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TKC Women Part 2. God Bless America!

This is my 2nd installment paying homage to another less recognized blogger ‘TonyofKansasCity’ and his similar tastes in women pictorial. If you scroll down you’ll find the U.K. edition. He seems to like big boobie chicks from across the pond. I will always try and post SFW (safe for work) pic’s and keep the obligatory exploiting of women to a minimum. (lulz)

One thing I try NOT to do is take myself seriously. Others in the blogsphere, real life (blogging isn’t real after all– it’s just one ongoing front like you did when you were trying to get laid in the 1990’s while wearing your clothes from ‘The Merry-Go-Round’. You are not just your khaki’s but you are not yourself when you blog. Remember that.) pretend to be something their not.

Anywhoo. On with the hand picked (sloppy seconds since I’m perusing Tony’s blog of American Chicks). And yes, America IS the BEST COUNTRY in the WORLD! *wink*

First up is local TV Model-Spokesperson HOLLY STARR. These pix don’t do justice– she actually can talk! She interviewed my son last October at one of the down town Haunted Houses and said she ‘smelled great’….Just video google her. She’s almost as perky as my Poodle.

Rosario Dawson is frequently posted too– I can see why. She’s a great actress, has the right tude and is simply stunning. Nice choice Tony.

Model Marisa Miller is….umm…yeah…and prolly my favorite shot on the proper use of an iPod.

Last but not least– Penny Mathis which happens to be another ‘chick’ I never knew existed til Tony posted it up on his blog. Thanks Tony.



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Ahh the semi-warm breezes, the non-freezing my ass off when I take my son to school an hour early so he can learn algebra and not fail time is upon me/us. For the hordes of followers of this blog I give you my health update.Pierre-Auguste Cot (Pierre Auguste Cot)

I’m still losing it. And not. I’m exercising more, more trips to the gym, why last week alone was 3 visits which included a ‘walk’. This week has been a jaunt to our local stores where normally we’d hop in the car and go– we walk to Price Chopper, Blockbuster and Wal-Mart. The weather has been fantastic in Overland Park lately *knock on wood* so I’m more outside. Sorta. lol

I’m hovering around 235 but my legs are more tone, chest and arms too– I do 50 pushups a day, 3 flights UP at work stairs and am still eating healthy but it seems my rapid loss is now grinding. I chalk it up to late night eating and weird  cravings for chocolate. >.>

As science says, muscle weighs more than fat so I think I need to do more cardio. The treadmill I tend to run 1.5 or so– more jogging then ever thanks to this gradual buildup of stamina. I’m not all 5k and marathons like my friend Sam is but I’m better and have more energy. My back, which is among the top reasons for weight loss is stronger than ever with my focused training when on the machines at the gym- averaging 4 reps of 20- 3 machines designed for lower back. My true test comes in a month or so when I travel to D.C. for business where I tend to get back spasms at the end of the set up of our booth.  I hire workers but it’s hard for me to NOT help.

My gaming time in WoW is curbtailed to maybe 3-4 times a week at maybe 2 hours max. I don’t see the point of essentially playing a console game built for kids with the same content. I love WoW but at this point it’s just  boring. Ohh..a badge. Ooohh we cleared ICC. yay. Give me new things to DO, new profs, new things to see and explore. 5 years of WoW is a long time MMO-wise. I laugh when I see people posting about how far their alliance or horde guild has progressed in today’s set up. Where’s the challenge? The struggle? The goals for achievement that means something? When someone can go from a gear score rating of 2k to over 5k in a week….well…that says alot about the state of the game. Hell, WOokieluv got all the tier non-special Hunter set in 2 weeks and that was part time. My poodle could do that.

In the end it’s all relative. I’m sure it’s hella fun for some.

I’m sure once the expansion comes out I’ll be playing 15-20 hrs a week again. Til then I’ll log in, try a raid, do my cd’s, say hi to my boys and girls….just needs something NEW to the game.

Star Wars Galaxies is ramping up for me. My city went down one level because I forgot to claim a residence when I moved the cantina. lol  I’m making slow credits til I find my niche. Working on Droid Engineering sub components and selling resources/loot. Making several signatures for players at 5 million ea. Got several long term trades going. Fun for now….

