & Reasoning
  17. Able to play Protoss like a Pro
  18. The fact you ground up Smuggler til the very, very end in SWG.
  19. Raising 3 well rounded Children into young adults by yourself.
  20. Standing up to your Ex Husband
  21. Adventure Side
  22. Super Romantic Side
  23. Selflessness
  24. Generosity
  25. Last but NOT least your EYES

Happy Valentines Day Alo! You are my ONE.


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the DAY before…wedding plans and the art of motorcycle maintenance.


True Love


Alo’s parents, sister and other family members arrived earlier this week. My father and friend fly in today at the worlds most convenient airport (no joke, our airport is by far the most efficient well planned one ever…) our day is going to be filled with driving, cleaning, cooking, talkings, driving, picking up/dropping off, cleaning, rehearsing, driving and tons of SMILING. I’m very excited too! It’s often been said one’s life can be summarized in maybe a dozen moments, and I believe today and tomorrow will among those. 

Despite my lack of sleep in the past week (minus lastnight as I slept like a baby…..) I’ve been relatively calm and relaxed, I try not to stress on things and really have not (besides lack of money– paying for a wedding isn’t exactly cheap brothas and sistas)..had anything major mess up my mood. For all of that I point at my soon to be wife AlixAndria. She runs the show and her initiative and drive to get things done was a key element that drove me to be madly in love with her. I count on her for so many things in our day to day lives, many things I simply wouldn’t trust anyone to handle…but I do with her. I appreciate everything she is and everything she’s not as well as everything shes going to be.

I hope our friends and family enjoy our celebration this week and share in our life experiences on down the road. Alix and I both love and admire our friends and family and are blessed to have such down to earth real people friends. Thank You!


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+ 8 to Spirit on chest enchant…


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Great Links

Reading Tony’s blog he posted on a must read so being the sheep I am I read the blog posting about a mothers apprehension on her son going off to Iraq/Afgan. Her story can be read here

Also brining more bad news, I recently read that the world is one less artist/writer/talent/gifted. Comic book creator dies at the young age of 37. (My age) from Cancer. Story here. He worked on several titles including creating his Flagship Fathom.  Michael Turner was the Publisher of  Aspen Comics.

To balance it…..

Mexico to plant plants on the rooftops of buildings.

Top 10 New Species of 2007 with Photos! 

Top Ten New Species of 2007 Named


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