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Daily Dose .004 & Midsummer done!

Finally got the Midsummer Event Title lastnight, just had to top off the 100 blossoms (hehe). I think I was in the middle of the pack for finishing it. I highly recommend you fly to all the bonfire locations if not for the achivement but for the gold. Alliance pays 6.5 gold and Horde pays 13.5g each. These can be every day until July 4th as well as the Torch quests at the Capital Cities.

The new forums/website is coming along and much thanks to those who signed up. Froto asked a good question “Now what?” Here’s my short list…

  • Add events to the calendar
  • Post in the forums items you are looking for (maybe someone can ‘add’ a trade section)
  • Talk about how cool Froto’s pet is
  • Update our raid/instance progression
  • Post in the forums about how you got started in WoW
  • Post a “Shout Out”
  • Add links to the link page
  • Use the “Boss Strat” page and fill it up with useful information
  • Point others you know from ingame to the website

I’m still looking for volunteers to help Admin it.

I also added some runs for this coming weekend (ZG, Kara).

Daily Dose of WoW News (Featuring the “Examiner”)

A new BoA (Bind on Account) Chestpiece is coming out with the new patch (3.2). A nice article from Lacy Wilson. My Paladin already has the Shoulders so I’m saving my tokens. Article also mentions this and how your old badges can be exchanged for the new ones. I wish the old-old ones could do the same maybe 2:1– from Burning Crusade- AK has 140 or so…

Guide to the Argent Tournament: by Lacy (again). Speaking of Lacy she looks alot like the chick on Tila Tequila that almost made it to the finals on MTV. Or maybe it’s me and my amusement of the hair styles of Ted Koppel overtaking teens and 20’s…

Lacy also goes into detail about the Argent Dailies, more specifically “Threat from Above”. Very good read and inspirational that I need to get off my T-7.5 @ss and get these done!’s report on the Heirlooms with screenshots.

Andrew Powers of the Examiner also has a few details on the new patch. This one is on a new event called (tentatively since it’s still in testing) Pilgrims Bounty. Sounds interesting, I love new events.  Speaking of…what does Blizzard plan on doing for 2010 when all these current achievements are completed? Assuming they keep them for other people to do– these achievements can be addictive. The only one I didn’t complete was the LOVE FOOL line– so I have to wait another 18 months for the Drake (if it’s still available). I can imagine the ‘fun’ aspect of the R & D department for WoW….

By the way “The Examiner” is an open based website where YOU write the articles and get paid doing so– while th amount is small, if you like to write it’s an excellent venue to get noticed.


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Classic TechnoViking

While this has nothing to do with WoW…and is a few years old…it’s still a classic.

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Paying attention.

I heal. I’m not outstanding in that role but I try. Most of the times I try…sometimes I don’t pay attention as much as I should. I make mistakes. I’m sorry I let you die but most of the time it’s your own damned fault.

I have no problems admitting mistakes to my guild mates though I do refrain from ‘blaming’ others for wipes, it’s part of the game. Shit happens and you die. But really there is no real (electronically) consequences for dying in WoW. Don’t give me the very lame ass excuse about repair bills. If you are level 80 and doing heroics you seriously need to shut the fuck up about repair bills. You die, you run to your body or wait for a nice person to rez you (even though you should run back). Small price to pay.

When I pug I tend to pay more attention to my healing assignments. Why? Well, if it’s a 25 person raid I am to be invited back. I also don’t want to represent our guild as ‘shitty’ players. I take ones personal reputation seriously – ingame and in real life because in the end your rep and or your experience and interactions with others is all that is remembered. Yes, I’m getting all existential on your ass. So, yeah I pay more attention for those reasons and also I’ve no clue what and how the other 4 or 24 others play.

With my guild I KNOW almost everyone’s nuances, their weakness and strengths. I know Smidgeon will top the threat meter at least twice..and I will be there to heal her once she’s out of ice block. I know Moon’s pet will go aggro crazy and attack a target 100 meters away from the group and she had nothing to do with it. Logtar didn’t get enough sunders down in time on 4 targets so he’s scrambling to get the aggro but he knows it’s too late. Froto can’t bang gongs. These things I know so I get lax in paying attention because my comfort level is that high and I can depend on these people to get us through the instance/quests.

