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Husker hit 80 yesterday. The increased XP and his Golden gear helped along the way. This makes my 6th level 80.

  1. WookieLuv
  2. SeanCassidy
  3. AK
  4. Wootbeer
  5. Husker
  6. Dreaming

In gaming terms I think I’m right on par with the number of maxxed toons. I mean the game is 6 years old…I should have all classes maxxed by now, right? I have to admit I love leveling toons. I’m sick, I know. Though I do hate the mid levels – usually after 30-55 I can’t stand it but maybe with the new expansion it will change for the better.
I’ve now focused my attention to Arikara, my Lady DeathKnight. Named after my tribe. Currently under a UnHoly spec as I’m not sure which spec is good for leveling late game. I know I don’t want to Tank. Just DPS. =D I love being selfish like that ingame….no responsibilities! WOOT WOOT!

I also mastered Engineering and Mining this weekend …well…not capped on Engineering since they raised it to 465 but with no new schemes I have to wait. The nodes in WG seemed to be particularly high in Titanium this weekend as I saw nodes after nodes of them..not to mention tons of Saronite. I store most of it and sell 25% of it. Speaking of….I’m making a nice gold run lately on the AH with my inscriptions. Prices shot through the roof since the update. Thanks Blizzard! I need it.

I don’t believe I can hit 80 before Sunday but I should be close…just in time for the new release.

As always…Mages are so much fun to play. Don’t know why I didn’t level one up sooner……



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In this narrow path of topics – Kids – and how one deals with them (your own) it’s one of those situations where someone who doesn’t have their own, really…honestly, have NO clue of the in’s and outs of raising kids. Having someone elses kids for less than 2 years doesn’t count….Thats called extended babysitting. Big Brothers and Big Sisters doesn’t count either. Really?
Ask my boy Vince…he did the BIG Brother thing and now has 2 kids of their own in a blended family scenario. One simply can’t fathom what it’s like to have their or someone elses kids’ in their day to day lives.

Mine are almost driving and one is almost in High School. I have 3 others with my wife – her’s are in College, Full Time Working and one last one being a HS Senior. My background has been with this blended family going on 8 years now so I have tried and true experience with raising children. At some point I was able to put on diapers in pitch black on my kids. 2 Surgeries with tubes in their ears, countless Doctor visits. The trenches of their toddler years.

Now…it seems I’m going DOWNHILL  (time-wise) with them…well…most of them. My son will soon be asking for my keys to go somewhere. My daughter will soon be going to Teen parties and dances…ALL of our kids are beautiful. The ladies more so then the 2 boys (hehe) and believe me, as a Father that isn’t always a benefit. All 3 girls are being bombarded by guys/boys asking them out…etc. I don’t have a proverbial ‘shotgun’ in the house but I can look pretty darn intimidating when needed.

I love how we, as parents are handling these scenarios– both predictable and some not so much. I’m more of a reactionary while she is thoughtful and patient. I’m more worried, she’s more relaxed. I think it’s because she’s faced more parental issues than I have so far. She also was tasked with raising them without a significant other let alone monetary help from her deadbeat ex husband…til I came along. A blended family is one with extreme levels and needs for BALANCE. If the two sets of kid(s) don’t get along…odds are it won’t work for the couple. Ours met when they were aged 5-12. Perfect for blending.
All different in their own rights but all wanted to be a family (at the time) and seeing us as a happy couple. We have been very lucky in that regard, they all treat eachother with respect. (currently).

It’s a continual trial and error with raising kids, not knowing how to do certain things, correcting their behavior, praising them..etc.

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Faith and my Beer Belly.

Almost a year since I undertook my journey to ‘lose weight’. I have and haven’t. The most I lost was 25 pounds. This past spring I was at my lightest just before my Achilles tendon snapping in half. Soon after the surgery and recovery I lost an additional 8 lbs. – with my lowest weight sitting at 225 lbs. Last November I weighed almost 250#  – 1.5 months later after my surgery I was able to finally move on my own. Of course who doesn’t want to be mobile!?!?

This mobility meant I could eat when/where I wanted. I was able to finally drive again which, again meant I could eat when/where I wanted. Prior to that my wife would prepare meals and bring them to me. She made sensible portions. The ease of falling into old habits took hold and I quickly gained 10 lbs in a few week. WIth a bum ankle and rehab movement isn’t something one seeks to exercise but I did with my wife for awhile but getting into a work out habit is..well…hard and boring.

I’m currently just under 240#’s still 10 from last year but I was soo close to my goal before my ankle…and after..but when you lose an entire leg muscle(s) with atrophy I expected that. So yet, again I am on the road of health and eating right. My devil is large portions and 2nds. I have no idea WHY I want more than I should, as if the food won’t be there or it’s like my last meal on Earth. My other killer is the ease of ‘fast food’ – except I don’t go to Wendy’s, BK or McDonalds..I go to Chick-Fil-A and the Five Guys/SmashBurger joints of Overland Park. I need to stop that. OH..and one more guilty pleasure is Mi Ranchito and their Espinaca Dip and Chips…with 2 Soft Tacos. DAMMIT MAN!

The POSITIVE things gained in the past 12 months is I can count calories without a calculator. I don’t drink ‘Pop’ but once a month when we have Pizza. My ankle is 90% healed…I don’t have 100% full range of motion and probably never will but I can walk most of the time without a gimpy limp. My rogaine is working. HAHA. HA. I don’t have diabetes (as of 4 weeks ago). I’ve fallen in a love/hate relationship with Yoga (Namaste). Our dogs love our weekly walks at night. My overall stamina is up.

