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Thanks Mom & Dad!

My mother passed away spring of 2006 from nearly 40 years of smoking 2 packs a day. Lung, followed by brain cancer is among the worst ways to lose someone as it’s long and drawn out. I really lost her just before her chemo treatments. I’ve always thought ones birthday should be celebrated more as a thank you for your mother and father. We should simply have a day of less importance being born and more of a thank you for mom and dad making the effort, accident or not for giving me life. It’s still very painful for me at times without having my mother around, to call- we talked nearly every day prior to 2006 as she was lonely from moving around alot and my fathers hours working. She had her faults like everyone else and hindsight very typical ones; over bearing, over opinionated, nosey, stubborn and moody. Much like me. =D

The good qualities are numerous, generous, loving, empathy and confident. Although not much for huggy/kissy mothering she loved me and my sister with everything a mother could. My father and her provided me an extremely happy childhood. Meager lower income but if one doesn’t know the difference it doesn’t matter, we had family trips every summer and spring. Swimming and camps in the summertime, mom would make Sunday Pot Roast, my father taught me all about lawn care (priming me). as well as learning techniques for drawing and art. I would literally spend my winter months in his art studio going over huge art books. Micheangelo, DaVinci, Hopper, Pollack, Frank Lloyd, Picasso, Monet as well as current trends (at the time the 70’s and 80’s). I would get high off his markers and listen to American Top 40 every sunday morning sitting at his drafting table. It was simply amazing. My time spent in his Studio was golden.

For me, life having a meaning is to have a family. To create life with someone you love and have children of your own, I’ve been blessed to have done this with my two wonderfully crazy kids. 50% ain’t bad! I’ve been doubly blessed to have found Alo whom I will be marrying next week. I get to not only marry someone with qualities that could make this an extra-extra long blog post but I get to be a part of her family. 

I was born on August 19th 1971 at 7:14 p.m. in Omaha Nebraska @ Mercy Hospital by Doctor Brown– who coincidentally I was next to when he delivered my own Son at the same Hospital–and also coincidentally just across the street no less than 100 yards my mother is buried, I love you Mom and Dad, thanks for having me.

Your Son,




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