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Happy Anniversary Blog

This blog turned 3 years old last week. THREE. Which is a great number. I personally think 5 is a better number and don’t let my wife get started on ‘numbers’ as she’s an amateur-quasi-pro numerologist.

I’ve been playing WoW just over 5 years. Been a good, interesting, fun time too! So… Happy 3 years Old School Blog!



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    Lose weight get a hernia

    So a few weeks ago I was rough housing with our 3 dogs. Yes, 3. We acquired the last 2 , 1- Pomeranian and the other a Schnauser by way of my wifes work. She works in Assisted living where residences die on a regular basis from old age or what have you. This particular facility isn’t run by Medicare but rather, private. What that means is the residences can have their life long pets come live with them provided they aren’t aggressive. Well, my wife is the female Dr. Doolittle with animals. Having made connections to said dogs their owners would pass away, their immediate family members didn’t want to take them or there was no more family members. Enter Mrs. Dr. Doolittle Knight.


    So I’m rastlin with all 3 (3rd is our Miniature Poodle) and I’m on all fours (no homo or no beastiality) and I ‘growl’ in a deep baritone voice at them and all of a sudden my belly button area feels a ‘POP!’. A gushy kinda ‘pop’. As if I had a mini ALIEN inside me or one of those MATRIX metal bug devices like Keanu had. I stood up, and as I did something moved again and I felt pressure. I felt around and noticed my belly button was ‘looser’. Meaning as I would normally pull lint out of my belly it was tight (that would be the excess fat wanting to push out…). It freaked me out and when my wife came home she explained it maybe a hernia.

    I always associated hernias with old people. Guess what? I’m semi- old. But after some research hernias are not only common but affect ANY aged person. I recall the scene in ‘Sixteen Candles’ where they’re all eating dinner with the grandparents and talk of Long Duc Dong mowing the yard because of ‘Grandpa’s Hyena”.

    So, I let it pass and notice it more and more especially with me laughing hard. I laugh a lot it seems and this ‘movement’ in mahbelly reminds me just how much.

    I decided, with the support of my wife’s encouragement to go get it checked out. Seems I have a pre-hernia (inguinal) condition caused by my loss of 16-20 lbs over the past 3 months. My fatness cradled my lower insides like a mother cradling her newborn. Cept my newborn is intestines and stuff. My inner lining muscles walls are ‘weak’ from being a fat fuck for the past 15 years so when the cradle was lost my guts or intestines got loose. It’s only a pre-hernia as the ‘bulge’ is rather small is easily remedied by my continual exercise and increase my stomach muscles. I can still do normal things but not super targeted high impact (like I ever would….) on my ab area.

    Doc gave me a 30 second grats  or SQUIRRELL!!! about losing said weight and I explained how since he asked. I gave him the short version; if it tastes reaaaallly good I can’t eat it. If it’s ‘white’ I can’t eat it. I lovingly call it the ‘Anti-HONKY Lifestyle’. He LOL’d.

    Lastnight my wife and I worked out together, as with us PWNING the Smoking habit, it’s best for couples to do things that require focus and attention TOGETHER. I know if only one of us quit smoking it wouldn’t have worked. Same thing applies to this. I just wish WoW would re-capture her attention and play along side me and our small group of casuals in TOS. =) She awaits StarCraft 2 patiently.

    We spent an hour at the gym and ended the night by running and walking just over 2 miles. I couldn’t catch her on our sprints. That’s from years of men chasing after her…. I noticed at the end of our lap sprints that it was getting progressivley harder for me to run with a steady pace. Scratch that,  I wasn’t ‘runnning’ I was jogging. Let’s not kid ourself. However, I also noticed my recovery time was much faster. I attribute this to the X-Factor in me…like Weapon X Wolverine…that, and I take the 4 flights of stairs in our office building every morning. Those last flights are getting easier. I’m looking forward to ‘joggin’ 2 miles without walking. Small steps sparks…small steps.

    As we left the gym we treated ourselves to some SMOOTHIE KING health shakes. 2 shakes , 1 small 1 med = $12.58 No one ever said living healthy was cheap*. Mine was a delicious Strawberry, Kiwi, Low Fat hers was a Raspberry Sunrise Relaxation drink, low fat. Stopping by WAI WAI we sat down at enjoyed super fresh food. Mmmm Tasty…sans the HUGE BLOB of white rice on our plates (white = bad)…it ended up being a very good night.

    We listened and watched Obama’s speech and gave our Mystery Science 3000 comments along the way (this is the Politico portion of my blog…so if you don’t like politics i’d go to and watch something.).  We (wife) discussed the pitfalls of being President in this day and age. The normal and abnormal use of being a hypocrit. Obama was handed shit but it wasn’t all Bush, it was a cumalative effect of several administrations going far back as Reagan. Years if self interest run amuck.

