The Old School Guild Rules and Guidelines

The Old School WoW Guild has been around almost since the beginning…3 weeks into the game it was formed with the ideals of many – casual gaming but coupled with the goals to achieve great things in the game and meet and make some new friends along the way. This ain’t a hardcore guild and will never be HC – we aim to have fun. Our core values center around fairness. Ranks are based on merit not how long you’ve been playing or how purple your gear is but on what you do in the game with the guild and most of all it’s based on trust.

These ranks will never be set in stone but we do need some sense of order to the guild. Myself – WookieLuv and my many alts run this shindig but I don’t have final say to what the overall goals are for the guild. It’s also not a democracy. It’s more of a ‘hey what about this?’ and if it’s cool then why not. I have no issues with guild kicking people who are persistently pricks. Banter is welcome, sexism isn’t, racism isn’t. Cussing is allowed. Being drunk to the point you are in complete denial of your actions the night before will result in gkick. Just be cool like Fonzie and we will all get along.


Guildmaster: it is what it is.

Chief of Staff: when GM is absent, hiatus, then these people make any and all important decisions. This position is only given by me.



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