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Unions need a reality check

I was late just over a week on Cata release. No biggy. I was spending quality time playing Poker, eating copious amounts of expensive food and drink while working my ass off at the trade show. The show itself was a huge success. Despite the doomsayers of the world, the economy is picking up and gaining back lost ground. We have never had so much foot traffic at  one of our big shows. This one being in Atlantic City – it usually a good barometer for trends in home selling/buying. It also helped we had a booth next to us who was giving away free Bud and Budlight from 11 am til they ran out of 4 kegs.

My friend Fredler got offended last year when I was making fun of New Jersey people — this just before the whole Jersey Shore Phenom (if you can call it that) took off. Well this time around I didn’t see many ‘juice heads’, or ‘guidettes’. A few appearance of the stereo types but not so much this year. No, this year was my dealing with Union labor. I deal with Union labor at every show but it’s level of bullshit varies. First, let me say that I do believe in Unions in regards to the employees being treated unfairly by the ‘Man’. Job security and a sense of self worth is what Unions are supposed to do, a brotherhood. Well…in modern society as far as Unions that deal with Electricians and Carpenters at trade shows is simply fucked up. It’s a scam through and through. Kicker being I have no choices in getting my booth set up, I have to hire union labor otherwise it wouldn’t be set up. Period. I have to use their electricians. Period. I have to use their warehouse shipping. Period. No freedom of choice. Not unless I want a teeny tiny booth then I can have myself work the booth…however If anything I bring into the show floor has wheels on it besides my luggage I’m charged 300.00 fee. Heres some things I CAN’T DO at this particular show.

  • No plugging anything electronic into the power outlets
  • Mouse/Keyboards all have to initially be plugged in by an Electrician, after Yes.
  • Not allowed to use any ladders
  • Not allowed to move anything over 30 lbs without assistance
  • Can’t touch any of my monitors on initial set up. After..yes.

What I CAN DO.

  • Turn On my computers for testing and usage after set up
  • Clean up after my labor. i.e. packing materials, pop cans, water bottles

I don’t pay for labor out of my pocket obviously but it does come out of my bosses pocket. It’s a matter of common sense and principal that upsets me with the mentality of Union labor listed above. It serves no purpose other than to rob me of my monies. I can do everything myself except lift the 42″ plasma TV onto the tower display. Granted it would take a little longer…maybe 2 hours more…it’s a fucked up system.
Interesting and ironic story I heard from several people in the business is about Chicago’s Unions. Any prominent trade shows (over 10k attendance) for the past 2-3 years avoided, cancelled, boycotted Chicago shows. The vendors were being bullied (like me) into unfair prices on labor, show floor space priced at an avg of 35% MORE than other shows all topped off with Labor that demanded OT, Bad attitude and also charged 50% MORE on shipping from Warehouse to Show Floor. About 15 large name vendors got together after this went down several times and boycotted any future shows in Chicago. FREEMAN – is the big dog in shows/labor in Chicago and are also based there. After these vendors threatened and followed through with canceling several big events the Unions finally relented. Prices came down overnight, literally. It took a UNIONIZED effort of us vendors to BREAK a UNION on price gouging.

Greedy bastards.

So…Fredler….I didn’t slam New Jersey peeps…I slammed Union Laborers. I think New Jersey has enough TV reality shows to do enough damage to it’s reputation. =)

Onto Cata and my thoughts.
I’m just not feeling it currently. Maybe it’s because of my ADD in gaming. Maybe it’s all overwhelming to take in. Maybe it’s because I literally have no friends I play with anymore in WoW. I don’t know but I maybe burnt out on the game.

I did the starter quests for both areas for newbie players – Goblin and Worgen. I like the Worgen like much better. Seemed the Goblins were slapped together without much though. Cram together a weird storyline and add a Hot Rod and we’ll be happy. *meh*

Both of the toons are pushing 20 soon but I just can’t focus. I only have one 80 toon working in Hyjal and WookieLuv just started the undersea adventures. And my lack of enthusiasm has nothing to do with Cata– I really do see where Blizzard does what they do best- make WoW fun and interesting. Still batting 1000.

I think  I may need to simply make an effort on finding a couple new friends to game with in WoW. That may do the trick.


Hope my 3 readers/visitors all have a fantastic Christmas or whatever you celebrate this month. My plans include lots of family time in KC. Playing WoW, Playing Magic the Gathering, Playing Flower, Playing LOTRO, Playing Gran Turismo 5 if I ever get to rent it…. thanks for stopping by my lil world!



