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It’s going…


It’s been over 5 weeks since my ankle went “BOOM” and it’s slowly getting better. Better in that I can put pressure on it. The wound itself ‘looks’ better besides what seemed to be a small tear which I have no clue how/when it happened. I’ll post a pix later.

For the most part this still sucks. It numbs up after being ‘down’ and not elevated (above my heart) at work since my desk isn’t set up and pretty much can’t be set up to elevate it. It gets weekly bruises from my boot which…should be re-designed in my opinion. While the strong support of the ankle not moving is great it does NOTHING in the way of comfort and is the reason for the bruising.

Last Friday thou I visited the Rehab center and will start in 2 weeks. I am doing my own rehab at home with my wifes tutoring. I do 4 simple (would seem simple..) – I turn my ankle in circles clockwise and counter 10 times each X 3. I lift my foot to my toes and heel 10 x or 30 seconds, wiggle toes all day/night long and will walk on it with crutches for the movement. My left (good) leg is getting stronger by the week and it noticeably more muscular and sure. My bad leg looks something like the Avatar Skit. Just not as bad…

Mainly it’s the inability to ‘carry’ things and drive that gets to me. The docs say I can’t drive for 3 months (1.5 now) and it is nearly impossible for me to carry things in my arms/hands since the crutches take that up. I can carry plastic cups in my mouth, food items…my mouth is becoming very useful (no homo). I also have adapted to going up and down stairs with only 1/2 dozen ‘falls’ from the crutches or my balance giving way. Luckily *knock on wood* I haven’t injured myself from the falls *yet*.

Friday last week we saw TOOL at the SprintCenter which the concert itself was amazing and among the best I’ve seen– it was a bitch to get to the suite *ya poor me* and back to the van afterwards. The crowds for the most part did move when they saw me but a few asshats simply looked at me and wanted me to go around them. *shakes fist* Alix noticed this and became my front (man) and pushed her way through for me so I wouldn’t have to navigate around the sea of people in black and tattoo’s. It took a good 10 mins to go one block. Mainly my underarms and ankles hurt the most. I am collectively moving 230 lbs with them….yes I have lost more weight….tho I can’t count it since it was basically my muscle mass in my legs…lol.


In WoW news– and this blog– I’ve added a good amount of links to the left of this post. Added ‘Artists’ I admire from the genre of fantasy art, they include Magic the Gathering, WoW TCG, Novels, Traditional mediums and more.  Added WOW-Centric links to the pros and amateurs bloggers and a cool GUI for WoW link.

As for this week– I’m trying out a new server with some friends – made a DK (ugh) to test the waters and see if a ‘Normal’ Medium sized server is a good fit. Doing dailies with the OS and helping others as we had a good 5 new members join in the past week. With the new Cata coming out– a medium sized guild will be very beneficial to be in or in my case, make. They’ve added guild rep and granted items and ‘stuff’ for guilds that play and achieve ‘together’. GENIUS or MAD? Well see.  I can imagine a LOT of guild hopping initially then the guilds with a good core will stop recruiting unless your resume is up to their spec…which in turn will turn OFF a lot of players who play casually or simply don’t like to be measured based on gear/ap’s/skills. Personality and attitude will be 8th fiddle imo.

It’s hard to re-start a guild, let alone organize it with casual players since it’s a up hill battle to start. Motivation is limited by mood. While the current members will pretty much JOIN when asked none actually initiate. *shrug*

Salutations and please let me know what you’d like to see on this blog – good or bad or ideas.




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Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise

Wootbeer, 80 small midget female tank was recently in the guild named ‘Exalted” til this past weekend when I left. The jig was up a few weeks ago when the GM announced his plan to step down and asked for trusted friends to volunteer to take over. Exalted was built by my guess 6-7 real life friends who work, live in the same city. I came across them back in late Fall via the forums. They were my ideal guild except they had pockets of douche bag kids who like to show their proverbial penis size through insults and slanderings of your own gear, choice of spells or what ever triggers guys like that. I think most guilds  have that, some more than others. (Phrozen comes to mind…cept he didn’t vocalize it…)

So during the Oct, Nov months Wootbeer ran with them, hung out on vent, did the upper end instances but my focus shifted to SeanCassidy and getting to 80. My log ins with Wootbeer waned but whenever I logged in they all greeted me with kindness. We did some Ulduar and such, I believed they had/have a core group aiken to the original Old School pre-BC (Sokym, Me, Cata, Laen, Beigs, McTeague, Trippi).

As the cliche goes, things change. I never found out why the gm decided to call it quits but I emailed him a couple times but nothing back. They had a vote amongst 2 to take over and I guess it was a tie. I look at the guild tab and see people dropping out by the 10’s. I log in a few more times last week to see if I could catch an officer to see if I can help with anything but nothing. I was sad. They had come very far in the realm of progression and have some fantastic people. I’ve learned this lesson..more of a life of gaming lesson many times over the past 8…people will always move onto other things. The only constant would be yourself and what you choose to do. I have the unfortunate trait of sticking with things even when it’s beyond anything progressive. I stuck with Star Wars Galaxies for years beyond the combat revamp and super dumbed down watered version it is today. I played CoH too long but not long enough to get a capped toon. In WoW, which I’ve been playing for 5 years now I’ve started up this guild 4 times over and this last restart has come down to me not wanting to invest time into people who will simply move on. As I know it to be natural my priorities in life aren’t that focused on this game and keeping a guild flourishing and growing as that takes time, patience and trying to make everyone happy. I like our 5 cores and 10 quiet core people that log in everyday. I love seeing 8-9 people on at the same time. Colleen in Dalaran dancing with squirrels. Maji soloing the Temple last night for 3 hours. Argent quietly leveling. Pathe logging in while his wife and daughter are napping. The 3 (quiet) Amigos leveling together almost bot-like. Sam logging in to say HI! Zintadel popping in.

