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I poop gold coins

I poop gold coins in WoW. Yes, I do. That ‘poop’ is my work I do in the game– it’s the auction house with “Pinkney” working the trade floors, posting the most sought after and obscure items in the game. It’s farming. Farming and more farming to shit gold coins. I’ve said before I don’t usually buy items from the AH as prices tend to be inflated, especially on this server. However, this weekend I contributed to the spreading of wealth (Obama – praise the Lord- would be proud) by spending around 1200 gold on various mats, gems, enchants all for Wootbeer. She is officially over the 540 cap (543) with the following gear on the ARMORY.  I now have the Titan Shield Wall, Armor Plated Combat Shotgun, Red Sword of Courage which I was able to get after my first try. She still needs a Chest Piece, trinkets & rings plus waist gear but all in all for being less than 2 weeks old I’m a proud Papa!

The Old School guild was alive and kicking yesterday with over 8 people online at once??!  WTF Jim!??!  Colleen came back, Estrazil hit 80, Pathe was having fun, Sokym was getting some time in before the Overlord kicked in, Fredler was “…”- very cool seeing some regulars playing with the TOS tag.

Many already know of the expansion for WoW announced at BLIZZCON this weekend-“.  2 new races- Worgen for Alliance, Goblins for Horde plus new 85 level cap and Profession: Archeologist. For me that’s all fine and dandy but I’m excited about being able to FLY in Azeroth. I’ve always ‘flown past’ areas I wanted to explore but couldn’t. =D


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Tank You

I’m almost at the level of being able to tank heroics. I have the Titan Shield, Helm, Cape, Necklace. I’d post the Armory link except it’s listed with me in my shitty DPS gear. Murder has been berry berry good to me with Heroics and allowing me to ride the coat tails of their 3500-4000 avg. dps groups. They have also helped with the created gear. It’s awfully weird not being the GM of a guild though and I mean that in the most nicest way too, I don’t have to cater to people, help them with a guildy talking down to them incessantly- online bullies = small cock & balls. lol , hold hands of new members who feel they weren’t part of the strong clique which in turn makes the regret being in the guild. It’s a lot less pressure to be sure but with that is I have to step my game up and be a part of the guild in that I do need to do my homework, be on time with events. I have to do my part. I don’t miss being a GM I do miss certain former members…funny how one THINKS they’re friends with such and such then some drama happens and they drop you from their proverbial list of online friends. Not even a ‘hello’.

I hope to be able to TANK for the guild soon- just need 2-3 more pieces and I should be good to go — good to go in an Off tank position– our Main Tanks are nearly geared to the teeth– I’ve some catching up to do. Sunday we did clear all but 2 wings of Naxx 10m– lastnight I believe they finished- I had some kid stuff to address (son’s in HS now)- we also attempted to clear OS with one Drake up and had the Dragon down to 30% before we wiped– we attempted it 4 more times but the timing of the tanks was off as well as key healers being chewed up. A lot more dancing involved with leaving one drake up.  Also ran the Vault which was fun. Good times again…


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Wootbeer my lil extended gnome goil hit 80 2 nights ago. She was soloing NPCS in IceCrown. She giggled when she did it. So now I have 2- 80’s. Priest & Warrior. What’s next? I’m thinking a Druid. Besides Wootbeer, I don’t like leveling toons who can’t heal themselves….seems…like a lot of downtime and waste and need to get some reaaaallllly good gear to survive.  I now am working on getting Woot enchants and soon some gems – as she has NO tanking gear sans one that has sockets. She obviously needs to do a shit load of heroics. Murder- the guild she’s in is more focused on those who are in heroic gear already and not so much helping fresh 80s’ get gear. I understand 100%.

So, with that if you are need of a cute gnomey tank plz give me a pst. Thanks for offerings of Gems and recipe usage Moon, appreciate your offering of help in that regard. Wootbeer is in all blues though– mostly made by me. I need more ORE (Saronite) and some Titanium (who doesn’t?)  I did make her the tanking Ring and Neck last night. =)

THe Old School guild itself is pretty much slowed to a crawl. Meh. lol Funny how things change and don’t change. I thought about making a Horde toon on our server – a DK but can’t think of a good name…I’m picky on names. I’d prolly go with a COW DK too…I like the whole Native American nuances of Taurens. Nice.

Welp, My son starts High School this Friday- abbreviated day- then has Official day Monday and will be playing as a lineman for the school. He had his physical last week– 5’11” @ 195 lbs size 12 shoe. Perfect size for a lineman. So very happy he’s into sports, I think it’s an essential part of being a well rounded person. Someone who actually participates and is active as well as being social well help him that much more down the road. Proud Father I am. It’s also nice to work at a place where they understand family is a priority, I was able to attend all of his Track meets & Basketball games without any issues. WOOT!