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Husker hit 80 yesterday. The increased XP and his Golden gear helped along the way. This makes my 6th level 80.

  1. WookieLuv
  2. SeanCassidy
  3. AK
  4. Wootbeer
  5. Husker
  6. Dreaming

In gaming terms I think I’m right on par with the number of maxxed toons. I mean the game is 6 years old…I should have all classes maxxed by now, right? I have to admit I love leveling toons. I’m sick, I know. Though I do hate the mid levels – usually after 30-55 I can’t stand it but maybe with the new expansion it will change for the better.
I’ve now focused my attention to Arikara, my Lady DeathKnight. Named after my tribe. Currently under a UnHoly spec as I’m not sure which spec is good for leveling late game. I know I don’t want to Tank. Just DPS. =D I love being selfish like that ingame….no responsibilities! WOOT WOOT!

I also mastered Engineering and Mining this weekend …well…not capped on Engineering since they raised it to 465 but with no new schemes I have to wait. The nodes in WG seemed to be particularly high in Titanium this weekend as I saw nodes after nodes of them..not to mention tons of Saronite. I store most of it and sell 25% of it. Speaking of….I’m making a nice gold run lately on the AH with my inscriptions. Prices shot through the roof since the update. Thanks Blizzard! I need it.

I don’t believe I can hit 80 before Sunday but I should be close…just in time for the new release.

As always…Mages are so much fun to play. Don’t know why I didn’t level one up sooner……


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A Borg Guild Would Be Best

If you don’t know what a ‘Borg’ is then this post is..well…replace Borg with ‘Sheep’ and that’ll explain it.

I often have day dreams of what it would be like to have at the most 5 people whom I can play WoW with on a non-regular basis. My life doesn’t revolve around WoW as it did the first couple years. And that’s going kind of hardcore me saying ‘revolve’ – I did play a lot, about 5 hours a night 4 times a week. Mostly leveling toons, running the guild, recruiting, raiding- the norm.

Now, I’m in 3 other guilds and play at my own pace as I’ve done in the past but with fewer peeps. Maybe it’s the game and maybe it’s my attitude of focusing on things outside of WoW. I can’t really pin point it. Of the three guilds, “Exalted” is the most friendly but also the most tempermental. Kinda. Not complaining but the more people in your guild the more drama/issues/shit happens. Makes sense.

So, back to the Borg. In Star Trek this mechanical/bioengineered class of beings are single minded, hive like mind set. The ‘assimilate’ anyone/race/ who they deem worthy of adding value to the hive. They act as one. This isn’t new in the history of man, I always think of Atilla the Hun when I think of the Borg. He gave his enemies (conquered), 2 choices. Join or Die. None of this pacified leadership. No prisoners. Join and Die. This concept gave way to one the most fearsome warlords, ever. This way of thinking lead to many innovations as the cultures they took over *and in a lot of case- wiped off the face of the world* they incorporated their skills, ideologies and technology into their own. It essentially took the best and made it theirs. Brilliant. Minus the death part.

I could go into a long tirade about political parties and religion that does the same thing but in the end it’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL.  I will digress and move back to my line of thought on how a Borg guild is best in WoW…sorta. I never claim to have complete blog posts let alone being relevant to those who visit and read. I’m also not one to post about how cool I am, how damn good looking I am or my unreal ability to win at Poker.

So I have this day dream of having 5 good people without attitude about when/how/who/what to do in WoW but they all have the same goals and schedules. Let’s make it 10 people. I like 10m raids. OK.

Can you imagine what accomplishments one could do in game with a same agenda? It would be like Obama and Clinton making babies. I had a dream/nightmare a few weeks ago about that. Obama and Hillary both filed for divorce on the same day. Once the divorces were final they married each other and Hillary had twins. Two Boys. One boy was gay the other was straight. The WORLD was drawn in with the drama from the divorce then mesmirized they got re-married. It was ying and yang.

So….being able to run old instances and getting rep from ZG. Doing the fishing quests and mount runs in ZG. 10 manning Tempest Keep for the Mount. Questing as one. Relaxing as one. PvPing as one. All of that but without the pomp and circumstance. Without people leaving for greener pastures. Because they’re about to get a divorce because they became “King Slayer”.