    I think they need to hold the applause til the end. Don’t pan to the audience seeing reactions. Move Nancy Pelosi the FUCK off the stage where she can’t be seen. Just our President by himself talking in plain speak to the Union. The amount of time wasted on the clapping could be used to bullet point HOW he we change things. The broad strokes annoy me to no end. Explain HOW you will accomplish things. If you leave it open ended it’s subject to ANY outcome. Overall I was pleased, granted it’s all talk but at this point what else is there? My cynicism can only run so deep. I do look forward to the talking points coming to fruition of our troops back in the USA from Iraq by Summer’s end. That, to me was the best part of last night’s speech. If he can do that I believe that will give him 4 more years.

    I tried to listen to the Republican response but as soon as the dood made a joke about his son’s only listening to him for 10 minutes before they left to watch ‘Sportscenter’ I muted it and listend to Bjork while I DPS’d a Heroic on SeanCassidy. Which, btw i averaging 3800 dps depending on which instance. Not bad for a 70’s Icon.


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    The other night in guild chat our members were getting achievements left and right. Instead of saying the normal ‘Grats!’ Colleen took the lead and decided to use new words, ones that would get the attention of…someone. So thus, it was started. We don’t “DING” we get something else.  Pathe explores Kalimdor and he gets “SQUIRRELL!!!!!!!LL!L!!!”.  Good memory.

    Last night,…rather yesterday I didn’t log in at all. First time in several weeks sans any out of town excuses. I could have. I didn’t. Instead I attempted to do my taxes, got 95% finished. ** Update a day later – last night I got my taxes done. WOOT! I loathe taxes like the next guy except when I’m getting something back. Fed Yes State No.  So even lastnight as well I didn’t log on. My 2 ladeis and I watched the movie “Whip It” by Drew Barrymore about Ellen (Juno) Page joining a Roller Derby team and finding herself. The movie was pretty good with a nice stream of LOL’s and ‘cute’ scenes. The music soundtrack got +4 for having a pivotal scene using “Radiohead”. Tonight I’m going to sit down and show my son ‘TRON’ as it’s on my list of what every man should watch before he’s 21 movie…list.


    I’ve been doing something lately I normally don’t do. Read other people’s blogs. Here in KC the blogsphere is filled with a majority of liberals, agnostics, left wing, socialistic liberals, neo-socialist’s, democrats. I have to use all of those generalizations and specific name calling as it’s a wide variety we have in and around the KC area. We have a spattering of centrilists, right wing, conservatives, fiscal conservatives and true blue Republicans but not so much on the blogs here in the midwest. I do feel the pulse of the quiet majority are Republicans but they don’t vote Party only they do pick and choose, as Democrats do – on the issues and persons vs. party mantra. With all that said, I’ve come to the small conclusion that people are giving up on Obama. President Obama.

    I read articles about the recent Mass upset, the one where Ted Kennedy recently lost his fight to cancer of the seat he held for 47 years. The long story short, the Democratic party thought anyone they put in the seat, because of the state’s historical voting record, would simply win. They didn’t and as such Obama’s poorly devised plan of Healthcare was shot down due to the vote / seat the just lost. I read local bloggers on the topic then read the comments section. The comments section is a great barometer to gauge your audience, of course you have your anonymous fuck farts who post nonsensical bullshit but then you have the ‘regulars’ who do post consistently. These same veterans who post are the same ones just over a year ago were chanting “OBAMA! OBAMA!” and with the fervor of a whirling dervish are not calling Obama a ‘politician’. They are seeing things *pats self on own shoulder* that I saw when he was campaigning. He’s not a true Democrat. He’s a Politician. He answers to the players behind the scenes in D.C. special interests. Socialistic programs, more Government spending.

    In my cynical world & political views, the word Politician means ‘Rich, Power Hungry, Sell Out”. I can’t remember any person in a higher office of politics who isn’t a Politician. It’s the way of our current world. Nothing against Obama, Democrats, Republicans or any of the references to views above, it is what it is. I think people were like me in the initial rumblings of Obama. Change that WOULD change D.C. he would hire up and coming idealists to be on his Cabinet. He would do things no other Prez would never dare to do. I think deep down he wishes he could but the machine that’s in place simply won’t allow him to do so and it would be political suicide to push his personal agenda. I think for what was handed to him from Bush Admins, he’s doing an admirable job. I just feel his bubble has burst and those that LOVED him have lost their own luster for him. The honeymoon is over.

