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How’s Obama doing?

Grade scale I’d give him a C- at this point. Said it on more than a few occasions that he’s nothing more and nothing less than your typical ‘Politician’. He’s not our savior. He’s not going to bridge the race gap. He’s not going to do anything ‘special’ beyond what a Democrat politician does: spend, social welfare programs, spend, etc. His major differences are his mannerisms and being a very good orator. I bet he’s very good at Poker..least the bluffing part.

Things I like so far: Removing our Troops from Iraq. Extending unemployment benefits. His gray hair. Fuel standards for car industry. Closed Guan.

Things I don’t like so far: Sending more troops to Afgan. Bailout of Banks, Cars. His wife’s eyebrows. Not taking immediate action in the Gulf: capping it with US Government Technology and canceling all contracts with BP (they’re the largest supplier of oil/gas to the Government). Jamming through the Obama’Care package even AFTER the Citizen of America screamed “NO!!!”. Taxed middle income. Hired the worst people for his Cabinet, especially Sec. of Treasure.

I’m not looking for perfection, I’m not a Bush supporter – only my wifes. I’m taking in a cup of ‘lol’ on all the friends of mine who thought he was the second coming of Christ. Their honeymoon is over. They’re not yelling “YES WE CAN!” because reality of who he is and his true colors are shining through.

I do think, unless the R’s come up with a better than average candidate for 2012 then he will be re-elected. I know a lot can happen from now til then. Oh, and when I say better than average I  mean Piyush Amrit “Bobby” Jindal from Louisana. He will be their poster boy for their version of ‘Change’ in the name of color much like Obama. The dude is the same age as me.

God forbid that stupid Palin tries for a run again. I still think it was all planned for her to join the Old Fart campaign to ENSURE Obama would win. That’s my conspiracy theory of 2008 elections.

Now, if he could talk his wife into changing her eyebrows– back to normal vs. looking like ‘The Count’ from Sesame Street.






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The other night in guild chat our members were getting achievements left and right. Instead of saying the normal ‘Grats!’ Colleen took the lead and decided to use new words, ones that would get the attention of…someone. So thus, it was started. We don’t “DING” we get something else.  Pathe explores Kalimdor and he gets “SQUIRRELL!!!!!!!LL!L!!!”.  Good memory.

Last night,…rather yesterday I didn’t log in at all. First time in several weeks sans any out of town excuses. I could have. I didn’t. Instead I attempted to do my taxes, got 95% finished. ** Update a day later – last night I got my taxes done. WOOT! I loathe taxes like the next guy except when I’m getting something back. Fed Yes State No.  So even lastnight as well I didn’t log on. My 2 ladeis and I watched the movie “Whip It” by Drew Barrymore about Ellen (Juno) Page joining a Roller Derby team and finding herself. The movie was pretty good with a nice stream of LOL’s and ‘cute’ scenes. The music soundtrack got +4 for having a pivotal scene using “Radiohead”. Tonight I’m going to sit down and show my son ‘TRON’ as it’s on my list of what every man should watch before he’s 21 movie…list.


I’ve been doing something lately I normally don’t do. Read other people’s blogs. Here in KC the blogsphere is filled with a majority of liberals, agnostics, left wing, socialistic liberals, neo-socialist’s, democrats. I have to use all of those generalizations and specific name calling as it’s a wide variety we have in and around the KC area. We have a spattering of centrilists, right wing, conservatives, fiscal conservatives and true blue Republicans but not so much on the blogs here in the midwest. I do feel the pulse of the quiet majority are Republicans but they don’t vote Party only they do pick and choose, as Democrats do – on the issues and persons vs. party mantra. With all that said, I’ve come to the small conclusion that people are giving up on Obama. President Obama.

I read articles about the recent Mass upset, the one where Ted Kennedy recently lost his fight to cancer of the seat he held for 47 years. The long story short, the Democratic party thought anyone they put in the seat, because of the state’s historical voting record, would simply win. They didn’t and as such Obama’s poorly devised plan of Healthcare was shot down due to the vote / seat the just lost. I read local bloggers on the topic then read the comments section. The comments section is a great barometer to gauge your audience, of course you have your anonymous fuck farts who post nonsensical bullshit but then you have the ‘regulars’ who do post consistently. These same veterans who post are the same ones just over a year ago were chanting “OBAMA! OBAMA!” and with the fervor of a whirling dervish are not calling Obama a ‘politician’. They are seeing things *pats self on own shoulder* that I saw when he was campaigning. He’s not a true Democrat. He’s a Politician. He answers to the players behind the scenes in D.C. special interests. Socialistic programs, more Government spending.

