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10m Vault of Archavon cleared (no pug)

After a second evening of attempts we easily won Winter’s Grasp from the ‘WHORES”. We entered the Vault of Archavon! I called up the troops and we filled up the raid within minutes…so much so we had 2 waiting in the wings. I like that. Took maybe 10 mins to get everyone there, brief description of fight; move away from falling rocks, move out of the clouds, if your a tank the MT and OT need to coordinate their rage/aggro. Simple. And on regular. Remember we are a very casual guild…

60% never went. So we wipe but barely, he had 600k left. One left due to time and the call of the bowling league. Apparently we have a slew of league bowlers…who knew. So…the best thing about this instance is 4 trash mobs 1 boss = 10 min raid…tops. 

We go back and down em! Shammy item drops and we can’t DE it. Stupid. Nefarious get’s a very nice upgrade for his Druid! We get the stones and break up into smaller group to pug up for 25m Vault– both group succeed, mine dropped the War Elephant, I rolled a 69, someone won with a 100…good times though. 



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Hours of Fun


Vent is worth it. I spent $88.00 last year for our Vent server and it’s worth every penny. This weekend we had over 19 people at any given time on vent. Sunday morning we had over 20+, all chatting it up. Yes, I admit I’m a newB when it comes to vent and this is old news to most but within this guild it’s been a great tool for getting to know each other.  I saw several others not even playing WoW but rather would log into vent just to listen/chat. That’s saying something. (pun intended).

I made the last push (if you can call it that) for the 900 gold needed for our last bank tab which came to 5000 gold. It’s MUCH more cleaner and organized now and everyone has access (except new recruits) to this tab. I also put a hold on guild bank repairs til the funds are replenished with donations. Once it hits back over 1k I will put back repairs. I think the next focus for use besides repairs and respecs is PUSHES for Professional Caps. Meaning if someone is just under capping a particular profession we all push materials for that person(s) to hit the cap. This will only work if those willing to push, push back with the same intensity and people don’t take advantage of the contributers.

Congratz to Biegstevo for 450 Fishing, Nyghtmare for hitting 80 last week, Ygraane for getting the Hawks Strider Epic Rare Mount, Wootbeer for the Mini Phoenix Pet, Chainsawx for hitting 80 then promptly leaving the guild for the Elite Few (golf clap), Moondust got her epic Violet Hold Heroic Hunter Drop “Staff of Trickery”


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Good Times!

The past couple weeks in our guild have been great! People filling vent up (we almost maxxed it a few time the past week), separate channels for the excessive chatter is awesome! We are doing old school weekly runs of Zul Gurub (for the Mount, Turtle Polymorph & Achievement), Old Dungeons just for the experience of content. We’ve run our Normal Heroics WOTLK and have a set schedule that most people sign up for courtesy of Logtar using the WoW Calendar. Some have recently re-rolled new lowbie toons and are actively running together. Several of us are pugging with our coop guilds like Relavare, Knights of Justice and others for 25m OS, Vault and topping the DPS charts while getting some damned good loot. All at our own pace. 

This Friday is Naxx 10m we will need a Main Tank (Logtar will be offline) if you know of any please let me or one of the officers know. 

Be sure to check the WoW Calendar for any events and make your OWN events and invite others to join. Our next Old School Event will be AQ 20.

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25 Things I Love About Alo!


  1. Endless and Boundless Heart
  2. Your toes
  3. The knowing hands
  4. Curls
  5. Sense & Sensibility
  6. Sex Drive is Insatiable
  7. Quirky Smirk
  8. Intellect
  9. That Smile
  10. Singing Voice
  11. Sexy Voice
  12. Baby Voice
  13. Your cooking
  14. Being an Animal Whisperer
  15. Spirit and Spiritual Awareness
  16. Logic & Reasoning
  17. Able to play Protoss like a Pro
  18. The fact you ground up Smuggler til the very, very end in SWG.
  19. Raising 3 well rounded Children into young adults by yourself.
  20. Standing up to your Ex Husband
  21. Adventure Side
  22. Super Romantic Side
  23. Selflessness
  24. Generosity
  25. Last but NOT least your EYES

Happy Valentines Day Alo! You are my ONE.