It’s funny how food and eating can rule ones life. I look at my high school and college day pictures and yearn for that body…I of course realize that I simply can’t have it back but I can work towards a goal and make it happen. Repetition and faith in yourself are the keys. My inspirations include my wife and kids. My Family and knowing that we shouldn’t be fucking around with our bodies like we do by feeding it crap. It’s the ONLY thing we truly have. Material things, status, career all have nothing on taking care of ourselves both mentally and physically.
(this is me pumping myself up)

I still plan on indulging in my wife’s wonderful Turkey Dinner and fixins. Our menu this year is:

  • Turkey
  • Dressing (she has a family recipe)
  • Mashed Taters and Gravy
  • Sweet Taters
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Cornbread
  • Cheesey Corn
  • Broccoli or Asparagus (not sure which…)
  • Wine and/or Guinness
  • Cigars from THE OUTLAW
  • Dessert – which I never eat so don’t really care

So- Thanksgiving is next week and my plan back in August fell thru. Plan was to SAVE enough to get a 50″ Plasma. Last week my Van decided to take that savings in the form of it’s brake lines being replaced. So looks like it’s Dollar Days in the Knight Household. – Unless, of course I can GRIND my way to some quick cash in a few weeks with my trip to Atlantic City…



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The vending machine

My short and not so stout Gnome Mage ‘Husker’ is about to hit 75. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of WoW but for me it is. I love leveling (once I’m over 60). ‘Husker’ is a Frost Mage and so far, so good and the spec. I’m a farming machine for materials, I’m usually 1st or 2nd on dungeon runs and am a respectable level 428 on Engineering. Last night I bought the Artisan Riding and made my Turbo Charged Mechanical Flyer mount, I also made another and slapped it on the Auction House for shits and giggles at 9900 gold. minus a 400 fee….(really?)

Leveling Husker has been a blast literally and metaphorically. Mages have a singular purpose…deal damage. Our roles are the purest form of laziness. Yes, one can say our role is crowd control with our freeze spells and polymorphing but essentially Mages being as squishy as they are – are built to bitch slap you. PvP, I beg to differ anyone with equal skill level being able to go one on one and beat a Mage. Not that I can…but IF I had skill in PvP with mages…you’d have a damned hard time teabaggin me.

The ability to be their own cook and the groups cook isn’t a big deal as in previous years (sounds weird referring to game time in years…) as most people in 5 mans don’t even ask for a Mage table (to those not in the know of WoW terms…Mages have the skill to make Water (mana) and Eats (Health) for themselves and groups.) More than a few occasions I’ll put of the spell and no one clicks the table and is ignored. At this stage in the game most players are prepared or since the game is so simplified, (5 year olds are playing WoW….) ones mana or health point regeneration are so efficient there is no need to replenish. That’s good, right? It is for leveling, certainly.

This is my 2nd time leveling Engineering and is much more easy to do the 2nd time around with my excess materials from leveling SeanCassidy *I couldn’t use “ShaunCassidy” as it had too many characters. My wife was in love with Shaun Cassidy back in the ‘day’. All of my toons have  a reason for their names..I don’t get why people choose ‘random’ when naming them.

One the cool things about leveling Engineering is that you need old school materials from the Outlands, Khorium Ore being the most precious. I’d gladly trade 3:1 Titanium for Khorium. You get to travel to all places deserted to farm your materials. Husker has been on the Isle all week and not seen a single soul. I can do the dailies for the Shattered Sun – I think there are 8 dailies – in about 20 mins as well as the guaranteed nodes for mining. That is certainly one huge benefit on a low pop server, farming a plentiful. No Horde or Alliance trying to steal your kill or spawn. Our economy is still whack though…

I’m still not sure what to with my other spec….fire or arcane. I think I’ll wait for the expansion. I’m loving the commercials for Cata…I wonder if you don’t get the expansion of the cities will be the same…meaning If I only bought the base game will the areas in Azeroth and beyond be altered? Are all the beginning areas being left untouched or will they be affected. Not that I care much but am wondering. I have no inclinations to look it up…


My recent trip to New Orleans was interesting. It was my yearly business trip to a different city – last year was San Diego. I hadn’t been to NO for at least 21 years. My friends and I would go at least once or twice a year when I lived in Houston/Spring, Texas. I thought it maybe a lot different since Hurricane Katrina and maybe it looks cleaner but the smells are the same. Less people, same debauchery. Bourbon street is a College Frat boys wet dream and a thugs bread and butter. Strip club after strip club with nearly free alcohol in every door and window for your indulgences. Bars with loud scantily clad drunk women. Mostly white women. In fact in all the bars we went to ‘color’ was the least seen unless you got off of Bourbon Street. Maybe it was all the REALTORS® flooding the bars and eateries…they did bring a lot of monies to the establishments. A lot. So at the very least, Kanye can’t say ‘White People Hate New Orleans’.

I may have reached an age of being lame. I had no desire to step into Pat O’Briens, Hustlers Strip Club, Penthouse Club, Barely Legal, etc. I was very happy to enjoy a highly expensive Creole Dinner paid for by our generous President and talk amongst the Account Reps. I declined on more than a couple occasions to party til 4 in the morning. It’s easy for the reps to party on since they don’t have to be in early at the show floor to open it up, start up all the gadgets and vacuum. Not that I haven’t..just that I didn’t this trip. =D

The people of New Orleans – of what I saw downtown and the outskirts are still the same people…just less of them. I read/heard that nearly 40% of the cities population never came back since the Hurricane. I also witnessed first hand the dilapidated homes all across the surrounding city. I tried to see if I could see where the flood lines were on the houses but it seems they disappeared, along with it’s core citizens. They all moved to Houston.


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