In my cynical world & political views, the word Politician means ‘Rich, Power Hungry, Sell Out”. I can’t remember any person in a higher office of politics who isn’t a Politician. It’s the way of our current world. Nothing against Obama, Democrats, Republicans or any of the references to views above, it is what it is. I think people were like me in the initial rumblings of Obama. Change that WOULD change D.C. he would hire up and coming idealists to be on his Cabinet. He would do things no other Prez would never dare to do. I think deep down he wishes he could but the machine that’s in place simply won’t allow him to do so and it would be political suicide to push his personal agenda. I think for what was handed to him from Bush Admins, he’s doing an admirable job. I just feel his bubble has burst and those that LOVED him have lost their own luster for him. The honeymoon is over.

If I were Obama (hehe) I’d move on from Healthcare and focus on Education (he has…btw) and make it priority. His ideals on economics failed. Healthcare, failed.  Go to what I’ve always considered a nation’s most important fundamental, education. Increase the funding for school programs across the board. BAILOUT the local school districts, not the bank execs. Make incentive programs for going to College. If he’s so stuck on social programs create more like ‘Job Corp’. Give full rides to those who commit 3 years service to rebuilding our OWN infrastructure: schools, roads, parks. Give the local Governments incentives to create more schools in the form of tax breaks, lower taxes increase bonds backed by the US. I have a ton of ideas on this. lol  School vouchers for the mean time. (Until the bad districts are up to par – in both state regulations and fiscal).

If your nation is under educated how can you expect it to do great things? We, as a Nation need more schooling. More pay for our underpaid and unappreciated Teachers. Take that billion (a month)were using in IRAQ and make a National Teachers Fund. Ok…I’m done. You get the point. That’s what I would do If I was Obama. I wouldn’t care about being a one termer if it meant I was able to restructure a failing education system into something that will benefit generations and mostly importantly the base of American being at the top of it’s game.

So……in conclusion. Drop Healthcare – unless it’s something that makes sense— like healthcare for the very young and very old. I have NO issues paying extra taxes for that. Stop spending like there’s no tomorrow. Education is the key! Sure it takes longer to see the results but dammit man…it works.

This political post has been brought to you by the makers of Dunkin Donuts coffee. Medium with cream and no sugar.

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My Haiti Post

My ideological and world views are considered conservative by current the mainstream. If I were to list out my leanings they would probably be just to the right. I believe in less government but more localized government rule. Less social programs and more privatized & individualistic programs. Defense spending. Not world ‘policing’. Capitalism, not neo-socialism. Strong Family base. Education being #1 in funding. I’m Pro Choice but in that side as a man I’ve no say what a responsible woman should do with an unborn baby, hence pro-choice. If I was a woman I think I’d be against pro-choice depending on the circumstances (rape, incest, deformed, etc.)– then again I’d never want a ‘government’ telling me what I can do with my own body. I digress on that talking point.

When I heard of the earthquake in Haiti my heart was pinged with sadness. I already knew that area was under dictatorship and hard times. When the average wage is $2.00 a week then you know it’s bad all over unless your a high ranking Military/Politician. The island literally sits on a huge fault line. Tons of the US monies is already poured into it for the low quality of basic needs of it’s citizens. A lot of that fund is siphoned off by the corrupt government. Said Government which churns out Dictators who pilfer it’s own peoples for personal gain like Chicken Nuggets is the root problem facing that country. Basic needs and logistics of it’s infrastructure simply isn’t there. They have zero building codes. No emergency responses beyond Hurricane issues.

If the world is to rebuild Haiti they must start with it’s government. Give immediate asylum to it’s citizens if the government remains the same. Bring boats to shuttle them from Haiti to America if they don’t change. Haitians are among the hardest working ethnic classes in America. They fill mostly the public and privatized roles of Healthcare in the form of Nurses, CNA’s and more as well as the mundane ones of cleaning services. My wife has been in the Health Care business of the elderly and specifically the dementia/alzheimers units for years and she raves about Haitians work ethics.