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Post Guild Meeting

We had our meeting Friday Night in the Beer Garden and everyone who was online was there! Thanks for taking your time to come out and participate, we nearly maxxed out our 25 person vent  (23/25). Overall the meeting was very nice, we discussed schedules and decided to use the WoW Calendar vs. the add-on. Logtar is the designated scheduler. Moon will be working the bank, selling items and keeping it clean. We also agreed to have at the very minimum a Threat meter and use Vent for raids/heroics. You will not be invited to raids and events unless you have those two apps.

Promoted Samanda to Chief of Staff and upped a few people from New Recruits on up. I hesitate ever doing a Player of the Month again as it seems to have a Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx. The last 4 have left the guild within two-weeks of this honor. Talk about Karma in the bad way. Instead of POTM we will simply throw a party in their honor. Drinks will flow, visions blurred (and speech). 

Other than that please check and USE the WoW Calendar as we have Saturdays as NAXX night, Achievement Point runs, and daily designated Heroics. Have a good week!


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Daaaang It’s Nice Outside!

Being in the midwest for seasons is like going to a LUBY’s Buffet. You see lot’s of choices and know whats to come but are still surprised when it does. Like this morning (and last night). 46*F doesn’t seem warm but it IS! Later today we will hit 70*F! It’s amazing to me how much light/weather can affect my mood…so easily am I influenced. I’m also amazed I am talking about the weather on a gaming blog…and my personal blog though I don’t share too much information… a lot of wackos’ out there. I would know.

My cool lead in about the weather, moods goes into my reaction over the past week, I’ve had a ton of vocal support with our members. Words of encouragement, words of anger and affirmations from some that they ‘ain’t leaving!  fuck them’…. Comes down to a few basic principles; no one can please everyone, there are those who think they will always be better than those around them and change. All three are tangible facts of life. Thing is the way it went down is the capper– I rack up their actions to being immature. But as this weather has made me smile all morning it’s time to move on. 

Tonight is a 25m Naxx run with a co op guild, space is limited to 5. Minimum sustained DPS is upper 1800’s and heals about the same. Specifically they are needing Shadow Priests of which I believe will be filling that spot. Speak with Moon or McTeague about the details. I can tell you we plan on going at 7:30 ST. 

I also wanted to summarize tonights guild meeting since a lot will be offline having real lives. lol.  I understand if you can’t attend and note it will now be in guild chat. I’m a fast typer.

  • Set Times for Naxx 10m – figuring out the best times for all of us to raid this instance
  • New ranks given out and demoted.
  • Q & A about what you want out of this guild. Participate. Don’t be a pussy and hold back and talk in the shadows. Grow Some.
  • Bank Organization.
  • Appointed KEY ranks to head up specific areas of the game: PvP, PvE, Events and Raid Leaders.
  • Open discussion about what happened this past week. lol
  • New Forums and website (coming soon)

Thats the basics, and I will schedule a mandatory meeting in a week or so. Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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Goodbye Friends

As with any guild where you meet strangers who become friends things change. This week we had several players leave for various reasons; raid oriented, not getting along with other members, attitudes, elitism on their part and basic shit that happens over time. It’s expected. I’ve been around this MMO block a few times to know that things change, however some of these members that left I didn’t see it coming. I expected at the very minimal a pst/tell talking to me to let me know why or keep in touch or a basic common denominator of respect vs. simply leaving with NO explanation. Of those that left only ONE did…but even that was after the fact. The others I had to contact and hear the various stories and half ass explanations. Be true and honest.  Is that so hard to do? I’m certainly not unapproachable and am very fair and honest, especially with those who have been in this guild longer than 6 months. Respect, it seems is a losing ideal when it comes to the gaming world. 

I was asked by several current members ‘why’? The explanation can only be answered by those that left, not me paraphrasing. Comes down to their own choices of who they want to hang with and the goals in game. Speaking only for myself the goal of my guild is friends first, loot second. I am mature enough to know that a fictional piece of loot is nothing compared to friendship. I try and recruit members who are not only ambitious and friendly but able to separate themselves from the lure of greener grass. I play for my personal achievement but without friends and their mutual respect it’s nothing. Nada. 

I don’t have any plans on changing the guild and what my vision is for it. Friends, respect and fun. WOOT!


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