AutumnKnight’s Journey…part 1

Friday Night after a Heroic Ramps run I asked Kuzo if his guild <The Dark Legion> needed a Healer (that’s a no brainer, every guild needs healers) he asked and I was invited, I prefaced it with giving it a 2 week run and see if theres going to be a fit. We ran a couple more Heroics and had a good weekend with AK (AutumnKnight) no new gear but some new badges. I already miss the guild even though it’s numbers have gotten to an all time low. I’m sure this hiatus didn’t help but all my other toons are still in my guild. Hopefully tonight the Dark Legion will get a Kara group together and I can get to know the rest of the guild members, as I didn’t exactly have a good time lastnight doing a guild run in Mech, bad-successful runs happen. Maybe it will help if I get into their guild vent……..anywhoo well see.

I did hit over 5000 gold lastnight, actual amount is up to 5450 gold, I am tempted to get WookieLuv a new Epic Flyer but would like one for my Wootbeer or Devo ….. can’t decide. It took a lot of farming and chunks of 400 gold came from AK’s ability to make 20 slot bags every week or so. Plus I tend to sell alot via my Bank (Pinkney) with a lot of green drops avgs 6g ea. My mats of Primals I use 100% but If I didn’t or don’t I would have approx. 15000 gold as I produce and transmute every day and can knock out 5-7 Primal Lifes an hour (that’s = 125g an hour) plus with 5 (five) 70s doing ISLE Dailies that works to about 175g per hour per toon so about 1000g per day if I was crazy enough to do that………………hmmm………..EPICS for everyone!!!!!!! Don’t think so. Maybe? That would take too much time. Id’ burn out and just watch the next expansion the mounts will be worthless……



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