This is the perfect time for our own Government to shine with immediate response to this disaster in the form of not just money but leadership. Plans of action that rebuild that country literally from the ground up with real building codes. Honest contracts with reputible firms not just from the USA but around the world. Hire the native work force and train them with skill sets that last a lifetime. Time is of the essence with this situation, if Obama and his administration waiver with the ‘red tape’ then it will add to the problems mankind faces as a whole.

That’s my Friday bitch post.

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All My Friends Are Liberals.

Tis true. I can only think of 2 friends (whom I speak with on a regular basis) that would be considered/called/view points of a Conservative. The rest are nearly all die-hard, band wagoneering, hates Bush, thinks Obama is the 2nd coming of Christ (of those we have my friends who don’t believe in ANY gods and/or religion they are agnostic or aetheists). While I can see why they are so desperate to find a Political Personal Jesus like Obama the reality of it is he’s simply and I say this with no cynicism, he is simply a Politician. Obama speaks eloquently, black ice smooth and has a demeanor fit for a Professional Poker Player but he is NO different than any other Politician out there in regards to personal agendas, greed, power and being backed by Big Business/Lobbyists. Same goes for McCain- to me (now I’m being cynical) they are one and the same and nothing like the same will change for years to come. It wil take a popular revolution to change the ‘system’ of our very corrupt government…  I am not going to vote for either one on November 4th, 2008.

I refuse to vote for the hypocrisy these two candidates and their running mates reperesent. Obama is NOT change– only thing different about his is that he is a Muslim/African/American. “McSame” says it all. I still see America as being a very racist country despite the past 15 years of Political Correctness bullshit. I’m a racist based on my personal experiences. I judge others based on their actions and words. The media (both sides- liberal and conservative) use their power to influence what you and I think– and at this point in time in the Presidential race they want you to think Obama will win by a wide margin– based on numerous Polls. I don’t think so. America is still racist and they will come out and vote that day despite the media’s agenda of electing their Poster Child (Obama) of a New Era. This race is also about RACE — has everyone forgotten the History of this country in just over 9 months? I LOVE my Country and being a Native American know first hand the History of racism and I also know it’s great people and the freedom one has here and I would never take it for granted in any degree.

In my ideal world race would not be an issue, ideological and theological would be ideals that could be discussed without passion but with logic and common sense. Our government would be limited to basic social services and defense. Education would be the upmost and top priority of local and state goverments. We wouldn’t “police” the world but focus on our own people and NOT CARE what other countries think of us as that would not benefit us Americans in the long run. Not isolationist but more of a “take care of us FIRST” mantra : education, political reform, revamping of taxes… I could really care LESS what France-Germany-Canada (lol)-Mexico-Russia thinks of our own laws and policies. Unfortunately my ideal world only exsists in my head and dreams.

I try not to talk Politics with my personal friends as that has a time and place and most of our conversations revolve around popular culture and our similar interests. I do speak Politics with my wife Alo but that too is limited because of my wanting to refrain from getting more and more cynical about Politics. She will be voting for Obama as I was going to…but then I did my own homework and research about his views & history and my eyes were opened in that he is simply a Politician.


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MAD Posters!


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What Would Obama Do (WWOD)

Listening to an episode of Rush today he made a valid point about the current views on terrorism and what the Democratic Nominee would DO if they (the USA) actually caught OSAMA bin Laden ALIVE. Heres a article about his views. Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait. The idea of capturing Osama (Not Obama) and bringing him to trial seems something out of an episode of the Twilight Zone. Here we are sending in our Elite Troops, Black Ops, Bombs, Marines, Army, Air Force, Spys, spending millions if not trillions to  KILL him yet Obama (not Osama) is considering a fair trial based on a presumption of innocence? Isn’t that presumption of innocence the backbone of our American Justice System? Are we to assume he and his cohorts didn’t plan 911 (some say Bush did it……) even though he admitted such? Can you imagine what a circus it would be in court, much like the O.J. Simpson trial where overwhelming evidence said he was guilty yet a bunch of blacks jury of his peers let him go plus the bumbling work of a careless & racist Detective. Just think if we had a trial and it ended up that he was “Innocent” due to a technicality. Why NOT issue an executive order and OFFICIALLY say to the world without political rhetoric that the USA plans on killing him and anyone found with him without DUE process? Did he give process to the New Yorkers and innocent lives lost on 911? Obama (Not Osama) is weak. Offer REAL solutions vs. finger pointing….