I think if one is married and you play WoW Hardcore/Raiding-like and only ONE of you is playing…your fucked. How can you play 5-6 days a week from 6pm-11pm and have a healthy relationship? What if you have children? Young ones? Ugh. Mise well cut your losses and divorce. hehe

I strongly believe couples that game together stay together. I know of at least 3 couples that play together and seem happy, albeit in a introverted kinda way. Can one be introverted if your with another? Hmmm. They chose to not go out on a Friday night. They choose not to interact with their kids on Sunday. They choose not to go OUT side.

So yeah– sheep/borg guilds seem to be the best choice though on paper only because in reality (what’s that??) they simply don’t work for very long. Humans are selfish, especially in games. People have free will. Dammit. Without free will things would get done in this World (of Warcraft).

________________(this is where I switch gears…note the underscore)__________

My time as a ‘Horde’ has been great. I never lose WG. I never wait for runs. We do have issues with coordinating 25 man pugs: VoA, OS, ICC…but this is Azshara. The times I see that the Horde MAY lose WG I’ll log out and relog my Alliance toons and get my badge/honor bonus. Their Auction House prices are higher though. They’re not as whiney and complainy as Alliance is in trade/general chat. Armistice is THE top guild on the server on both sides and they rain down the achievements like nobody’s business. I’m not in their tier one or two raiding groups nor do I want to be (see divorce). But it’s good to be around veterans who know what they’re doing and all seem very confident in their roles and maturity levels.  This guild comes to game.

My next pet project is to level Husker to 80 before October. He’s 54 atm and was able to level up lastnight with a OS run of BRD. I was top dps at avg of 600. That’s not saying much since, next to Boomkin and Locks– it’s a two button I win DPS class of mages. Blizzard, Freeze, Blow. Rinse and repeat. I like. I plan on catching up with Samagic and us making a two-man Arena team. (not really). I’m a frost mage- which seems to be the ONLY real spec….look at the top Mages– all Frost.

After Husker hits 80 I’ll be done leveling til the expansion in Nov.

Ok. done. rambling.

Stay cool.


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iDead and iGenius

What seems an eternity (how pitiful) my iPhone went and died on my 3 days ago. Tonight I’m scheduled to meet with the Apple peeps at the proverbial ‘Genius’ Bar in Leawood. I wonder what it feels like to be standing at the minimalistic ‘Genius’ bar and be considered a Genius and have a sign above your head reading ‘Genius’ (bar). I’ve been a Apple/Mac user since my 3rd grade teacher told me to ‘ground’ myself on the back metal plate of the Apple II.

I love Apple. I was there before it was COOL to be a user/fan. I went through the lean times during the ‘Clone Wars’…before that even with the overly expensive Quadras and Centras (sp). I know it’s lore. It’s products and innovations has given me the tools and software to make a living out of being creative – digitally. Going on for years now.

Just over 10 years ago I COULD trouble shoot any issues on a Mac. This was before UNIX mind you. Now…not so much. It only makes sense the worlds leading company on design and beauty in the computing and mobile world would take on better OS. When that happened I felt alien and left behind. I’m not the personality type of writing-learning-making code. No thanks. Let alone learning what UNIX is/could be.

In my 20+ years of using Apple I’ve bought just about all of their core products. I bought the first year iMac, Mac Clone (PowerMax), 3-4 different PowerPC towers, iTouch, tooo many iPods to count for myself and family members. I’m a homer through and THREW.

So I’m working on a new icon set at work and I get a text from my wife (whom– oddly enough I bought her a brand new Blackberry for her birthday– LOL) and as I sent the reply back I see the network is lost. I get an error message say as such then it blacks out. I had just recently upgraded the phone to OS4 and for whatever reason the thought of having FOLDERS on the phone lured me in to update it. I usually wait an entire month before I upgrade anything besides WoW and SWG. =D Reason being is 9 times out of 10 updates are still bug ridden.

I go through my normal routine of start ups, reset, restores and looked up the error code (1013)– did the recommended walk throughs. Posted to the Apple forums, DealMac.com forums. Nothing worked til my lovely wife called Apple Support. Not knowing we need to pay $29.99 for the call she was able to get to a live person without being charged. While I do believe in AppleCare I don’t see value of a warranty when the warranty is worth more than the products. Anywhoo.— she says “Here’s my Husband….” hands me the phone. It’s an actual ENGLISH SPEAKING – NON- ACCENTED person on the other line. What the fuck??!?