    If I were Obama (hehe) I’d move on from Healthcare and focus on Education (he has…btw) and make it priority. His ideals on economics failed. Healthcare, failed.  Go to what I’ve always considered a nation’s most important fundamental, education. Increase the funding for school programs across the board. BAILOUT the local school districts, not the bank execs. Make incentive programs for going to College. If he’s so stuck on social programs create more like ‘Job Corp’. Give full rides to those who commit 3 years service to rebuilding our OWN infrastructure: schools, roads, parks. Give the local Governments incentives to create more schools in the form of tax breaks, lower taxes increase bonds backed by the US. I have a ton of ideas on this. lol  School vouchers for the mean time. (Until the bad districts are up to par – in both state regulations and fiscal).

    If your nation is under educated how can you expect it to do great things? We, as a Nation need more schooling. More pay for our underpaid and unappreciated Teachers. Take that billion (a month)were using in IRAQ and make a National Teachers Fund. Ok…I’m done. You get the point. That’s what I would do If I was Obama. I wouldn’t care about being a one termer if it meant I was able to restructure a failing education system into something that will benefit generations and mostly importantly the base of American being at the top of it’s game.

    So……in conclusion. Drop Healthcare – unless it’s something that makes sense— like healthcare for the very young and very old. I have NO issues paying extra taxes for that. Stop spending like there’s no tomorrow. Education is the key! Sure it takes longer to see the results but dammit man…it works.

    This political post has been brought to you by the makers of Dunkin Donuts coffee. Medium with cream and no sugar.

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    Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise

    Wootbeer, 80 small midget female tank was recently in the guild named ‘Exalted” til this past weekend when I left. The jig was up a few weeks ago when the GM announced his plan to step down and asked for trusted friends to volunteer to take over. Exalted was built by my guess 6-7 real life friends who work, live in the same city. I came across them back in late Fall via the forums. They were my ideal guild except they had pockets of douche bag kids who like to show their proverbial penis size through insults and slanderings of your own gear, choice of spells or what ever triggers guys like that. I think most guilds  have that, some more than others. (Phrozen comes to mind…cept he didn’t vocalize it…)

    So during the Oct, Nov months Wootbeer ran with them, hung out on vent, did the upper end instances but my focus shifted to SeanCassidy and getting to 80. My log ins with Wootbeer waned but whenever I logged in they all greeted me with kindness. We did some Ulduar and such, I believed they had/have a core group aiken to the original Old School pre-BC (Sokym, Me, Cata, Laen, Beigs, McTeague, Trippi).

    As the cliche goes, things change. I never found out why the gm decided to call it quits but I emailed him a couple times but nothing back. They had a vote amongst 2 to take over and I guess it was a tie. I look at the guild tab and see people dropping out by the 10’s. I log in a few more times last week to see if I could catch an officer to see if I can help with anything but nothing. I was sad. They had come very far in the realm of progression and have some fantastic people. I’ve learned this lesson..more of a life of gaming lesson many times over the past 8…people will always move onto other things. The only constant would be yourself and what you choose to do. I have the unfortunate trait of sticking with things even when it’s beyond anything progressive. I stuck with Star Wars Galaxies for years beyond the combat revamp and super dumbed down watered version it is today. I played CoH too long but not long enough to get a capped toon. In WoW, which I’ve been playing for 5 years now I’ve started up this guild 4 times over and this last restart has come down to me not wanting to invest time into people who will simply move on. As I know it to be natural my priorities in life aren’t that focused on this game and keeping a guild flourishing and growing as that takes time, patience and trying to make everyone happy. I like our 5 cores and 10 quiet core people that log in everyday. I love seeing 8-9 people on at the same time. Colleen in Dalaran dancing with squirrels. Maji soloing the Temple last night for 3 hours. Argent quietly leveling. Pathe logging in while his wife and daughter are napping. The 3 (quiet) Amigos leveling together almost bot-like. Sam logging in to say HI! Zintadel popping in.

    All of that is very, very endearing to me.

    I wish the people of Exalted who stayed to make it work and those that left , that they enjoy the new company they keep/make.


    This morning I took my son and daughter to school, on the way back of dropping off my daughter I drove by this BBQ place off of 87th street, it was called “Adam’s Rib BBQ“. Of all the lame ass names one could come up with you name it after a biblical character and if my theology knowledge is correct it’s named after a rib that becomes ‘Eve’/Woman???? Really????   I think it lasted my 9 months (irony)..but anyways they’re closed. Sale signs plastered all over it. I never ate at Adams’ Rib nor would I ever want to with a name like that. Worst BBQ name ever.