I say now because I’m still focused on losing weight. I love feeling more alive. Seeing both sides of the gaming coin– people who game tend to be fat. I am one. Sitting in front of the computer at work for 6-7 hours then gaming from 6-mid night isn’t something your body needs. It needs to MOVE. Not just to the fridge but OUT the door, MOVING. Life’s way to short to sit there like a zombie mashing buttons. The flip side being I KNOW how it feels to LOVE to SIT there with your ‘online’ friends and simply being taken away to another world. Escaping one’s own life for another less stressful. I get that. I just think gamers need to balance it out. Social, physical and mental balance is the goal of most people I think. It certainly is mine.

I’m taking personal responsibility for my health, especially since Obama fucked us over with the healthcare. LOL. Not really, I’m doing it for me and my family. In the mean time it’s also given me time spent with my kids. I include them on walks and jogging. I take my son with me to the gym since he decided to not do track this year. He runs around the upper deck track while I lift. Brings us closer and gives us face time. I’m truly blessed on having a family, son and daughter.

I know the time is fast approaching where my kids will be out the door and on their own (so to speak) and spending time with them — ANYTIME is something to be treasured. It all sounds cliche but time is flying by fast and I don’t ever want to regret NOT spending time with them. I’m anti- “Cat In The Cradle” . =D

This long ass post which went in 5 directions was brought to you by Dunkin Donuts and the letter “F” for FAT. Thanks for reading.

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WhereYaBeen? And Obama Nation!

Been awhile since mah last post. I’ve been enthralled with SWG once again. Sandboxing in my little level 3 town on Lok, harvesting resources, building up my city, selling things, trading things. Going to start making pets end of week I think.

I was able to trade/sell/negotiate for some cool ingame buildings like the Jedi Meditation Temple, V.I.P Bunker, Cafe and got the Rebel Spire free by a chance pack. All of which retails for around $600.00   – I sold the Hangar for $275.00 and selling other TCG loot as well.

I have logged into WoW as well– lest it not be forgotten. Wootbeer account is retired to the next expansion but my current account has everything covered with heals, tanks, dps so it’s all good. Maji has been grinding down those high end achievements like nobody’s bidness– this guys’a MACHINE. Lore Master across the board.

That’s some serious shit there folks.


So Obama got the whittle’d down version of the Healthcare passed eh? I wonder what this means to a man like me? I’m gainfully employed, have company Healthcare via a big name corporation PPO/HMO. What now? Do my taxes go up? What about the free loaders we already have like the illegal aliens, the welfare mother with 9 kids of 6 different fathers who has no reason to work? Already fitting the bill for those so what impact is this going to be?

My view on healthcare is this– take care of the young and elderly. If your able bodied then you should not have your healthcare for free. Able bodied is a relative term I know but when you offer something for nothing the easiest course of lazy people is to simply take it. This subject is much too deep for me to go into let alone refute anyone and their own points and opinions. I just want things to be simple and fair.

Let’s do a recap of Obama’s Administration and my views before he was elected in that I felt he was a neo-socialist. Neo socialism is a new form of old school socialism and socialized projects. Ideally it’s the same under a different guise. Let’s see what our US Government has done–

Bailed out the Banking and Mortgage Companies– essentially OWNING them. Result– the government has socialized Banking. Check.

Took over GM and forced it’s President out of and off of it’s own board. *See Hugo Chavez….. GM = Government Motors

Finally– Healthcare: As of lastnight the government is in the Healthcare Business. If you don’t want it and don’t need coverage no matter. Pay a fine for not joining. Brilliant.****

So…Transportation, Commerce and Healthcare all wholly owned by the US of A.

I will predict our local schools will be next once the failed school systems are bankrupt and need ‘help’. Followed by the Communications companies: AT&T, Sprint, etc. just takes a few months of rough markets and they will be next….


****I still am out of total judgement on Healthcare. As I mentioned before there are too many things I simply don’t know about as no one has gave the public a clear and concise explanation of what’s going to happen.

**** On that note I’m still out on Obama. He’s a odd fellow with his recent decisions on both left and right sided agenda’s. He’s simply a politician, though I’m glad the honeymoon is over for him and his followers.

OK that’s enough politico talk.