Should I pay more attention to guild runs when I heal?  Yes. Unless theres a really good show on Showtime or A&E. Then I’ll just top you off…

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Sign up!

I don’t ask much from my guildies do I ?  No. (lol). I do ask that you go to our new website and sign up. It has nearly everything we need to better communicate, signing up for events when not online, seeing everyones stats, gear, professions and the whole enchilda’s Holmes.


I am also looking for some people to keep it updated and Admin it. This person(s) should be trust worthy, intelligent, at least 5 ft tall and be online during the day in order to update it. It would also help being somewhat web savvy.

Thanks to Fredler (Xasno) and Nuke for signing up this morning!!!

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Please, create an account, download add-ons (voluntary) and make this new site active. Use it. Post to it. The features seem very indepth and also looking for our own volunteers to help me manage the site. If interested please post here or see me ingame.

I will add more info and downloads as well as some more customization this week!


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Midsummer Fire Festival

This weekend marked the Midsummer Fire Festival – I had done most of these last year but with the new expansion there was some additional spots/ap’s to cover. The very first one we did was taking down the Boss in Slave Pens– last year I pugged it a few times but never got the achievement (70 Elite Boss) but we One-Shot it with Aloea, Froto and Fredler. I got the fantastical looking Scythe from “Ahune, The Frost Lord” The other drops are some caster and tank capes- it’s a “Daily” Boss so each person can take it on per day in your group much like the Headless Horsemen. The loot itself isn’t great since they never updated it from last year so it’s 70 quality but very good 70 items. Take your alts, it’s worth it. Only thing to know on this fight (if your under 80) is when he becomes ‘vulnerable’ to DPS the crap outta him. Especially under 100k.– do not worry about the adds. If your 80…it’s cake. Healers that are 80– simply watch your add aggro as they can pushback your spells. Good luck and get the Achievements!

I hit 4300 last night in Achievement Points just after I logged off– I hope to add another 100 by end of July. These Midsummer events are easy to do but you do have to be methodical to get the “Title” as they require you to do dailies at the Capital Cities – and you will need several hundred to cash in for the ‘outfit’. I got the chest piece and only need the shoulders and shoes. This goes until July 4th– so you should have no problems.

I do have a quick warning if you are ‘searching’ for locations of the bonfires– please ONLY GO TO TRUSTED SITES– I clicked too fast lastnight an went to an unknown site and BOOM! it was trying to download an .exe file– luckily my lightning fast reflexes were able to not have any maliciousware hit my computer. Thing that ‘caught’ me was I searched on GOOGLE and it was the first top HIT on the list, normally this means its a safe bet to click…but no. So please, go to wowwiki, wowhead and the ones you KNOW are safe to visit. Don’t be a foo!

Oh– the boss (Lord Ahune) does drop a pet— which is totally awesome and I wants!Works on both Reg and Heroic. (from what I’ve read)

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Dose .004 Friday!


Summer is definitely here in the Midwest, upper 90’s with index’s of 100+ = WoW Time. Much like the cold winter months, the weather drives me into staying inside the comfort of my 1989 Home and playing more WoW. I did something different last night and played on my Shaman who resides in The Old School Academy. I had logged in verey early yesterday morning to get my ‘dailies’ done with AK and was able to hang/chat with Sokym who also does all of his dailies/chores in the morning– so it freed up my time for the evening (sort of). My shaman is named “Peppercorn” aptly named by my wife about a year ago and remained at 20 for nearly 10 months. Since I’m not a fan of grinding my alts usually stay the same level for months until I get a bug up my @ss, which was lastnight. Shamans are very fun to play, totems are their own pets and having the ability to self heal (and others) makes it easier to level. I made 2 levels lastnight and ran into some new players in Westfall- one named “Ifearyoudie” (Lock) and we teamed up for the Messenger Defias quest lines then flew over to Red Ridge and finished a few there. He’s in Nyghtkill’s guild “We Like It On Top” but decided to not ask about him/others since it fun being a lowbie and unknown. Soon after we downed the big Hog boss his 80 hunter friend took us to Deadmines. “Slopp” was his name and the dood was geared with 7’s and 7.5- not that you need that for anything pre WoTLK but it did mean we were going to have a fast run. When you’ve ran DM at least…100 times, then it’s best to go in as quickly as possible. I passed on all except the Defias Legs and some Linen/Wool to up my First Aid. OF which, to anyone who is new to WoW should always, always level up your First Aid skill coupled with your leveling of your toon. Don’t be one of those who hit’s 80 and goes back. Onward, it was a great time with strangers and meeting new people with the old instances and quests rekindled some lost love of grinding.

