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Unions need a reality check

I was late just over a week on Cata release. No biggy. I was spending quality time playing Poker, eating copious amounts of expensive food and drink while working my ass off at the trade show. The show itself was a huge success. Despite the doomsayers of the world, the economy is picking up and gaining back lost ground. We have never had so much foot traffic at  one of our big shows. This one being in Atlantic City – it usually a good barometer for trends in home selling/buying. It also helped we had a booth next to us who was giving away free Bud and Budlight from 11 am til they ran out of 4 kegs.

My friend Fredler got offended last year when I was making fun of New Jersey people — this just before the whole Jersey Shore Phenom (if you can call it that) took off. Well this time around I didn’t see many ‘juice heads’, or ‘guidettes’. A few appearance of the stereo types but not so much this year. No, this year was my dealing with Union labor. I deal with Union labor at every show but it’s level of bullshit varies. First, let me say that I do believe in Unions in regards to the employees being treated unfairly by the ‘Man’. Job security and a sense of self worth is what Unions are supposed to do, a brotherhood. Well…in modern society as far as Unions that deal with Electricians and Carpenters at trade shows is simply fucked up. It’s a scam through and through. Kicker being I have no choices in getting my booth set up, I have to hire union labor otherwise it wouldn’t be set up. Period. I have to use their electricians. Period. I have to use their warehouse shipping. Period. No freedom of choice. Not unless I want a teeny tiny booth then I can have myself work the booth…however If anything I bring into the show floor has wheels on it besides my luggage I’m charged 300.00 fee. Heres some things I CAN’T DO at this particular show.

  • No plugging anything electronic into the power outlets
  • Mouse/Keyboards all have to initially be plugged in by an Electrician, after Yes.
  • Not allowed to use any ladders
  • Not allowed to move anything over 30 lbs without assistance
  • Can’t touch any of my monitors on initial set up. After..yes.

What I CAN DO.

  • Turn On my computers for testing and usage after set up
  • Clean up after my labor. i.e. packing materials, pop cans, water bottles

I don’t pay for labor out of my pocket obviously but it does come out of my bosses pocket. It’s a matter of common sense and principal that upsets me with the mentality of Union labor listed above. It serves no purpose other than to rob me of my monies. I can do everything myself except lift the 42″ plasma TV onto the tower display. Granted it would take a little longer…maybe 2 hours more…it’s a fucked up system.
Interesting and ironic story I heard from several people in the business is about Chicago’s Unions. Any prominent trade shows (over 10k attendance) for the past 2-3 years avoided, cancelled, boycotted Chicago shows. The vendors were being bullied (like me) into unfair prices on labor, show floor space priced at an avg of 35% MORE than other shows all topped off with Labor that demanded OT, Bad attitude and also charged 50% MORE on shipping from Warehouse to Show Floor. About 15 large name vendors got together after this went down several times and boycotted any future shows in Chicago. FREEMAN – is the big dog in shows/labor in Chicago and are also based there. After these vendors threatened and followed through with canceling several big events the Unions finally relented. Prices came down overnight, literally. It took a UNIONIZED effort of us vendors to BREAK a UNION on price gouging.

Greedy bastards.

So…Fredler….I didn’t slam New Jersey peeps…I slammed Union Laborers. I think New Jersey has enough TV reality shows to do enough damage to it’s reputation. =)

Onto Cata and my thoughts.
I’m just not feeling it currently. Maybe it’s because of my ADD in gaming. Maybe it’s all overwhelming to take in. Maybe it’s because I literally have no friends I play with anymore in WoW. I don’t know but I maybe burnt out on the game.

I did the starter quests for both areas for newbie players – Goblin and Worgen. I like the Worgen like much better. Seemed the Goblins were slapped together without much though. Cram together a weird storyline and add a Hot Rod and we’ll be happy. *meh*

Both of the toons are pushing 20 soon but I just can’t focus. I only have one 80 toon working in Hyjal and WookieLuv just started the undersea adventures. And my lack of enthusiasm has nothing to do with Cata– I really do see where Blizzard does what they do best- make WoW fun and interesting. Still batting 1000.

I think  I may need to simply make an effort on finding a couple new friends to game with in WoW. That may do the trick.


Hope my 3 readers/visitors all have a fantastic Christmas or whatever you celebrate this month. My plans include lots of family time in KC. Playing WoW, Playing Magic the Gathering, Playing Flower, Playing LOTRO, Playing Gran Turismo 5 if I ever get to rent it…. thanks for stopping by my lil world!



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