My Jayhawks sucked a big fat wookiee cock on Saturday. It’s a long time coming and though I love the Blue, you could just see the team wasn’t coming ALIVE. I sat there in my chair after the time expired and felt a gush of disappointment. I went downstairs to the wife as she cooked barefoot and not-pregnant and told her the shocking news…she gave me the obligatory ‘awww that sucks’ then moved on back to cooking 45 meals. She’s awesome. SO I go back up and watch the faces of University of Northern Iowa and their happiness and realize that the gushing feeling of disappointment waned.

Hawks deserved to lose. They lost to a more hungry team. Plain and simple. Much like Rocky vs. Clubber Lane (Mr. T) in Rocky III. The Hawks got covers on ESPN and S.I. and special editions all year long. They got used to winning. Their hunger was lost.

It didn’t help that they pressed with 48 seconds to go leaving alone Mr. 3 pointer WIDE and ALONE on the opposite side of the floor. The guy missed ONE 3 pointer all day. He was the reason it wasn’t a blow out. You (the Coach) decided to Press…..broken presses mean instant score. At the very least you have ONE KU player waiting BACK on the 3 point line to do a prevent defense. That 3 pointer done did them in.


So now my attention span for the NCAA tournament is reduced to Baylor. Fuck K-State. If one thought they were cocky for having a mediocre football team I can’t wait to hear the shit they talk about their basketball team…..granted if they win it all I will give them my proper sports fan respect and they do have an awesome 2-man guard duo– but just the thought of HEARING their fans talk about how great they are gets me lotsa eye exercise. (rollin my eyes). The local radio media (810 Sports and Kevin K) are reveling in this outcome. KU kills K-State regular and Big 12 but loses in 2nd round while they go to Houston. Irony and payback is a bitch.

I don’t have any love for the rest of the teams. I think Syracuse will go on to win it all.

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Star Wars Galaxies Take 5

This would will is my 5th time re-upping subscription to SWG. This time around I plan on going the resource gathering route to fill my coffers of credits. It’s augmented by my love for the TCG and it’s ingame loot. I was able to participate in 2 online weekend tournaments where a swiss round of 7 occurred. Knowing my decks suck atm, I mainly went there for the loot card that one gets simply for showing up* (*see World of Warcraft). I went 0-4 then dropped and claimed my card which ended up being Han Solo. =)

The next afternoon same thing but decided to drop after the 2nd round. Wife got off work early!! *smile*  This round I decided to get the Emperor Palpatine card. I don’t have much in the way of deck building but I’m learning. The basics are you build a 50 min card deck- having the following requisites: 4 quest cards, 1 avatar and the rest can be any combo of Units (like a Vader), Ability (think “Heal”) and items (think weapons/armor). You can win 3 ways* kill the avatar life points from usually 10-15 down to zero. Finish 4 quests before oppponent does. *If in a tournament you are on a 15 min chess clock– if clock goes to zero you lose.

All sorts of combos exist. I’ll get there. It’s very fun once you get the hang of it.

My Motive Oper- last times around was money and friends. Friends I have. Money I have. I have less money or ‘credits’ since I bought and sold some ingame items for real cash. *going towards my summer fun Fund.*

I can craft with the best of them but my patience for doing crafting with uber items would be too time consuming. The server has it’s share of top producers of weapons, food, armor, bio-engineering as well as my niche ‘architect’. I will craft mainly for my need. I have current open toons that can do all of the above well but not ‘capped’*  Capped meaning the top stats one can get at the maximum rate the server allows. One very interesting aspect of SWG is that each resource which is; Steel, Copper, Iron, Ore, Gemstone, Meat, Bone, Skin, Milk, Egg, Power ‘spawns’ once or twice a week of any given resource depending on Planet. Once the resource goes away it NEVER comes back. So with that one has to know when it spawned and get the maximum pull rate from the spawn.

An example of this is a type of Steel that spawned last week. It’s stats are ideal for Shipwrights (people who make space ships like the Millenium Falcon). It’s quality is in the 980 range with comparable off stats– max being 1000.

I got wind of this before it was publicized on the forums and websites that ‘announce’ a spawn worth announcing. I slapped down over 10 Elite and 40 non-elite ‘harvesters’ and have around 2.9 million units ready to be sold for around 20-25 CPU (Credit per unit).

That’s what I’m doing in a nutshell. My off time is farming the materials like leather, bone and skin with my Dark Jedi Knight “Excalibur”. He is the most apt at mowing down Rebels and Rancor alike.

