Two Twelve


This is my 2nd or 3rd phase of juicing, I think I maybe addicted to it. Not the beginning the middle and especially the end. It starts out like someone took away your fav drugs, candy, toys, etc. After awhile it becomes a dull sensation and on the 3rd or 4th day – I’m currently on my 3rd – it feels…BETTER. I’ve written about this before from the summer but the process is one of transformation. My wife and I took a break from the ‘good healthy eats’ during the months of November and December, we felt it was too much to ask of ourselves to be that boring when it came to socializing and eating with friends and family. That…and we LOVE food. LOVE IT. Our weekends usually revolve around places we explore to eat, try a new dish or visit one of our normal eateries.

During the Nov-Dec months we both gained a few – for me it was 5 lbs…not sure what she gained. 5 doesn’t sound like a lot but it is. It was/is solid fat gain. I usuallu fluctuate 3-4 pounds but this 5 pounds stayed on for several days in a row – to me that was the barometer for gaining weight, if it stays on for 3+ days. So – we talked about our own plans….

Alix is going for 15 on and 15 off. 15 days of pure juicing and 15 days of pure raw/cooked veg and fruit solids. Makes sense. =)  I will be doing the 30 days juicing of only veg and fruits with ONE exception. Since this isn’t necc. a cleanse or detox I decided to keep Coffee in my diet. Non-Dairy cream like soy or coconut or almond for the replacement. Coffee just makes me feel good and satisfied. My own liquid comfort food. =)

I started out at 222.2 pounds on Monday and as of this morning Wednesday the 4th am at 219.4 – I’m on target. Judging from my last successful juice run I will consistently lose 1 lb a day around the 5 or 6th day. The middle part is the easiest. Exercise will consist of non impact swimming, biking, eliptical and spinning. We also walk the dogs but that’s normal. Next chance I get I will be getting a trainer for my bike.

My end goal is to hit 30 days or 195 lbs. I figure once I’m off the juice I will gain back +5-6 lbs as normal so I will be happy with 200. I’m very excited to be on this path again. Chopping at the bulge in bursts like this with immediate results is so much better than ‘dieting’ or trying to do a fake diet…. knowing what to expect also helps me with future run ins with foods and smells. I need to forbid the kids from making popcorn though…that’s a killer smell….and noodles….oh my god I love asian noodles…or japanese noodles to be more specific. I plan on posting weekly or sometimes daily updates on this process. If you have any questions for me please feel free to post here or you can email me at

iPhone 4s

I was on ATT my wife was on ATT then I switched to Sprint (homer) she moved to T-Mobile then realized it was a mistake and now is with me on Sprint. I talked her into an Apple product. My wife at her core being is a non-conformist and seeing everyone loving Apple products, especially her husband who basically makes a living off of his  has resisted the change. She had a BlackBerry and loved it (I bought one for her last July)- and loved the QWERTY keyboard vs. touch screen. Eventually the BB broke- the ball kept sticking. We decided new phones for the kids for Christmas and my iPhone 3G contract with ATT was over this past summer. Blah Blah Blah.
Now she and I both are drinking the kool-aid of the iPhone4s and Siri……and Siri being the reason why my wife decided to make the change. I showed her the wonder of Siri, texting without using the keyboard, finding places…basically the commercial you see on TV but Siri can’t do it all but it’s a very good beginning. I also felt good making the switch from ATT to a hometown company of Sprint. I know Sprint is still a huge conglomerate machine but in my mind I think I’m helping my neighbors and friends who are employed by Sprint.

My new years resolutions are basics but important – spend more time with my kids. They are both in their teens and as such don’t spend much time with me as it is but I know from Alix’s experience that they will want to be on their own, make stupid life changing decisions and I want to be able to share THIS time much more with them before they’re thrown out into the world of shit (life). They will have to deal with enough crap out of our home that I want their time with us that much more enjoyable or in some cases for them – more tolerable. My others include better money management which will take care of most everything else. =)

Happy New Year to my faithful 3 readers and 4 randoms!





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