PvP Idea

The other night, after killing some Horde who happened to be in my way (rawr) I recalled last winter’s PvP Tournament that former member ‘Ivanvonivan” organized with our sister guild TOSA (The Old School Academy) and it was a pretty successful tournament. OS was outnumbered and in some classes out skilled but over all we prevailed. I had a blast! So…I’m (soon) going to be talking with TOSA, Relavare, The Elite Few & The Order of the Templar about having them select their own representatives. Here’s my initial thoughts.

  • Each Guild has their own class representatives up to 2 deep (2 Locks, 2 Hunters) one is back up and for the free for all pvp game.
  • Each Guild puts in 250 gold for the prize (I will get this from our guild bank)
  • Each Guild has a limit of 20 participants
  • Location is the STV Arena
  • PvP levels are: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and 10v10 and the last one being a FFA held 3 times.
  • Each guild has designated rezzers who are ‘untouchable’- meaning that no one attacks them while they are rezzing/in arena
  • This rule is very important– as we have done this 2 times prior.- ANYONE who jumps down into the arena during a tournament and attacks another and NOT supposed to be there is disqualified and their Guild forefits their 250 gold. If it happens again then the entire guild is DQ’d and then all hell breaks loose and it’s more than likely over. THIS is one of the main reasons why each guilds GM hand picks it’s representatives.
  • Rogues– they are not allowed to stealth. Period. As before, we had issues during the fights where Rogues will stealth or Vanish while everyone else dies off. Not this time.
  • Buffs, Food Buffs ARE Allowed.
  • The FFA or “Last Man Standing” is just as it sounds. ALL guilds jump in the middle and last one standing wins.  However this is done 3 times…as before (again) some guilds pick 2-3 people who get assists from their own guildies and that’s fine–=D
  • Spectators MUST follow all the rules, especially the ‘jumping IN and OUT’ rule. So..if I was a GM I wouldn’t invite a loose cannon to this event. lol

That kinda broad strokes the event– tell me what you think! Ideas are more than welcome!  I was planning on holding this event a month from now.


  • Three, Two and One– articles on a casual gamers time in WoW and quitting WoW… # 3 is the meaning of “I’m Bored” – never heard that before, it seems to me that if you are bored you shouldn’t be playing WoW. In this case it has alternate meanings which for some in our guild is true. “I’m bored” translates to “Let’s go do something as a group!”.  # 2 is “Sweating the Small Stuff” – when bored the writer would solo low level instances, getting rep and earning achievements while at times being overwhelmed with the small trash mobs. And the last #1 is about how fun failure can be and I agree 1000%. The most funnest times I’ve had is when we wipe a few times but we simply don’t care because of situations that happen amongst the group. That’s the beauty of running with your guild, you all are in it for the goal- be it loot, XP or seeing new instances. It all equals the FUN of hanging with your online friends.
  • Druids getting a make-over. Next patch or big update and your local Druids will be that much prettier. Honestly I didn’t think they looked half bad…./shrug. They WILL look more individual– details on the WoW Dev site here.
  • Parents, Wife, Significant other pestering you about your “Game Time” when a recent study came up with conclusions (via The Atlanta Journal) that it can improve your scientific thinking, motor skills and analytical & critical thinking…Yea, I know. I can just see someone walking into a Hospital answering an Ad- “Hi! I’m Billy Bowers and last night we 1-Shotted KT!– can I be your next heart surgeon!?!? I’m wearing all purples, I manage a 50 person vent and my First Aid skills is capped!”
  • The 9Ltd  has losses in it’s quarter for losing it’s WoW License. DUH. Seriously how the fuck can someone let the WoW license and agreement expire? Really? This is company in China who ‘had’ a contract with Blizzard….

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