Almost a year?

Jeeze I’ve been not caring too much about blogging, like others social media venues have taken over blogging in general.

So what’s happened in the life of me since the last post?

  • My van died
  • Bought a used car for my son of which promptly died a week later. Yay for not taking it to our mechanic for a looksy. Lesson learned.
  • Lost more poundage
  • Gained more knowledge on healthy choices
  • Didn’t bike as much due to the overly hot summer/fall temps.
  • More freelance came my way
  • Sold a couple originals drawings
  • My eyesight gets worse every quarter
  • Our summer was nice despite the temps
  • We decided to cancel our Lifetime Fitness during the months of Nov-April since we don’t go enough but resigned up to Planet Fitness. 150.00 vs. 10.00 a month is a kinda big deal.
  • I sold my Mox Ruby and felt bad.
  • I sold 2 other cards and made close to 800.00 in 10 mins…still felt bad.
  • My daughter is a freshman/men/woman and she had a rough start but is adjusting nicely
  • I recently let a friend take over my prepaid WOW account and he’s enjoying it and leveling my toons. YAY
  • I started playing SWTOR but quickly got bored. IDK what’s wrong with my MMO’s fervor…it’s lost.
  • We had puppies on Easter. 4 of em. 2 sold 2 stayed so the odds of me stepping in shit and piss has tripled.
  • My son will graduate in a couple months. God willing.
  • I’m a quasi Grand Dad – my step daughter popped one out a few months back. Excited that my gray hairs will go with being a Grand Dad.
  • I helped develop 3 iPhone/Android apps – developed in the graphics/image/theme areas. I don’t code…well.
  • My wife and I decided to go 6 weeks as hybrid Vegans/Vegetarians…we have 5 days left. More below.
  • My rogaine is thankfully still working.
  • I tweet a lot more.
  • My son is a really good beat boxer. My daughter is honing her acting skills with 2 HS plays already under her belt.
  • My wife is on the verge of fulfilling a career dream goal. Patiently waiting.
  • I have less close friends.


So yeah, I’ve had an interesting 2 years on focusing on my health. I’ve done the juice fasting with phenominal results. Almost a year later only gained 30% back. Then recently lost half of that. So we were watching Netflix and per usual we click thru more movies than actual viewing movies until we tried some documentary on 6 weeks being a Vegan. For those who don’t know, like religion there are many variances to the name. Vegans are strict eaters. They don’t eat anything with a face. That kinda sums it up. Oh and no processed foods. That seems to be more extreme than a 30 day juice fast…and it is. I went 8 days being a Vegan. We flipped the bitch and decided to go Vegetarian…and we stuck to it unless I eat something made of meat in the next 5 days when it ends.

In this time period since Jan 1, (our last meal was at Hereford House…ya booieee). I have lost 12 pounds but it fluctuates +/- 2 pounds any given day. Kinda frustrating. My wife has taken up going to the gym every morning. (fuck that.) And she has for 2 weeks now./proud She hasn’t lost as much, more like 3-5 pounds…and she’s very pissed about it and don’t blame her. I try to keep encouraging her but I don’t think it will matter if she doesn’t see results faster.

SO after this journey, not sure what will do next. We DO continue to eat with better foods, more organic and non modified foods, smaller portions, etc. I also found out through this that I’m lactose intolerant. My body immediately changed. It was awesome…kinda.

I think that covers what I want to tell the world from the past 11 months.




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