Obama (not Osama) is going to have to learn quickly if he actually becomes our Commander in Chief you can’t sit down and have a Chai Latte and discuss what we can do to appease THEM. TO appease terrorists would be to kill yourself or hand them a weapon and the terrorists would be more than happy to help you along the way. IF Obama (not Osama) plans on carrying this nation to a NEW ERA he best grow some fucking balls because the terrorists certainly have them. 

Anyways— here are some references.


Washington Post

CNN Debate


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Obama wins and picks Clinton.



When he wins the primary tonight the next big topic will be and has been his running mate, all media eyes are on Hillary including herself. If O wins and chooses C then I have to vote for McCain. Why? Because that shows me that complete sell out of Obama. He touts change and social aspects the likes America hasn’t seen in decades yet he will/would kowtow to the Democratic party and ask a woman of low integrity and self respect to be our 2nd in command. Top it off with last weeks comment on how she won’t quit the race because of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination in June back in the late 60’s. Alluding to she’s hoping Obama would be assassinated this month so she can be the candidate of destiny. A quick bs retraction media blitz and all is well and forgotten. Well I don’t forget. I recall the scandals the Clintons had in office with the law offices in Arkansas, see Vince Foster. As well as close friends of the Clintons who have met untimely and violent death. Yes, I am a bit of a theorist on this and other topics but why not read into someones past with power brokers like the Clintons. I don’t want to waste time posting examples of how bad the Clintons are as I’m sure it would be a joy to sit down with Bill and talk shop about how women should be respected in and out of bed. I’d love to talk to Hillary about the Health Care reform she said she would get done while in office….back in 1993. 

If she had actually accomplished the Health Care reform or if she had divorced Bill back then and ran for President I’d have considered voting for Hill. I base my voting on actions and past experiences, not what they promise as every politician promises things you want to hear. I would be voting for McCain only to defeat Clinton as a VP. I wouldn’t put anything past the “Clinton Inc.” to place her as the first woman president by impeachment, accidental death or controversy over Obama. 

I like Obama. I like his ideals, demeanor, leetness, his big ears, his mocha latte lips, his dislike of the Clintons, his (former) church, his views on the war and terror, I like most of his wants and needs for America. I just wish he wouldn’t sell out on the VPee spot. Please. I’m sure he realizes what will happen if he DOES create the “Dream Ticket” for the presidency. He will alienate his most stout and ardent supporters of which he wouldn’t be where he is today without them. Not the fanatics but the grass roots supporters who flip from Republican to Demo, from Clinton to Obama. Those people. 

One thing that I still don’t understand is how a “super delegate” became a nothing word to the nations most powerful monarchy overnight. Despite our outdated election process and useless popular vote the decision will be in the hands of a new elite called “Super Delegates“. What does it take to be “super”. Can you imagine the phone calls put into these new kings and queens from the Clinton Inc. and Obama parade to sway their votes? I could. I’d ask for 3 brand new Mac Pro Powerbook, A trip to Japan or an Ambassadorship, No income tax for the length of their term, 95,000 World of Warcraft Gold and a used Saab. Thats all it would take for my super vote. 

I’d like to *but I won’t because I’m lazy* write down who these key supers are for future reference. i.e. IF Obama wins, see if these supers somehow make it on the Cabinet. My bet is some will. 

The real reason why Hill took this to the end isn’t so much for her to say she didn’t give up but more for her to be considered or suggested that she is the logical choice for VP. By sticking it out her case for VP is right up there with why the L.A. Riots happened because of Rodney King. Makes NO sense. I don’t ever recall being rewarded for 2nd place. Except the one time in Cub Scouts we had our annual Derby (we would take a block of wood and make a small balsa wood car with weights in the bottom) I took 2nd place and my mom and dad took me to McDonalds on a WED Night. Normally my father would take us for breakfast every Saturday Morning while my mom worked at Bell Telephone. We would only go ONCE a week. Going out to eat in the 1970’s and early 80’s was an event for us, so I treasure those times…anyway I’m digressing. Back to Clinton & Obama. 

Good luck Obama. It’s a cruel world for people of brown.



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