I explain what happened including all my self help. He pauses a few seconds then like reading a Q-card he says something about $29.99 charge per call since we don’t have AppleCare schpiel. Which– I totally get and understand which is why I didn’t call them. =D  – So I rudely interupt and say something to the effect of “So I COULD pay 30 bucks to  have you look up the error code and then have you say ‘bring it into the Apple Store’ and basically I’m SOL for me fixing it on my own’.   He pauses a good 11 seconds. I just ruined my Apple Love Affair with their English Speaking Non-Accented CSR.  – SEE if it was a foreigner with terrible phone reception , loose concept of ENGLISH and grammar I’d have hung up as soon as I heard their voice. Yes. I’m that much of an Asshole.

He then does a little sigh and asks me to wait– he’s going to look up the code (for free)– see APPLE rarely will pin point error code messages with DETAILED info on WHY or WHAT– hence you paying 29.99 a call. He gets back on an explains how my internal modems is kaput. Dead. It’s Dead Jim.  All I (allegedly) need to do is bring it in to the Apple Store and have them look at it to make sure it wasn’t ‘broken’ by me. And they will replace the phone since I have 44 days left on it’s warranty.

I smile. Sorta. Getting something FREE in the world is a rarity in the realm of HELP DESK or dealing with Computer companies or telecommunications.

So…provided my wife doesn’t kill my van today and she doesn’t have to work late I will again be with my beloved iPhone, apps and all.

Speaking of apps– did you know that when your WoW Battle.net authenticator is on your mobile device and said mobile dies..you can’t log into WoW. I don’t have the FOB and if I did I’d still have to reset the account via telephone.  So instead of my normal accounts and the need to feed my desire of WoW I signed into my old account where lies my Rogue. The rare sight class — Rogue. It’s been fun for a couple days playing with Sam but damn I miss my toons.

So yeah that is my rumblings for the past couple days.


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It’s going…


It’s been over 5 weeks since my ankle went “BOOM” and it’s slowly getting better. Better in that I can put pressure on it. The wound itself ‘looks’ better besides what seemed to be a small tear which I have no clue how/when it happened. I’ll post a pix later.

For the most part this still sucks. It numbs up after being ‘down’ and not elevated (above my heart) at work since my desk isn’t set up and pretty much can’t be set up to elevate it. It gets weekly bruises from my boot which…should be re-designed in my opinion. While the strong support of the ankle not moving is great it does NOTHING in the way of comfort and is the reason for the bruising.

Last Friday thou I visited the Rehab center and will start in 2 weeks. I am doing my own rehab at home with my wifes tutoring. I do 4 simple (would seem simple..) – I turn my ankle in circles clockwise and counter 10 times each X 3. I lift my foot to my toes and heel 10 x or 30 seconds, wiggle toes all day/night long and will walk on it with crutches for the movement. My left (good) leg is getting stronger by the week and it noticeably more muscular and sure. My bad leg looks something like the Avatar Skit. Just not as bad…

Mainly it’s the inability to ‘carry’ things and drive that gets to me. The docs say I can’t drive for 3 months (1.5 now) and it is nearly impossible for me to carry things in my arms/hands since the crutches take that up. I can carry plastic cups in my mouth, food items…my mouth is becoming very useful (no homo). I also have adapted to going up and down stairs with only 1/2 dozen ‘falls’ from the crutches or my balance giving way. Luckily *knock on wood* I haven’t injured myself from the falls *yet*.

Friday last week we saw TOOL at the SprintCenter which the concert itself was amazing and among the best I’ve seen– it was a bitch to get to the suite *ya poor me* and back to the van afterwards. The crowds for the most part did move when they saw me but a few asshats simply looked at me and wanted me to go around them. *shakes fist* Alix noticed this and became my front (man) and pushed her way through for me so I wouldn’t have to navigate around the sea of people in black and tattoo’s. It took a good 10 mins to go one block. Mainly my underarms and ankles hurt the most. I am collectively moving 230 lbs with them….yes I have lost more weight….tho I can’t count it since it was basically my muscle mass in my legs…lol.


In WoW news– and this blog– I’ve added a good amount of links to the left of this post. Added ‘Artists’ I admire from the genre of fantasy art, they include Magic the Gathering, WoW TCG, Novels, Traditional mediums and more.  Added WOW-Centric links to the pros and amateurs bloggers and a cool GUI for WoW link.

