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Captain and Coke and Magic and Fat



Only recently in the past 5 months have I even considered drinking anything of the alcoholic beverage arena beyond beer and wine. My past prime drinking stages basically were from 11th grade in HS into College. Once I married I only drank beer and that was only socially. TO say I had a drinking problem in school would almost be spot on. I only lost one job to it. I showed up 3 hours late for my gig as a waiter for Mother’s Day at Holiday Inn (Omaha). They fired me on the spot. Mother’s day..I guess is a busy day.

My tolerance for drinking was at it’s peak in College. Now…not so much. I can drink a lot if it’s spread out a lot. i.e. 3 beers an hour vs. 3 beers 1/2 hour but then my bladder has apparently shrunk over the years and can really only hold 8 ounces before I HAVE TO PEE. It’s sad really.

This past December I was on my annual work trip to Atlantic City and one of our Account Reps ordered a Captain and Coke. He’s a drinker by trade (sales) and he normally is very reserved but he took a sip and said ‘Ahhhh.’  Intrigued I ordered one over my Blue Moon. It was delish. It was booth smooth and sweet. Not over powering and the balance was topped off by the glass it held it in. I ordered 3 more. Luckily our eatery was on the PIERS which is connected to Caesars Palace which was my Hotel and only had to stumble along with fellow co workers to get to my room. The morning came and having to work our booth I had a very good surprise. No hangover remnants. Nothing.

The history of Rum and Coke or Pepsi in my Marital life is one of interest. My first wife – all she drank and only drunk was Rum and Coke, Jack and Coke. THat makes for an expensive night out. I could afford it back then because when we dated we had zero kids and lived at home…well..I did…her parents kicked her out. My lovely wife of today ALSO only really drinks Jack/Rum and Pepsi – she likes wine but not so much as she does a good RnC.

There’s something very calming about the drink. Readily admitting I’m a noob at drinking – I think I will enjoy this journey into drinking again. Thank you Wife.


This will be my 5th week coming up in a friggin row where I’m playing Magic the Gathering in an official capacity. That being, reporting to WOTC/Hasbro. I’ve played 3 weeks of FNM – Friday Night Magic where I went 3-1, 3-1 n 3-1 with my ‘white weenie’ deck full of wonderful 1-2 drops. Like most of my addictions I always come back to them eventually. Also picked up a Mox Ruby from trading away some playable cards and feel he may have gotten the better deal but…w/e. I have a Mox now.. This weekend was National Gaming Weekend and most game stores had events going on for the weekend and I participated in a the Standard tournament – meant to be the Grand Prix Trial for Indy but not enough peeps signed up. I used the same WW deck but tweaked with with black and green for Spirits and Parallel View to double my love of tokens. I went 2-1-1 and made top 8 but lost to mana screw both games 0-2. It was a fun night too as my wife and I sipped Captain and Cokes while downing fried foods at the local sports bar.


Today is my 3rd venture into Juice Cleansing. i.e. only drinking liquids in the way of vegetable and fruit juices* *I allow myself Coffee with non-dairy.
First round was 28 pounds lost gaining back 8 (30 days). 2nd round was 10 lost gaining back 5. (10 days)  One will always gain back due to what your doing which is NOTHING is in your belly.So I’m trying to get a cushion of able weight I gain back.  i.e Lose 30 gain 10 = net 20 loss. I always feel so much better doing these things, everything is much better. Everything.  Mind, body, confidence, focus, saves me a TON of eat out food. Typically I spend 6-9 dollars for lunch and same for dinner. =)  It’s not luck to do this it’s complete and utter will power. Mind over Fat Matter.




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iPwn @ one-ninety-nine.


$199.00 iPhones. My wife *future* paid $299.00 + $80.00 in accessories for my Christmas Gift in ’07. Now she can get her own next month but with a Camera, GPS, Full OS version with new Apps plus a new infrastructure that makes it twice as fast as the 1st gen. I’ll be along side her getting one as well…but might splurge on the $299.00 one with the extra Storage, I burned through my 8 GB iTouch in weeks. The whole story is  here.

I highly recommend them but the only catch is the service is with AT&T. Not sure if you have to unlock the phone part to use the rest of the features, one would think you can. I also recommend if you do buy one to go and get a protector for it FIRST THING. They scratch very easily, get the screen cover then a body protector. I recently got an upgrade case via PAUL FRANK. I like Monkeys. It’s the new BLACK….Monkeys that is….comes out July 11th! Save up NOW!!! 199.00 is pretty cheap, condsidering it’s equal to Dinner for TWO at Cafe Trio, 2 tickets to see the movie IRON MAN, Popcorn & Coke with Raisenettes, plus a Tank of Gas. At least with a iPhone you don’t have to worry about STDs.

Lastnight, I bought a MOX Ruby……..Collectors Edition. For those in the know, a MOX Ruby typically sells for $500.00 MINT Condition. I bought mine for 69.99 on Ebay as it’s a Collectors Ed. This means I am not allowed to play with it in a Sanctioned Tournament, big whoop. Next up will be another Power 9 card, I plan on getting the set within 3 months as long as the price is right. For those not in the know, the Power 9 cards below avg price for the 9 cards = $5000.00 for UNLIMITED and go up from there depending on Quality and Set. Yours truly had them all at one time…..no regrets…..(sigh). 


Above is the Collectors Edition, gold bordered and Sharp Square Edges.



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