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Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Some may have noticed the new header? I had some time to kill so I thought I would add some color to the blog, hope you like it. I placed my some favorite things in the header….

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families! Alix and I are planning on…well….we’re not quite sure since our kids will be out of we might make a traditional dinner or go out to eat. Hrmmmm. We shall see! Nice having options.

Last night at 10:01 P.M. my DeathKnight hit level 70! First in the guild! I did it on the Bornea Tundra killing Deer. lol Blood all over me, P.H.E.T.A. would have skinned me alive… it took me just over 1.5 weeks to go from 55-70. I had a lot of help from the guildies and to those I am greatful! Arikara is looking fine!

I will need to update our guild rules and ranks and will do so this week. We have added over 30 new players in the past 2 weeks. Please realize a couple things…normally we do a lot of guild things like raids, runs, pvp…however since the expansion most everyone are busy grinding up to 80 or whatever. Please don’t judge our guild on lack of helping at this juncture of the game…once we all level up (most) we will then schedule raids like before. Using the group calendar (not the WOW one) we will set up times and events. The other item is the guild bank, if you want to use it please deposit a minimum of 10g, once you do that you are more than welcome to add/withdraw at will (just don’t withdraw to sell items on the AH).- (We have Officers who will do that and make gold deposits). 

Other than that, use the vent, forums and post to this blog! Have a good Holiday!


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Welcome Gutbuster Brigade!


Logtar’s ability to befriend total strangers resulted in an influx of players from the guild “Gutbusters Brigade” last night. It wasn’t an overnight decision but one that took months to coordinate! If you are from “GB” and now here please take a moment to read our rules and ideals on how we work in this guild. Basically we are all here to have fun playing WoW. I ask of each person mutual respect and if you have any issues to please bring it to myself or the ‘council members’ for discussion. If you feel like this isn’t the guild for you then by all mean please choose a different path but don’t be a stranger and I would love the opportunity to talk with you about the reasons ‘why’ you chose to leave. An exit poll if you will for a chance for me to improve the guild. Other than that, I would consider us a casual guild but with some core players itching to see and get their hands dirty with end game content. See below posts about the ideas of our core gamers wanting to squeeze every chance they can out of this game for gear and content. The catch is these core players *me included* want your undivided attention to being prepared and back what you promise. (be on time, know your limits, take constructive criticism with a grain of salt). Those who are interested in such raids please talk to me or Phrozen. 

Again! Welcome to The Old School guild!


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Wacky Weekend of Wacwaft

Oy vay. Sooo much to see. Sooo much to do. Sooo little time. Much like life eh? I feel sorry for my alts sitting all by themselves on the start up screen. I swear “Foxybish” had a tear coming down her Draeni cheek…QQ   I see several members climbing up that ladder of leveling with Arance sitting at 75 (Warlock) and a few 74’s close behind. Autumn is just over 50% to 71 but I get bored of playing the character. Arikara my DK is having a blast burning though the quests in HH and now Zanga. I hope to be the guilds First DeathKnight at 80! I have some competition and with having a full time job, my freelance work, family and a decent social life it will be hard but dammit I can DOOoooit!!! I ran a couple all DK Ramps runs and they were only as good as the Deathgrip pulls and if the party had some patience…otherwise it was Wipe City. The Blood line does actually heal you up and I’ve been using the Gift of Naruu quite a bit. I think once I get to 70 I will start to level up professions (skinning and mining)..we shall see.

Non-WOW… Facebook has proven to be a great social tool once more with me connecting with old time school friends. Like..back from 1983 and beyond…amazing seeing how they look and you can still see remnants of what they looked like when INXS and Oingo Boingo had relevance. I had a awesome jr. High and 9th grade but 10th grade was a living hell of sorts for me at Burke since my ex girlfriends nearly all dated the Seniors (Wendy Larsen) which in turn made me a mark for fights at the parties, parking lots, after school, locker rooms and basically anywhere I was caught alone. Weighing in at a mere 160 lbs back then and knowing your girlfriend messed around with me brought out the worst in them seniors (Matt). Good times indeed. My 20 year reunion is next year and while I plan on attending my high school in Spring Texas I might run up north to Omaha and say “hi” to the original crew of High School.