I’ve not done any world PvP as that would be laughable. Like. Very. Seems like the class of “Commando” are able to dispatch Jedi with relative ease as well as the “Spy” profession…then again…I really don’t know at this point in the game. =)

My ingame city is coming along  nicely! Got to level 2 this weekend with the help of no one. Just old accounts. lol

I’ll post screens this week.

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Comic Book Friday: Lone Wolf and Cub

Lone Wolf and Cub should go down in history as a modern classic of graphic novels. This one definitely falls OUT of the category of ‘comic book’ and over to ‘graphic novels’ much like SIN City, 300, The Watchmen.

It’s a basic story line of revenge and redemption along the way. It’s not typical in the presentation with stark storyboards, uses of black and white that became an art in itself. Full History is here. It’s commerical inspiration ranges from my beloved Frank Miller to Directors of “Road to Perdition”.

I came to know LWC by it’s original format in single issues back in the 80’s.(late). I was able to collect the first 12 issues but my interest in Comics waned (see Marriage & Kids). It’s current form is in Manga books that retail for $9.95 and include about 4-5 issues. You can also pick them up at re-sale book stores like HALF PRICE BOOKS and even the local library has them to check out. There are 28 volumes of the Manga– I have 4. At $10.00 a shot I don’t have the inclination to spend 200.00 on the complete set. I like to ‘grow’ my collections though when I do come across the originals I pick them up.

I won’t tell the story but it’s an epic adventure. If you are fan of any type of epic’s this is one to not pass up. You can even find the movies and TV runs if you do get into it.

Lone Wolf and Cub #1 - Comic Book Cover

1st Issue Comic Book version

Lone Wolf and Cub #1 - Comic Book Cover

Manga Cover 1st Edition

Lone Wolf and Cub #16 - Comic Book Cover

Depicts what "Lone Wolf" had to do to the bodies as the executioner of the Shogunate in practice.

Lone Wolf and Cub #18 - Comic Book Cover

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I’m still a loser

Being of sound mind and weight loss body I post here to update my mass of minions *WHIP* **SEE SUCUBUS in WOW* that I’ve hit a new 3 year loss of weight. As of this morning post piss I weighed 233 – yes initially without seeing me that seems high and well yes it is. However, for me and considering what’s relative it’s a positive loss of weight. I still work out once a week. (need to improve that) but my diet isn’t so much a diet anymore but rather a way of life choices.

I still use my app on my iPhone but not as much as I KNOW what something costs to eat. I’m so predictable that I know that my max calorie intake is this and that. I’m super boring that way. But good for me in this way. lol

I tested the loss by slapping on a shirt I wore and  bought on a business trip some 7 years ago to Atlanta. It fit without the damned buttons bulging. I smiled. I did a little jig at 6:31 a.m. this morning and told myself to wear that on casual Friday. I will. seems I’m at my body size and portions of 7 years ago…which is good…that was when I was getting a divorce. Divorce is among the top 5 ways to lose weight in NO time.

5. Divorce

4. Drugs

3. Start Smoking

2. Illness

1. Being Broke

I plan on posting my fugly progress pix once I hit 200. You may not want to see it…lol

Anyways, wanted to share that unlike empty posts by others on weight loss, exercise and health mine are actually coming to fruition. I still get much inspiration from Sam’s blog, though I can’t bring myself to start running…fat people running is funny to me. It seems so comedic that I don’t wanna be the poster boy for such acts..I’d rather run in place at the gym or do night walks with the wife and dogs.


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I find ‘words’ to be a powerful entity. Phrases, letters, words, definitions of words and overall linguistics have always been something I’m fascinated with. The power it holds over everyone has it’s own levels and impact and for me it’s a large part of my every day life. I’ve been in the communications business for a long time, even though I’m 38. Growing up in my father’s studio I watched him design a ton of materials both for work and freelance. I saw how he took the target audience and convey the message through words & images. Whenever he wasn’t in the studio in the evening I would be down there sitting on the wooden stool at the huge wooden architects desk with a hand turn raiser. Cutting board layed across the table where one can easily ‘cut’ things with his arsenal of X-acto knives. I became a master of cutting at an early age.

