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Back to the Past : Zul’Gurub


Zul’Gurub was the last (next to AQ) 20 person raid in the time before Burning Crusade (BC). This weekend after our meeting I had a brain fart (storm?) that perhaps we should have a guild raid on this outdoor instance in STV. The only time we’ve ever raided as a guild was a short lived and painful ass whooping at the Crossroads. We did hold it for 15 mins before our groups got divided and conquered. Since then we’ve not done a 100% guild raid. Well, we did lastnight!

Our GMOTD (Guild Message of the Day) posted 4 days spammed about our raid. I get the subsequent “What’s ZG?” “What time?”, “When?” “What?”. (note the time and place was on the gmotd). lol I think reading is something people in general need to brush up on.

What’s great about ZG is that you can be level 57 on up to run it. We have several upper 50’s, alot of mid 60s and over 20 70’s so we had a nice mix. As we gathered in STV meeting stone we went from 5 to a raid of 14! One issue was I was the only healer beside Biegstvo (Druid) planning on Sheep was essentia. We had 4 mages, 3 hunters, 3 Warriors, 2 Locks, 1 Druid and Me..AutumnKnight Priest Holy/Disc spec. I lead the Raid with explanations, marks and etc.

We ended up only wiping twice! That was from feared or unseen NPC’s..mostly fear. We took down 3 of the High Priests and had 3 Epics drop. =D Our group was very well organized despite the following: Looting while in combat. GOOD LORD. This happened throughout the instance even with me explaining it at least 4 times. Deathmore (our tank) was loosing his patience. LOL So I changed it to Master Looter. We ended the instance with the downing of 3 bosses so we can try later today and tomorrow (3 day reset). I think…I’m new at these kind of raids.

KUDOS to those who showed up! Great Work! This place is a great place for us to learn how to work together in a Raid setting. ~ AutumnKnight/Wook


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New Page(s)


Added a Commentary page called “Daily Dose” where it’s pretty much me talking about whatever and is purely made for my amusement and fun. Anything I say and post is 100% me. It doesn’t represent my guild, my family values or any friends I may currently have. So, with that, understand it’s not going to be politically correct. mmk? k.

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Snow is teh suck

I’ve lived in Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Florida, Missouri and currently in Kansas. No other state *including Mizzou* has such extreme weather changes. Yesterday was lower 60 degrees. Now. Snow, Ice and 13 degrees. I’m done with it. Bring on the summer!!!!!!

Tonight in the World of The Old School Guild I think we’re going to try the Steam Vaults and get a few of the guildies they’re 2nd Key fragment. If not that, then I plan on doing my usual dailies (cooking, pvp and Sha’tar Skyguard bomb runs) or..if I’m lucky, Alix will log and I can help her out!

Hopefully in the coming week or two I will get our guild a Ventrilo server and get us chattin it up! Most likely get a 25 person Vent. Only 13.00 a month. Woot! Female not included.


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Bugs, Bugs Bugs. Looks like it wasn’t a Azshara server issue lastnight and during the daytime. The rolling restarts, unable to go into Battlegrounds, Instances was the major issues. I still am amazed at Blizzard’s response time and attention to these issues. This, coming from years of dealing with SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) with Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard and others. Customer service is an afterthought to that company.

My weekend in WoW was low key with no heroic runs or kara. I did help a lot of guildies with Blood Furnace, Ramps and even tried Shadowlabs a couple times. (no avail). Sunday’s I usually focus on profession leveling, this weekend was no exceptions with Wootbeer Cooking. As of last night she’s sitting at 233 cooking, not bad considering she was at 15 on Friday. =D Seems I need to find some new areas to farm meat.

We added some fresh faces this weekend with 4 new recruits while having lost 3 members to perhaps greener pastures. They come, They go. The good thing being it was 2 new 70’s and a couple 60’s. Some are from the recent free transfer. That’s a good thing.

Our Friday Meeting was a success, lasted approx. 45 mins. We talked about schedules for Kara attunement, Bank Repairs are offline due to members taking advantage of the benefit, Recruitment guidelines (min level 60, mature acting and preference for Healers and Tanks). Discussed the pro’s and cons of OPEN recruitment vs. limited (which is what we have now) and we are still on limited recruitment. I don’t want or have any inclination to manage 300-400 people. I’m very very happy with a solid base of 100 active players. (or less). Lastly I chatted with key officers and selected “LAEN” as our Player of the Month January 2008. She was given a 16/18 slot bag, 50 gold and Guild Cheers for doing an excellent job helping others, offering advice for others, leading instances and taking the initiative. Congratz to Laen! She will be leaving for Japan and joining her husband end of this month so her time is very limited, be sure to wish her a safe trip.

