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Summer 2011

I’m so very typical and non-random. I post here and there. My social divergence has been Twitter and of course Facebook lately, not so much actual writing and forethought – if one can call posting on a blog forethought – on this awesome blog.

It’s now mid summer and having celebrated a pussified fourth of July in Overland Park with my ladies. I say ‘pussified’ because the city ordinances of OP are that it’s illegal to light up fireworks in the city limits. Being an American is illegal. Yay. So I lit things up anyways in my drive way. Not a single person on the entire block was celebrating the 4th by lighting black cats. Not a single. Very sad.

My summer movie reviews short version:

  • Green Lantern: sucked ass. I don’t care if you read all of the comic books. You know it sucked. Acting, CGI, story line….all sucked ass. Luckily we didn’t pay to see the movie, now that would have sucked. I don’t even recommend renting that POShit. Ryan Reynolds best performance to date was his maybe 10 mins in X-Men Wolverine Origins when he dashed into the African dealers building with his swords deflecting bullets. Please…don’t see this.
  • Super 8: Fantastic. A throw back to E.T./Stand By Me. This case could be the next gen of actors and actresses if Spielberg has anything to do with it. You won’t be disappointed. See it in the theater. Rent it.
  • X-Men First Class:  Another great flick. Seeing the origins of the X-Men – albeit really only focusing on a mind-date raping Xavier and Emo Magneto it’s a perfect summer movie. Visuals, acting and basic storyline. Who knew Kevin Bacon was a good at being bad.
  • Thor: discounting The Green Lantern entirely, this movie would be last on the best list of Comic Book driven movies which isn’t a bad thing. Thor actor was good but certainly not directly cast from the comic book, sure they have to keep him updated but if you ever read Thor you’d know he was very dry. Dry. Like watching a BBC show at 1 pm. You also get a nice bonus with my favorite Israeli actress Natalie Portman. Watch it in the Theater and Rent it. Not so much own.

That concludes my current movie review….I do plan on seeing Captain America and Harry in a few weeks.


Star Wars Galaxies is finally coming to an end. 8 years running I’ve made my estimated 5 billion in credits and thrice that in loot. Mastered all but 2 professions simply because they eliminated them before I could master them. Managed 4 guilds. Was there 3 months in and will be there til they pull the plug and kill the hamster.

WoW: what’s that? Cancelled accounts months ago. Call me when they make it more indepth, challenging and not when some 5 year old can play it and get to level 85 in a week. Not saying I won’t be back, I will…just currently I like things a bit more sandbox’y.

PS3: Love it. Netflix, Renting games, etc. We even have the eye thing – could be very interesting to record some stuff with…afraid of what my son does with it. GT5 I’ve lost pretty much all interest- without DLC most games are meh. I like new content. Played Brink for 3 weeks and even bought it full retail – how dumb… – and most recently my wife and I have been playing Soul Caliber IV. Still need to finish Heavy Rain.

SWTOR:  Can’t wait…but will.

EVE Online:  restarted my free trial. Changes occured from 2 years ago – almost sim like now sorta. Still shitty tutorials. I think they do that on purpose to weed out those without a lot of gaming patience – (me). Still…I see this as my filler til SWOTR.



Kids growing up too damned fast. Is this what my parents experienced? They seemed so professional and composed compared to me.


Very busy! New hire for my assistant and she’s working out so far (knock on wood). I love what I do. I just, at times wonder if it’s appreciated…then I realize it is appreciated  since I’m still getting paid. My creative juices are squeezed by other means; freelance, quid qou pros and self promotion. It’s a fine line.


I’m still less. More muscle. More stamina. Less gut. Less man boobs. I sweat more. I get more injuries. I still eat better. I do have bad days. I still go 3-5 times a week to the gym. I am noticing that I have a growing disdain for those that don’t care for themselves. I see them destroying their bodies and cringe. I don’t say anything verbally or give anyone ‘looks’ but I see their own pain and don’t like it. I want to yell something to the effect that you can change your habits. You can live to see your kids’ kids grow up. You can wear those jeans, shirt and bathing suit. I’m trying very hard to not just do what I say but also pass along those actions to my kids – my son and daughter now frequent the gym more and more with me. My wife also goes and just last month alone last 10 pounds. She’s happier. Small steps indeed.

Happy Day.


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