    This weekend we had a co-worker and his family over and my wonderful wife was queen hostess. She grilled huge ass steaks, made her world famous Tater Salad and fixins! While we waited Corey and I played some Magic (The Gathering), he his Vamp deck and me the “Red Deck Wins” variant taken directly from the net. I’ve never seen red come back when down before like this deck does. I was able to come back on 2 occasions being less than 8 life. It wasn’t necc. me that came back but the deck itself which pretty much plays on auto-pilot. His wife even played it and kicked ass. My casual play has picked up recently and as such my interest in other deck archtypes has too. Were looking forward to this weekends Pre-Release of WorldWake.

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    I was pregnant!

    No, I’m not pregnant but I looked like it 3 months ago. This post is about being fat. If your fat and don’t like reading these kinds of posts then you prolly should move on. If your med sized or HWP (Height Weight Proportionate and have never been overweight, fat, obese then you may not be able to relate to this).

    Being overweight or fat as I like to call it and having a beer belly that actually resembles being 8-9 months pregnant is taxing on ones body. Letting it all hang out whilst I was in the bathroom having come out of the shower the steam on the mirror slowly revealed  my fat upper half. Since I’m Native American we have a propensity of only getting fat from the cock up. Our legs remain the same, usually losing muscle mass and becoming chicken legged beings. Not a pretty sight. Luckily for me in my early years I played a ton of sports so my legs are still somewhat intact. Especially my calves. That’s from years of Basketball both rec and HS/JUCO.

    So, I stand there in all my nakedness and turn to the side, the back, the other side then back to the front. I suck it in. I push it out, I slap it up and down. My belly that is…..

    I realize I’m becoming a cliche among men my age and my race (sans the drunken stupors). I’m overweight. According to my wii fit, my 3 apps on my iPhone my ideal weight should be around 200 lbs. Just before Thanksgiving I weighed in at 255 lbs. I’m 6ft tall. I had previously seen the outfit called ‘Pro Partners (no homo) MD’ and did their full physical and diagnostics package back in October of 2008 and after all the poking and prodding I was told I’m borderline ‘diabetic’. At that time it didn’t really phase me. I was like “ok….”. Of course the way to beat that is exercise and eating right but mostly get off your ass and work out or some kind of regular exercise. My ‘reg’ exercise amounted to having rigorous sex with my wife 4 times a week and going up the stairs at our home. We have a lot of stairs in our house.

    No, what DID it for me was small inspirations around me, there was no ONE thing. This past 2009 marked my 20th High School reunions (I had 2 since I moved from one state to another and had 2 sets of ‘friends’*). You’d think I’d have shaped up BEFORE. In the end I didn’t go to any, one of the reasons was my weight. I know, how vain of me. So. We all are to some extent. Try going to your reunion almost 150lbs more than what you weight 20 years ago….digressing on a stupid reason..

    My small inspirations were my kids, I want them to be proud of their dad who already conquered smoking over 3.5 years a go, found a perfect wife, continuation of an excellent career. I didn’t want to be that fat dad who was going to keel over by the time he hit his mid 40’s. **KNOCK ON MY WOOD**. I wanted my wife to be super proud of me, in public, in bed, I want her to touch me more, lust after me like we’re 19! All of that. I wanted public respect. Many people don’t understand the immediate lack of respect they garner when they meet you and your overweight. Our world, however fucked up it is, is based on ones outer beauty. This applies across the board in almost every facet except the internet. We are judged daily, hourly and in some areas by the minute.

    I have the aspects of both sides. Up until my soph year in college I was in shape. I noticed as I got fat the respect among my friends waned as they kept IN shape. I know, then they’re not friends, duh. It was an observation that hit home at that time but then later I got married. We all know what happens to married people. We get MORE fat. Our life long chase of pussy is satisfied with the one we marry so whats the point of working out, playing sports. blah blah blah.

    So this past November talking with my wife we decided to go on the “ZONE” diet once again, we had tried it out before and it last a couple months but we said “fuck it” when we were guided to a local steak house in Omaha. The ZONE in a nutshell is a balanced meal and snacks that usually excludes anything ‘white’. aka Breads. We eat everything thats located on the outter edges of a grocery store. Fruits, Vegs, Fresh Meat including Fish, Chicken and Beef. We don’t do buns or heavy starches like potatoes — ‘white’ based foods are usually high in sugars. I’m not going to on explaining it all. How boring. It is interesting though. The inner aisles of grocery stores are nearly all processed foods with tons of bad things for you. It also makes sense, if you worked in a grocery store you have to restock fresh items quickly, less refreshment is harder to get to. So, outter = good. Inner = bad.