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Fifty Cent and less

I am so close to 80 I can ‘see’ it. 4.5 bars to go. 4.5. That’s like maybe 2 hrs. Hopefully I can finish it up tonight but just got a call to do some freelance and it’s a RUSH so…might not be til later…course I do work well under pressure (as far as designing and illustration goes).

Murder needed a healer for 10m OS lastnight so I volunteered AK. We pugged 2 spots– as I mentioned before Murder needs ranged DPS…lol..irony. Anyways, we formed up under 5 mins. My wife had ordered pizza not too long before I got invited, as I entered the instance she brought me a plate of 3 pieces and an Iced Tea to my computer. Ahhh…spoiled. As she put the plate down we pulled the first mob– I’m healing MT. By the time I ate the last piece of pizza we cleared the instance. No deaths – sans one from the pug who didn’t survive the wave. I was licking my fingers when they passed out the loots. Nothing dropped for me but we ran through OS like nobody’s bidness. We also chained pulled….amazingly fast. 25 Ulduar is this weekend. !!

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The Midnight Oil

Holy cow this weekend in WoW brought back mammories. I spent a good portion of the weekend ingame grinding out my beloved WOotBeer. She’s 25% into level 79 now. That’s 2 levels over the weekend– that’s a lot for me. Now. Later it wasn’t…I used to be able to breeze through levels like a hot knife through buttah. Loaf a bread, stick a butter.

Anywhoo– Wootbeer is a member of MURDER 2.0 with Tainis, Taenis, Tainiss….lol…leading the way with a firm hand. A no-nonsense style which is refreshing but imo is a definite balancing act. We (I’m an Occifer) were able to schedule and confirm our 25 mans and have 3 -10 mans set up starting this week. We are needing quality ranged DPS, oddly enough. If your reading this and are interested in joining MURDER and are ranged please let me know. There are some distinct differences than what —– if you were from my guild—–and now Logtar Inc’s guild. (chuckle)

First and foremost you cannot be hyper sensitive. You need to man up on criticism on your gear, your attitude and overall perception on how you want to play WoW. Obviously it’s your choice where you want to be but it’s best to know upfront. You will be kept in check but also balance it with a voice (if your an officer) and these officers have the authority to make decisions without the GM being a part of it. If some recall my guild, the highest ranked officers were given the same authority but rarely used it as most if not all were not inclined to do so. Tight “cliques’ were formed and thus was the underlying demise of the ranks. Hopefully, this will not happen in this guild– I already see it (cliques) but that’s based on experience of certain play styles and gear check. Friends tend to run with ‘friends’. “T” (Tainiss) stressed a lot of socialism type (lol) views on what his guild is about– TEAM work over selfishness. No ONE person is unto himself. I think that’s a great view for MMO’s and guild..just not our U.S. Government. (chuckle).

The other major difference is MOST are already in full 25m Naxx gear and some are in Ulduar– so that means most have real experience in instances and heroics. Granted, we are not all geared where we “should” be but making our way there. This guild, while is says it’s not hardcore raiders– really IS. Just like the word “casual” is a bad word for guilds, ‘hardcore” is in the same field of bad words associated with guilds. Experience is nearly everything, with the core they currently have I think MURDER will go far in progression. I’m glad to be a part of it with Samanda, Nyghtmare, Asgade, Juulez, Peaceout & Darkscience.

I hope to be 80 by Wed!!!!

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/Lick Patch

So far so good content and nice new features. Blizzard (knock on wood) once again proves why it’s the King of MMO’s. Can you imagine working for them? No. I can’t.

Lastnight, WOOTBEER joined <MURDER> where Tainiss (GM), Juulez, Samanda, Nyghtmare and others play- we knocked out my Arena of DEATH AND MAYHEM lastnight, we (me and Sam) handled nearly ALL the bosses 2 manning the 5 grp quest. Epic battles ensued. Sam’s heals are outstanding, Tree Heals. We got to the last boss but got dead from and untimely phone call, however we called in Nyghtmare who helped me finish it off with the 100g and bottles of life & mana. I also got 125k experience and am officially over 50% to level 78. Not bad for a 1-2 hr log-in this week./Tiphat :Sam & Mr. Grumbly

I also q’d up for the new BG, seemed the Horde have their shit together lastnight as we got rolled 3 times. It was a fun BG, nice areas and not too spread out like AV or WG. It’s nice seeing a company rethink and redo their ideas when it comes to designing games. Murder seems to be on top of it’s game for being together (again) for about 2 weeks. They’ve done Ulduar 10 clean 25 m Naxx Clear- the list goes on. Hopefully I can smack down the last 2.45 levels fast and be a part of the climb.

Enjoy your weekend and always remember to be nice to the poor, disenfranchised, illegal aliens, handicapped, less than smart people out there in the world because it could one day be you.


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Waiting, patiently.

Come on STARCRAFT 2 & DIABLO 3!!!!!

Daddy’s waiting!

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