I noticed right away that my father’s freelance was based a lot on bold statements. He seemed to specialize in commercial business that needed a ‘in your face’ approach to advertising. My design style is, is to me in the middle of the road and conservative line. I don’t choose this as I like to expand the edge, I love having free reign when working but at this point in my design career *and marketing it’s outlet of creativity is when I’m doing personal work or a freelance client gives me the OK to do what I want. They trust me. This trust happens over time of course, I deliver what they want and ‘see’ what they want and they are satisfied with the end product. Be it a banner ad, logo, poster, catch phrase or something along those lines.

When I met Alix it was from her ‘words’ she posted on the KC site that caught my attention– though she did make the first move of contacting me via a PM. I, apparently caught her attention by my posted/written words on the site forums as well. I know a lot of non-met-someone-online-unless-you-do-count-craigslist-anon-sex-posts- people chuckle at the thought of a non-traditional way of meeting people. I see it their facial expressions, however slight, that they believe that kind of communication and socialization is something “less”.

I chuckle back.

I found love online. I paid my 15.00 a month and found several nice and fantastic women in the process, made a dozen still here close friends and built what seems to be lasting friendships. Through words.

I finally met Alix via a KC Singles event: this was an up & coming site in KC when dating sites were in they’re beginnings and they coupled it with having social events about once a week at local eateries, bars, clubs, parks and local area events. I saw her at the Shawnee Mission Park with her partner in crime. We had talked several times before this meet and I was dating another at the time but I “KNEW” something was there, maybe just lust at first but my thoughts came back to the person I found online, her postings, her sounds she made on the phone, tonal inflections. These – what may seem mundane to some fascinates me today. If it wasn’t for her intellect and forming of words being of wit and warmth I might never had gone after her the way I did. I was lucky enough to do so.

I do believe our lives come to be a dozen or so key moments/actions in ones lifetime that shape everything thereon. Not to minimize everything inbetween but those key moments DO have a huge impact on what was to come.

Last night I was on WoW basically there to do my cool downs and shoot the shit in trade chat. If you are not aware, World of Warcraft Trade Chat isn’t something for the weak, non-thick skin and people who take themselves too seriously. It’s choc full of asshats. Kids. Kid Adults. Women, wives and little children listen and watch the chat channel. You have a choice to filter it off but it’s on by default and if you are in a Capital City you automatically are in the channel. It’s supposed to be a place where on can find materials, trade commerce, it’s used for that purpose on a 10:1 against. It’s the main hub of social interaction.

This leads to many nights of immature e-peen talking. Spamming. Gold spammers. “Anal” spammers. Guild smack talk. PvP smack talk. It can be very entertaining. So a friend of mine logs in named Chemotherapy, prior to him and I talking the main subject of chat was sex, rape and games. I stay away from rape topics because they only time to talk of rape is in the context of something serious and something I won’t egg on in chat. I asked Chemo if he has ever had chemo in real life – in trade chat. Silence fell on the chat for a good 1.5 mins. He replied back no but he’s seen what it does. He also replied his mother almost lasted 2 year. I replied mine lasted 9 months before dying from cancer. I would have thought chat would continue to be quiet but around 9-10 people posted their brushes with chemo and cancer and of those only 2 either survived it or is in remission. People who normally are lurkers in chat spoke up.

Maybe it was Chemo and mines admitting something REAL and TANGIBLE via words that hit some peoples nerves or that we spoke out of real life terms that was a catalyst for others to speak up. Point being people are touched by words and phrases, it evokes feelings much like a favorite song they heard from way back when. It awakens memories that lay dorment in your mind. We all spoke of what cancer does & did, said our sympathetic replies with what seemed to me to be real. After which trade chat became a ‘bummer’ and everyone went back to the un-reality of WoW. I logged off shortly after.

I, unlike some other personal blogs tend to just ramble on like above and most posts– something like 90% don’t have actual reasons or lessons. I’m not that self indulgent to think my advice is needed nor listened to. I’m amazed at some prolific bloggers who are so wrapped up within their own little blogger world that they actually think their posts and opinions are legit and followed. I just post to get things out and my goal is not to prompt you the reader to post back. I don’t do this to make a social network of friends whom arent’ really friends but people that are similar in need of ‘friends’. It’s just for show for them.

See..I’ve no point once again.

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