    This switch in eating habits took about 2 weeks to get used to, much like quitting smoking. It took me 5 days to quit with the patch. Eating took/takes more effort because your mind is used to things. I still struggle. Always will I think. Like things in my life if it becomes routine I’ll do it more. It helps that I have apps that help me keep track of my diet and exercise. I love to doodle and waste time. It’s my thing, wasting time. I’m good at it and these apps fill the void of such mundane things like making logos for some clients who are clueless.

    Now it’s nearly 3 months in and this morning I weighed in at 237 lbs. Nearly 20 lbs since Thanksgiving. 18 to be exact. My goal (current) is to get to 231 by the end of the month. I don’t think it’s going to help today when I’m sitting at the Sushi bar and the Sushi Train is motoring by…..must resist RICE. It’s WHITE!!!!!!

    I’m feeling better about myself, I’m less lethargic, my back isn’t in gripe mode, my clothes fit a lot better and some look way to big for me and they are. I’m still a work in progress, but after 3 months I’m finally seeing the changes. My ultimate weight goal is 200 lbs and a 31 inch waist. I would guess it will take another 6-9 months to hit that unless I increase my visits to the gym. We shall see and I’ll keep posting my progress as it’s somewhat cathartic to me writing about it. Now, if Blizzard would make a Wii World of Warcraft where you’d have to literally walk/run shoot, melee  in real time…I’d be set.


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    My Haiti Post

    My ideological and world views are considered conservative by current the mainstream. If I were to list out my leanings they would probably be just to the right. I believe in less government but more localized government rule. Less social programs and more privatized & individualistic programs. Defense spending. Not world ‘policing’. Capitalism, not neo-socialism. Strong Family base. Education being #1 in funding. I’m Pro Choice but in that side as a man I’ve no say what a responsible woman should do with an unborn baby, hence pro-choice. If I was a woman I think I’d be against pro-choice depending on the circumstances (rape, incest, deformed, etc.)– then again I’d never want a ‘government’ telling me what I can do with my own body. I digress on that talking point.

    When I heard of the earthquake in Haiti my heart was pinged with sadness. I already knew that area was under dictatorship and hard times. When the average wage is $2.00 a week then you know it’s bad all over unless your a high ranking Military/Politician. The island literally sits on a huge fault line. Tons of the US monies is already poured into it for the low quality of basic needs of it’s citizens. A lot of that fund is siphoned off by the corrupt government. Said Government which churns out Dictators who pilfer it’s own peoples for personal gain like Chicken Nuggets is the root problem facing that country. Basic needs and logistics of it’s infrastructure simply isn’t there. They have zero building codes. No emergency responses beyond Hurricane issues.

    If the world is to rebuild Haiti they must start with it’s government. Give immediate asylum to it’s citizens if the government remains the same. Bring boats to shuttle them from Haiti to America if they don’t change. Haitians are among the hardest working ethnic classes in America. They fill mostly the public and privatized roles of Healthcare in the form of Nurses, CNA’s and more as well as the mundane ones of cleaning services. My wife has been in the Health Care business of the elderly and specifically the dementia/alzheimers units for years and she raves about Haitians work ethics.

    This is the perfect time for our own Government to shine with immediate response to this disaster in the form of not just money but leadership. Plans of action that rebuild that country literally from the ground up with real building codes. Honest contracts with reputible firms not just from the USA but around the world. Hire the native work force and train them with skill sets that last a lifetime. Time is of the essence with this situation, if Obama and his administration waiver with the ‘red tape’ then it will add to the problems mankind faces as a whole.

    That’s my Friday bitch post.

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    Another night, another emblem. SC is gearing nicely and without all the hub-bub, bub. Running with the pug system and a few guildies is a nice way to spend an evening, even if Pathe has a headache. I noticed my need for ‘ohh it’s shiney’ syndrome hasn’t waned. I played Devo (71) the other day and loved the ease of play with him. Dot, Dot, FIRE, Dot, Soul drain. I got 3/4 a level in no time and then wondered how long it could take me to get him to 80. Warlocks in the past are overpowered and I don’t think that’s changed. I constantly see them topping charts on DPS and have the wonderful versatility of cookes and summons as well as the SS. Good stuff.  I took a in-house poll with my Wife & Daughter and they both quickly said for me to level Wook……./sigh………….they think Devo is creepy looking. And short.

    My hallmark toon “WookieLuv” has been given the back seat for a few years now, amazing I’ve been playing WoW for 5+ years now…while he was my first toon and first to hit the old school level of 60 I tire of ‘pew pew’. I’m sure it’s a matter of me focusing my energy to level up Wookieluv….I just can’t seem to get the motivation.

    Maybe if he was a gnome.

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