Below is a picture of me and Bill Beal in Houston….note the BIG Eyeglasses…..

Milk, Benetton, "Todd" and "Bill"

Milk, Benetton,

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New, Nue, Knew, Nu,

Well my trip to Orlando was both blessed and chaotic. New experiences all around for me and knowing new things helps one’s character. I certainly missed my family both offline and online. I flew in late night on Tuesday from a cold connecting flight from Chicago where it was sleeting as we landed then walked out of the world’s most bestest efficient airport ever KCI to my wife peeking over the divider. Her smile brought an otherwise dejected tired traveler back to life! We hugged, kissed, kissed more and held hands the whole way home. I have no problems showing any type of affection for my wife….just an fyi. I awake the next morning knowing I am to attend a motiviational seminar sponsored by my boss at the SprintCenter! My assistant and I were told we could come in around 10 ish so I arrived at 10:09 then we raced to downtown only to take another hour just to park and ride the shuttle bus. Our company has a Box Suite at the SprintCenter so I found a seat after some quick salutations (of which one was Logtar) and was blasted with the sounds of the “former lead singer of Santana”. WOW. The rest of the day semi-flew by with the speakers; Rudy Guiliani, Colin Powell, Tony Gonzalez, Zig Ziglar and various money managers with Christ in their heart and if you ain’t been saved yet…well your fucked. All in all I loved the seminar and they has some insightful speeches, I only wish it wasn’t so close to my quasi jet lag and having to work 9 straight days. (this is my 11th). I know I’m QQ’ing. Suck it and suck it dry.

So I get’s back and I was graced yesterday with tickets to go see Coldplay at our Suite- courtesy of our Boss and Logtars ears not being 100%. Thanks man! Alo and I enjoyed the concert and needed sometime to ourselves (granted the suite had 11 others but you get my jist). The energy the lead singer puts out in his performance was amazing, he was bouncing around, rolling on the floor, doing high-kicks and making noises. Reminded me of my kids. We left before the encore to get home and see at least 1 of our kids (Raech) and ended the night with the cool air blowing threw our window screen.

WOW-wise yesterday I picked up the expansion at Wal-Mart with Logtar and Corey (he’s a MUD gamer who also spends time playing sports of all things…he says he won’t play WoW for fear of being offered sex (Cyber) with gnomes in dresses.)- I loaded the game when I got home without any hitches and immediately made me a DK named “Arikara” my native american tribal name. The quests are improved and not so spread out (so far) and the ability to upgrade from supplied greens to blues within mins was appreciated. When I entered in the serial numbers I realized at that moment I have to pay 150.00 total to upgrade all my accounts…I’m rounding up. *sigh*  I got to level 57 in no time, got my mount and hopefully tonight will be able to explore more areas. I will feel sorry for those who level to 80 within this week….slow down and enjoy the ride! Don’t be that guy. The premature ejaculator-leveler. Don’t.

Anyway’s it’s good to be back! See you all in the game and not.


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Keep it together!

The last time I went out of town was this past Spring. I came back to the guild and Relavare took over 10 of our guildmates with them. Don’t let that happen. Be strong. Be as ONE within the guild. Refuse the invites from other guilds, tell them to go fuck themselves with an X-acto knife! Tell ’em I said so!! Think the grass is greener? It’s not……..well…depending on where you go it might be but dammit we’re your family! We raised most of you since birth of level 2! We saw you down Hogger, Solo Deadmines, Run a 20 min Stockades with no wipes! We ran you threw Mara- both sides; Orange and Purple!! I can do Ramps blindfolded now! Don’t forget where you came from! Hell!!! When I get back on November 12th I want to see 10 NEW players (all 70) in the guild! I want to see 3 solid groups of Kara going. Dammit!!! Janet~!!!!!

Anyways..I’ll be in Orlando on business this week and part of next. I’ll be able to check mail and forums/blogs but unable to play. God Bless and May the Schwartz be wit ya.


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