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iPwn @ one-ninety-nine.


$199.00 iPhones. My wife *future* paid $299.00 + $80.00 in accessories for my Christmas Gift in ’07. Now she can get her own next month but with a Camera, GPS, Full OS version with new Apps plus a new infrastructure that makes it twice as fast as the 1st gen. I’ll be along side her getting one as well…but might splurge on the $299.00 one with the extra Storage, I burned through my 8 GB iTouch in weeks. The whole story is  here.

I highly recommend them but the only catch is the service is with AT&T. Not sure if you have to unlock the phone part to use the rest of the features, one would think you can. I also recommend if you do buy one to go and get a protector for it FIRST THING. They scratch very easily, get the screen cover then a body protector. I recently got an upgrade case via PAUL FRANK. I like Monkeys. It’s the new BLACK….Monkeys that is….comes out July 11th! Save up NOW!!! 199.00 is pretty cheap, condsidering it’s equal to Dinner for TWO at Cafe Trio, 2 tickets to see the movie IRON MAN, Popcorn & Coke with Raisenettes, plus a Tank of Gas. At least with a iPhone you don’t have to worry about STDs.

Lastnight, I bought a MOX Ruby……..Collectors Edition. For those in the know, a MOX Ruby typically sells for $500.00 MINT Condition. I bought mine for 69.99 on Ebay as it’s a Collectors Ed. This means I am not allowed to play with it in a Sanctioned Tournament, big whoop. Next up will be another Power 9 card, I plan on getting the set within 3 months as long as the price is right. For those not in the know, the Power 9 cards below avg price for the 9 cards = $5000.00 for UNLIMITED and go up from there depending on Quality and Set. Yours truly had them all at one time…..no regrets…..(sigh). 


Above is the Collectors Edition, gold bordered and Sharp Square Edges.




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