All of that is very, very endearing to me.

I wish the people of Exalted who stayed to make it work and those that left , that they enjoy the new company they keep/make.


This morning I took my son and daughter to school, on the way back of dropping off my daughter I drove by this BBQ place off of 87th street, it was called “Adam’s Rib BBQ“. Of all the lame ass names one could come up with you name it after a biblical character and if my theology knowledge is correct it’s named after a rib that becomes ‘Eve’/Woman???? Really????   I think it lasted my 9 months (irony)..but anyways they’re closed. Sale signs plastered all over it. I never ate at Adams’ Rib nor would I ever want to with a name like that. Worst BBQ name ever.

This weekend we had a co-worker and his family over and my wonderful wife was queen hostess. She grilled huge ass steaks, made her world famous Tater Salad and fixins! While we waited Corey and I played some Magic (The Gathering), he his Vamp deck and me the “Red Deck Wins” variant taken directly from the net. I’ve never seen red come back when down before like this deck does. I was able to come back on 2 occasions being less than 8 life. It wasn’t necc. me that came back but the deck itself which pretty much plays on auto-pilot. His wife even played it and kicked ass. My casual play has picked up recently and as such my interest in other deck archtypes has too. Were looking forward to this weekends Pre-Release of WorldWake.

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iPwn @ one-ninety-nine.


$199.00 iPhones. My wife *future* paid $299.00 + $80.00 in accessories for my Christmas Gift in ’07. Now she can get her own next month but with a Camera, GPS, Full OS version with new Apps plus a new infrastructure that makes it twice as fast as the 1st gen. I’ll be along side her getting one as well…but might splurge on the $299.00 one with the extra Storage, I burned through my 8 GB iTouch in weeks. The whole story is  here.

I highly recommend them but the only catch is the service is with AT&T. Not sure if you have to unlock the phone part to use the rest of the features, one would think you can. I also recommend if you do buy one to go and get a protector for it FIRST THING. They scratch very easily, get the screen cover then a body protector. I recently got an upgrade case via PAUL FRANK. I like Monkeys. It’s the new BLACK….Monkeys that is….comes out July 11th! Save up NOW!!! 199.00 is pretty cheap, condsidering it’s equal to Dinner for TWO at Cafe Trio, 2 tickets to see the movie IRON MAN, Popcorn & Coke with Raisenettes, plus a Tank of Gas. At least with a iPhone you don’t have to worry about STDs.

Lastnight, I bought a MOX Ruby……..Collectors Edition. For those in the know, a MOX Ruby typically sells for $500.00 MINT Condition. I bought mine for 69.99 on Ebay as it’s a Collectors Ed. This means I am not allowed to play with it in a Sanctioned Tournament, big whoop. Next up will be another Power 9 card, I plan on getting the set within 3 months as long as the price is right. For those not in the know, the Power 9 cards below avg price for the 9 cards = $5000.00 for UNLIMITED and go up from there depending on Quality and Set. Yours truly had them all at one time…..no regrets…..(sigh). 


Above is the Collectors Edition, gold bordered and Sharp Square Edges.



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What to do

Tonight in the wonderful world of warcraft you can go to The Old School Academy party in Red Ridge at the Docks. Start at 8pm Server Time. For those wanting Karazahn we will be hitting that up at the same time. Contact ‘Kaari’ for a spot. These spots are very limited for specific classes. You need to be online and ready before 8 pm ST. I cannot and will not guarantee your spot. We also plan on going Saturday Night same time and if need be Sunday – time TBD but the groups from Fri & Sat.

This weekend’s battleground bonus honor is Warsong Gulch, check here for future ingame events.  First weekend in May is the Faire! If you’ve never been, go. 

My weekend is a buffet of fun once again. I have my kids this week so most of the time will be with them but Alix & I are going to the Magic the Gathering pre-release with some friends. Cracking open fresh new cards and playing new mechanics, trading, chatting, hanging, buying is a lot of fun for me. I built Alix a new black deck- based around the RACK & Discard with some severe bad ass creature beat down. Give her 5 mana and she’s good to go. I built myself 3-4 decks, mono-blue, mono-white, white/green and white/blue. I’m a control deck player, Alix is BOOM HEADSHOT player, makes for fun games as long as we’re not mana screwed. I DO need to make the 150 card deck as my friend Doug Montavlo moved back recently and has been bragging about his ALL FOIL 150 card monstrosity. I’m much more of  a casual player than ever before. Alix and I really only go to the pre-leases. My last goal at the tournament is to find someone who can teach me how to play World of Warcraft CCG. It looks like a lot of fun. I’ve bought boxes and several single packs..but still don’t know how to play. Lazy-Am-I. If your local (Kansas City) check out the organizers website. Steve Ferrell is the legendary tournament organizer for the midwest. He hosts and sets up links to other card games as well.

I’m also counting the days for IRONMAN to come out and just hope it’s as good as the trailer. I’ve been disappointed in the last few months of movies. 10,000 B.C. sucked. I would rather have been in this Earthquake that happened this morning than sit through a TNT/Sci-Fi channel movie. Speaking of which…I plan on finally watching BSG tonight. Or DVR it…..regardless it’s rare to come across a show that delivers year to year.

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