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My Top 10 Favorite Halloween Candy

10. Peanut M&M’s

9. Snickers Mini’s (once I steal..err…get them from my kids I put ’em in the freezer)

8. Blow Pops ; Any Flavor minus Sour Apple.

7. Bit O’ Honey :  Awesome Treat…bad on dental work.

6. Fun Dip : Nothing wrong with dipping Sugar Sticks into Powedered Sugar!

5. Pixie Stix : Also noting wrong with colored sugar in a convenient straw package!

4. Gold Mine Gum! : Felt I was Indiana Jones when I got these back in the day! Flavor lasted 10 seconds.

3. Dubble Bubble: LOVE it!!! Will pop 4-5 at a time…

2. ValoMilk :  Made in Kansas City! Ultimate Sin. (btw- I redesigned their packages…)

1. My number 1 is  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!


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Happy Halloween!

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I don’t want to seem like I’m not happy with our guild, it’s slow progression even with the nerf but it seems that for some of the guild members, they are simply there to be in a guild vs. helping it out, participating, listening to the officers and my instructions on what we require for raiding. Phrozen and his wife have made attempts at assembling a solid group for Kara. Last night I checked the forums and only 2 people signed up. Our guild calendar had 3 people signed up- 1 of which Sindan said he couldn’t go and the others were the same who signed up on the forums (Phros’).

I’ve had several meeting about signing up. Participation, add-ons (2 articles) and being there for the guild when you SAY you will. I know this is a casual guild but it’s not THAT casual that you can show up anytime you like for raids THEN get all pissy when it’s filled up or when we don’t have enough people to go. I ask little of the guild members except mutual respect, follow the guidelines and participate. Simple.

After the Lich King comes out I will sit down with my core officers and talk about the direction we want to take. My initial thoughts are to CLEAN HOUSE. i.e. Kick those who are too lazy to research boss fights, 1000 excuses not to use add ons, broken mics, late to scheduled raids consistently, wall-flowers (those who do nothing to add to the guild). OR make an entirely NEW guild of high content raiders. Highly structured, organized raiding guild where the requirements are set high and level of play is high. The GM would be one of my Alts or one of the current ranking Ambassadors or Field Marshals. I would partake in this as I do want to take my gear and certain toons to the next level.

Please POST your own thoughts and ideas in the feedback/reply section of this blog.



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Essential Add Ons

Per our meeting the other night here are the links for the add-ons we would like you to have if you plan on raiding with us in Kara and beyond. If you choose not to use these you may not be able to attend our raids, it’s up to you. I posted a week or so ago on how to upload them to your system please see that post as a reference.

Threat Meters: Use- shows an active meter going up/down on a target mob-npc and it’s current threat. If you bypass the tanks aggro/threat the npc will attack you and most likely you will die a horrible disgusting death OR worse yet, cause a raid wipe and your name will be cursed until someone else causes a wipe. The purpose is clear enough, stay UNDER the threat so the Tanks can do what they do best…get slapped around and live to loot about it. Listed below are the ones most popular. (Note all these add-ons are being pulled from Also…even though the 3.0 patch has a similar Threat meter ingame it’s very weak and not very accurate nor does it show everyones Threat (just if you are about to over take the threat).

OMEN Threat Meter Diamond ThreatMeter

KLH ThreatMeter

Group Calendar :  as mentioned before the new patch introduced an ingame Calendar but after using it and seeing how it does not have a lot of neccessary features AND you have to “invite” people to participate we decided to 86 it and go with the Standard of Calendars. You MUST use this if you plan on doing anything structured with this guild.


The last addon we highly recommend are raid centric and boss encounters. There tend to be two factions who like one over the other. Deadly Boss Mods and Big Wigs. Try them both and see what you like but you must use one or the other for raiding.

BigWigs Bossmods DeadlyBoss Mods

Helpfu adds on like Questhelper, PerlFrames, Cartographer, Auctioneer, Bartendar are very useful and I’m sure there a lot more I’m missing.



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All My Friends Are Liberals.

Tis true. I can only think of 2 friends (whom I speak with on a regular basis) that would be considered/called/view points of a Conservative. The rest are nearly all die-hard, band wagoneering, hates Bush, thinks Obama is the 2nd coming of Christ (of those we have my friends who don’t believe in ANY gods and/or religion they are agnostic or aetheists). While I can see why they are so desperate to find a Political Personal Jesus like Obama the reality of it is he’s simply and I say this with no cynicism, he is simply a Politician. Obama speaks eloquently, black ice smooth and has a demeanor fit for a Professional Poker Player but he is NO different than any other Politician out there in regards to personal agendas, greed, power and being backed by Big Business/Lobbyists. Same goes for McCain- to me (now I’m being cynical) they are one and the same and nothing like the same will change for years to come. It wil take a popular revolution to change the ‘system’ of our very corrupt government…  I am not going to vote for either one on November 4th, 2008.