Starting Saturday I am auctioning items from the Guild Bank. These items are ones that “sit” in the bank with apparently no use to the guild members. All proceeds minus my listing fees go directly back into the Bank. I am using “Pinkney” and “WookieLuv” for auctioning, you will note the gold deposits in the Log. I will do this whenever it is needed. If you are an officer of Rank: Senior and below, please see on the officers ranked above you to request any items needed from the bank. You can check the guild ranks in the Guild tab.

As for this week, I’m going to look for some Heroics and hopefully get a run in Kara with AK. My time though is iffy since I have my kids this week. ~ WookieLuv

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It’s the WEEKEND!!!!11!

After a long ass weekend, it’s here. My plans (*besides tonight) is to farm rep, help the guild get keyed up for Kara, watch my kids basketball games, mull around the house. I need to get AK lower city rep for the Prayer Book X 2. =D

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

Ooooo yah! Weekend Party Timezz!!!!

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Guild Meeting Friday Jan 25th 9pm


Official Guild Meeting this Friday Night at 9pm ST (Server Time). Meet at the Stormwind Cathedral. If you cannot make it in person then be in guild chat but we prefer face to face.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Guild Bank and it’s purpose and rules.
  • Kara progression and getting keyed. More spec. schedule times and get it DONE!
  • Skim over the rules on recruits. New.
  • Player of the Month Jan 2008 will be selected.
  • Discuss a SET SCHEDULE for running instances.
  • Semi formal farewell to Laen going to Japan.
  • Settle any in guild issues. Open discussion.
  • Discuss where we want to be in the next month and beyond.

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Karazahn and the lost boys.

Well…I finally made it into Karazahn lastnight. It took a little over one week after being Keyed. I got a pst from Mourningview again and got prepped for the run. Guess who is also invited? Laen! Our first OS Kara Pug together. lol I grab my pots, fish sticks and candles (21). This is a true pick up group with only 3 members from any one guild.

I’m all nervous of course, I tell my Love AlixAndria the good news and she knows it means 3 hours without me except the occasional laughter (sadistic?), occasional cuss words like “Fuck!” “Shit!” “Damn!” and my normal talking to myself scenarios. She sits on the bed sewing her new sweater she bought last week. It’s also her mums birthday so she and her beautiful daughter head to Wally World and other places to get mum some presents.

Some may already know this from the guild and in my real life, but AlixAndria is perfect. In every way. In relation to this blog and my gaming, she’s patient, understanding, enthusiastic, patient, loving, participatory, caring, giving in every aspect of those words. She doesn’t bust my proverbial balls when I indulge in WoW or any other interests. She supports me. I am very, very lucky indeed. I try to balance my gaming life with my love life and honestly it’s hard to do that with this time suckage game. I am trying though.


She’s sitting there sewing, I’m nervous. She makes dinner; Italian Sausage, Bow Tie Pasta, Marinara and Peas…and she brings ALL of this to our computer desk INCLUDING a bottle of Heinekin. Oy Vay.

Group gets assembled and were off. I don’t want to bore you with everything but I get some awesome drops.

I was totally stoked. My upgrades we’re on their way. We get to the “easy” boss “Shade of Aran” and continue to wipe. First, from the fire aura where everyone is to not move. Someone did. I believe it was our Warlock. lol 2nd time was the Arcane Explosion and this wiped our DPS out then me since I was healing. 3rd time was me dying waaay to fast from the Arcane explosion, I couldn’t get to the wall quick enough. 4th time was someone MOVING during the fire circle…I couldn’t be blamed because I was caught in the Flurry…LOL……

Now, my shoudlers, helm and wrists are red. I’ve never been here so I’ve no clue where to go. I state I need to repair and I have to retrace my steps back…I get lost. /imagine that. I walk into a npc who smacks me for 10k damage. The “leaders” of the the run get pissed at me, make fun of me in Vent then I KNOW I’m on a timer. I AM a fuckin Jedi ya know. I’m ghost form when they try and summon me back…HOW THE **** does one repair in Duskwood in 30 seconds????? They get more pissy so I decide to Rez at the GY. ….uh oh.

Feel the wrath of the PUG!!!!!! I try and tell the group what’s going on but I can’t type…a bug? I whisper Mourningview and he says “Umm sorry” then kicks me. Wow. lol I get replaced with I think they’re GM “Whos”… I hearth back to Shat all giddy and excited…trade my badge in for a Tier 4 glove, repair for 19g then log.

I hit they hay around 1am and lie in bed with a smile. I am happy. Despite the routine going on’s of pugs and people who have little patience. I am happy. I snuggle up and spoon my future wife and she slides a little closer to me. Still smiling I stroke her hair. I fall asleep with the color purple on my mind and the color red in my heart for my eternal AlixAndria.

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