As for this week– I’m trying out a new server with some friends – made a DK (ugh) to test the waters and see if a ‘Normal’ Medium sized server is a good fit. Doing dailies with the OS and helping others as we had a good 5 new members join in the past week. With the new Cata coming out– a medium sized guild will be very beneficial to be in or in my case, make. They’ve added guild rep and granted items and ‘stuff’ for guilds that play and achieve ‘together’. GENIUS or MAD? Well see.  I can imagine a LOT of guild hopping initially then the guilds with a good core will stop recruiting unless your resume is up to their spec…which in turn will turn OFF a lot of players who play casually or simply don’t like to be measured based on gear/ap’s/skills. Personality and attitude will be 8th fiddle imo.

It’s hard to re-start a guild, let alone organize it with casual players since it’s a up hill battle to start. Motivation is limited by mood. While the current members will pretty much JOIN when asked none actually initiate. *shrug*

Salutations and please let me know what you’d like to see on this blog – good or bad or ideas.



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MidSummer Fire Festival Event : WoW

Midsummer is here! Starting at Midnight (this morning) is the annual event where one can get a choc full of achievements while harassing their opposing faction. Found a nice post HERE where she (Druid Love) describes in broad strokes what it’s all about including links to more detailed walk-throughs. It’s an ideal time to dust off your alts for quick and easy experience points and gold as well as a buff that provides a generous 10% buff on killing NPC’s for I think 2 hours. Just go to a Flight Path or City for the Pole dance. (no tipping allowed)

One of the dailies include Torch Tossing– they key here is to zoom max on your toon and look for the torch shadow on the ground. Everything is easy as pie including the boss fight. If you like to ‘collect’ things– then roll for the Staff Ahune drops, it’s a thing of beauty. Outdated yes but still great to look at and equip. Fight is pretty easy– just use common sense. Do this DAILY for a chance at the pet which is a little ‘captured flame‘  and flame pet (so very cute)- a must have for collectors (like me). NEW this year is a new pet — check it out!

Good Luck and Have fun!   The Old School guild will be running together all week. Sign up!

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Meds and Mayhem

After taking Hydrocodone now for 4 weeks, I’m not addicted to it but am self-aware that my body is ‘needing’ it. So, in the times of me having the bad habit of smoking and having quit coming up on 4 years this Sept. I am taking the ‘pain’ by lengthening the dosage. Normal for me is every 4 hours (1 cap) as needed for pain. I got really sick on my 2nd dosage but after  just get the residuals of cold sweats and drowsiness.

More recently I’ve gone 9, and 7.5 hours in between dosages as to ween myself off as much as I can without being too uncomfortable. I have more of a ‘gaming’ addictive personality not so much drugs or alcohol. Which, apparently is a good thing.

It does make a very restful sleep when in the 2nd hour. The only other regular medicine I take is a pre-diabetes pill to help with processing sugars post eating and some Rogaine for my hair. Other than that I’m ‘clean’. I seriously want to keep my hair and it DOES WORK. I’m, at heart a deep cynic and usually need ‘proof’ positive for me to believe in things (cept God). Well, if your losing your hair and believe what I say to be the truth then try it. =D

SWG related, I’ve logged in at least twice a week to check sales, harvesters and the Loot card game. My lil “WookieLuv” township is still up and running, the forums are still a blast. However, with the recent influx of peeps in my guild my play time in WoW shot up a lot. Helps that I’m gimpy.

I read that BoondockSiants took down the Lich King then subsequently read that I ‘stalk’ Juan (Logtar) as much as his ex wife or girlfriends. I chuckled. Congrats to what looked like an all non- original former OS to BDS 10 man– I only saw Froto and Yooologos on the roster. I’m sure Moon and Co will be able to kill the Lich King soon. Sounds like they have their shit together. Kudos to getting content ! Miss you Moon!

We hope to ramp up with regular runs soon. Should be good times.

This weekend looks like a HOT on in KC and tons to do. I think we’ll catch the ‘A-Team” flick this weekend and do some cookout BBQ and shit. I love the Summer, just wish I was able to walk. lol


I love the bandwagoneers I saw on Facebook when the Chicago Blackhawks won….looking very forward in the coming weeks to the World Cup. Spain will win it all btw.  My beloved Huskers are now in the BIG 10????  I have no idea how all this transpired except it derived from MONEY as most things do. Should be a very FUN Football Season!

– Salute!


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