I refuse to vote for the hypocrisy these two candidates and their running mates reperesent. Obama is NOT change– only thing different about his is that he is a Muslim/African/American. “McSame” says it all. I still see America as being a very racist country despite the past 15 years of Political Correctness bullshit. I’m a racist based on my personal experiences. I judge others based on their actions and words. The media (both sides- liberal and conservative) use their power to influence what you and I think– and at this point in time in the Presidential race they want you to think Obama will win by a wide margin– based on numerous Polls. I don’t think so. America is still racist and they will come out and vote that day despite the media’s agenda of electing their Poster Child (Obama) of a New Era. This race is also about RACE — has everyone forgotten the History of this country in just over 9 months? I LOVE my Country and being a Native American know first hand the History of racism and I also know it’s great people and the freedom one has here and I would never take it for granted in any degree.

In my ideal world race would not be an issue, ideological and theological would be ideals that could be discussed without passion but with logic and common sense. Our government would be limited to basic social services and defense. Education would be the upmost and top priority of local and state goverments. We wouldn’t “police” the world but focus on our own people and NOT CARE what other countries think of us as that would not benefit us Americans in the long run. Not isolationist but more of a “take care of us FIRST” mantra : education, political reform, revamping of taxes… I could really care LESS what France-Germany-Canada (lol)-Mexico-Russia thinks of our own laws and policies. Unfortunately my ideal world only exsists in my head and dreams.

I try not to talk Politics with my personal friends as that has a time and place and most of our conversations revolve around popular culture and our similar interests. I do speak Politics with my wife Alo but that too is limited because of my wanting to refrain from getting more and more cynical about Politics. She will be voting for Obama as I was going to…but then I did my own homework and research about his views & history and my eyes were opened in that he is simply a Politician.


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This weekend in WoW for the Old School was everyone getting used to their toons as well as enjoying the Hallows End Holiday. So far Wootbeer, Ivan got them Helm from the Headless Horseman and most everyone who did the quest got the rings and trinkets. We are still waiting for the Mount to drop, I hope one of my toons gets it! We are all also getting used to the new talents and garnering the achievement point systems, which in itself is fun to do. Be sure to checkin in with the INN Keeper everytime you log on for the elusive “Toothpick”.

I wasn’t able to attend to the guilds Zul’Aman run on Saturday night but from all accounts it was fubar. Few people read up on the instance including the leader. We also had some gung-ho members who were still in Greens…..ummm no. While we all appreciate one’s wanting to go to high end content if you are not geared for it you need to NOT go and upgrade. Nothing personal but it is a complete waste of time for all involved and can be costly to ones bank account and patience. So lastnight I started a weekly meeting with the Guild Officers about current events, progressions and addressinig issues within the guild. I think it went well and we also promoted “Yarrow” to a Field Marshal ranking. Congrats! Points made in the meeting;

  • Using all the guilds tools for raiding; Vent, Add Ons, Gear Check, Calendar. If you don’t use these you will not be invited to attend raids.
  • Be On TIME. USE our calendar* (we are planning on using the original add-on group calendar as this new one Blizzard provided sucks ass).
  • Leaders of the raids NEED to take control of the raid, you are appointed for a reason if you cannot take your role as a leader please tell me. The person(s) with the most experience of a specific raid IS TO BE the leader regardless of rank/class.
  • Please note- as guild officers (Ambassadors and Field Marshals) you may need to do your own research on Dungeons/Instances/Boss Fights.

I will post more updates from our meeting as they happen!  Thanks!

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The little casual guild that could.

Took the guild just over 4 hours total since the patch to clear Kara. I took some pix and will post this weekend. Our next immediate goal is to hit up Zul’Aman. Yes, we are just NOW starting it but one has to remember we are not a hardcore WoW guild in that that’s all we do.  So now I will be reading up on it! Love this kinda homework. To our guildies who plan on attending this Sat Night @ 10 pm please do some research for the boss fights & quests.

I also posted this on the new Guild Calendar ingame (patch) and will be planning Achievement Runs to focus on areas of interest like Explorations, Dungeons and Professions– your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome! Post here or in our forums. (or pst me)

Have a good weekend!

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